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By: Prof Santos Buenvenida, Updates done by Dominique Martel Soriano


  • 1.According to the Air Transport Action Group(ATAG), the sector is classified into two: 1. Civil aviation sector which is comprised by airports,airlines, air navigation service providers and thoseactivities directly serving passengers or providingairfreight services 2. Civil aerospace sector, which comprises themanufacture and maintenance of aircraft systems,frames and engines as well as aviation-specificground equipment

2. The industry also provides approximately,17.1 million direct and indirect jobs arecreated that is directly proportional to thegrowth of the industry D:BooksFinal CopyAirline Name.docx 3. PassengersRank Airline (thousands)1Ryanair57,6472Lufthansa42,1513Easyjet35,4174Air France 32,5085British Airways29,054 6 KLM23,8087Emirates 22,4448American Airlines21,154 9 Singapore Airlines 19,142 10Cathay Pacific 18,860 4. PassengersRankAirline (thousands)1Southwest Airlines 101,9212American Airlines 71,6183Delta Air Lines 59,4994China Southern Airlines 54,1545United Airlines53,307 6 US Airways Inc. 49,2087All Nippon Airways42,8548Northwest Airlines38,890 9 Japan Airlines International35,068 10Continental Airlines34,578 5. PassengersRank Airline (thousands)1Southwest Airlines101,9212American Airlines92,7723Delta Air Lines71,8434United Airlines63,0705China Southern Airlines57,961 6 Ryanair57,6477US Airways Inc 54,7768Lufthansa54,699 9 Air France 50,449 10Northwest Airlines 49,671 6. Majors are airline companies that generateannual revenues of $1 billion or more. National airlines have annual revenuebetween $100 million and $1 billion. Regional airlines are companies that have anannual revenue of less than $100 million. Thefocus of these airlines are mostly short-haulflights. Cargo Airlines 7. Philippine Airlines Known as the first airline in Asia. PhilippineAirlines first chartered flight on March 1941(Philippine Airlines, 2008). It is also the firstAsian airlines that crossed the Pacific viaManila-Oakland route to the United States. 8. Cebu Pacific The airline is known for its low fare and greatvalue strategy. CEB now operates a fleet of21 Airbus (10 A319 and 11 A320) and 8 ATR 72-500 aircraft, the youngest fleet in thePhilippines (Cebu Pacific Air, 2009). 9. Zest Air Formerly known as the Asian Spirit, theairline flies to 18 local destinations. Zest Air is operated by the AMY HoldingsCorporation (AHC) and startedoperations 10. The American Heritage dictionary definesairports as a tract of land where aircraft cantake off and land, usually equipped with hard-surfaced landing strips, control tower,hangars, aircraft maintenance and refuelingfacilities and accommodation for passengersand cargo. 11. 2009 Ranking Airport 2008 Ranking 1 Incheon International Airport3 2 Hong Kong International Airport1 3 Singapore Changi 2 4 Zurich 8 5 Munich 5 6 Kansai 6 7 Kuala Lumpur 4 8 Amsterdam11 9 Centrair Nagayo 1210 Auckland20 12. International airports are capable handlinginternational flights. Principal or domestic airports serves domesticflights of the country. They are further classifiedinto Class 1 and Class 2. Class 1 airports servesjet aircrafts that seats at least 100 seatingcapacity, whilst Class 2 serves propeller aircraftswith at least 19 seating capacity. Community airports are usually used for generalaviation. 13. NAIA Puerto PrincesaMactan KaliboClarkZamboangaSubicDavaoLaoagTambler (General Santos) 14. BacolodNagaLegaspiPagadianCagayan De Oro RoxasButuan San JoseCotobato TaclobanDipologTagbilaranDumagueteTuguegaraoIloilo 15. Antique MarinduqueBaguioMasbateBasco OrmocBasuangaRomblonCalbayogSanga-SangaCatarmaan SiargaoCaticlanSurigaoCamiguinTandangCuyoViracJolo 16. AlabatJomaligAlla Valley LingayenBagabag LiloyBaler LubangBantayanMaasinBiliran MalabangBisligMamburaoBoronganMatiBulan OzamisCalapan Palanan 17. Cagayan de Sulu PinamalayanCatbaloganPlaridelCauayan RosalesDaetSan FernandoGuiuanSioconHilongosSiquijorIba SorsogonIliganUbayItbayat ViganIpilWasigWao 18. Line personnel Operation Maintenance Sales 19. Captain Pilot First Officer Flight Attendants 20. In Flight Security (not Avionics techniciansall airlines) Flight dispatchers Reservation Clerks Baggage handlers Airport Check In Rampers Gate Personnel Gate agents Airline Security Ticket agents Aerospace engineers Passenger service Avionics engineersagents Airframe and power Reservationsplant technicians agents/Sales and Electric System marketingtechnicians 21. 10. Auckland Airport, Auckland, New Zealand 22. 9. Montevideo Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay 23. 8. Victoria International, Victoria, Canada 24. 7. Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland 25. 6. Tampa International, Tampa, United States 26. 5. Ushuaia-Malvinas Argentinas International, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina 27. 4. Munich Airport, Munich, Germany 28. 3. Seoul Incheon, Seoul, Korea 29. 2. Singapore Changi, Singapore 30. 1. Hong Kong International, Hong Kong


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