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This presentation was originally delivered to the Real Estate Investment Network during sessions in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta in July 2010. For updated information please contact our office at


<ul><li> 1. Airdrie Update 2010<br />Real Estate Investment Network<br />July 2010<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Airdrie at a Glance<br />Population = 39,822<br />4.54% in 2010<br />8.3% avg. annual growth over 5 years<br />15,243 Dwellings <br />2.6 person per dwelling <br />Median Family Income is $83,271 (2006)<br />Calgary=$77,658<br />Fastest Growing City In Canada <br />Airdrie 30-Year Growth Projections<br /> 3. Growth Comparison 2006-2009<br /> 4. The Local Business Snapshot<br />47% Total Business license growth since 2005<br />Total 2383 Business <br />Avg. 46 Bus. Lic. /Month<br />60% Businesses (HBE)<br />4 Major Commercial Areas being developed<br />More Regional Opportunities<br />Total Business License Growth<br /> 5. Construction Continues <br /> 6. 2010 and Growing <br />Record-Breaking Residential, Commercial and Industrial growth<br />Revenues reached $1,099,828<br />Surpassing Commercial and Industrial 2007 Numbers<br />14,487 Total Homes<br /> 7. Another Great Year (2010)<br /> 8. Building Stats 2010 (End of May) <br /> 9. New or Developing Projects <br />2008-2009 Major Projects<br />Belron <br />(120,000 sq. ft. D.C.)<br />ATCO Geothermal Operations Centre <br />Redevelopment of Towerlane Centre <br />Sobeys Grocery Store<br />2 New Shoppers Drug Mart<br />McArthur Fine Furniture <br />Honda Dealership <br />Dickson Trail Strip Mall Rexall and Brewsters) <br />2010 Major Projects<br />TransCanada Turbine <br />(220,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility)<br />New Fire Hall (One of three) <br />CIBC Branch <br />Swiss Chalet <br />Original Joes Restaurant<br />New RCMP Station (RCMP, Municipal Enforcement, Highway Patrol)<br /> 10. By the Numbers <br />Average Single Family Home$354,000<br />Average Condominium $227,000<br />Rental - Single Family $1,700<br />Rental - Condo$1,100<br />Rental - Townhouse$1,300<br />Rental Vacancy Rate Approx. 1-2%<br />Currently371 Residents on Airdrie MLS <br />(Based on Averages)<br /> 11. Developing Residential<br /></p> <ul><li> Reunion </li></ul> <p> 12. Williamstown 13. Canals 14. Bayside 15. Prairie Springs 16. Windsong 17. Coppers Crossing 18. Morningside 19. Kings Heights 20. RavenswoodDeveloping Comm/Industrial<br /></p> <ul><li>Gateway </li></ul> <p> 21. Highland Park 22. Willowbrook 23. Creekside / Downtown 24. Sierra Springs 25. Kingsview Market 26. Kings HeightsCurrent Development<br /> 27. Proposed Growth Map<br />Approved by Intermunicipal (City of Airdrie, Rockyview County) Committee March 2010<br /> 28. Quality of Life <br />Youthful Population <br />70% Under 45 Years<br />Recreational opportunities <br />Genesis Place Facility <br />2 Indoor Rinks (3 Ice surfaces)<br />Curling Surfaces <br />82 Km of Paved pathways <br />68 Sport Fields <br />700 Acres of parkland <br />NEW Regional park (Splash Park and Skate Park) <br />15 schools (Public and Private)<br />Water capacity from Calgary up to 150,000 residents<br /></p> <ul><li>Citizen Satisfaction Survey (2010) </li></ul> <p>Quality of Life 98%<br />Safety93%<br /> 29. Infrastructure Investment<br />Completion of Yankee ValleyInterchange<br />ICE Transportation Service (Sept. 2010)<br />Genesis Place Recreation Centre <br />- Completion of Phase 2<br />- Phase 3 approved (open 2013)<br />Upgrading Plainsman Arena (2010)<br />New Regional park skate and splash park<br /> 30. New Developments (Interactive) <br /> 31. Political Atmosphere (Silly Season) <br />Mayor Bruce seeking 3rd term <br />Council may see some Change<br />Mayor Bruce working very closely with Province and Regional Partnership<br />Paul Schulz - New City Manager <br /> 32. Economic Development Core Services<br />Marketing<br />Business Development<br />Investment Attraction <br />Research &amp; Information Services<br /> 33. Airdrie Now! Campaign<br />Three-year Marketing Campaign <br />Focus on Target Sectors:<br />Advanced Manufacturing<br />Transportation &amp; Logistics<br />Professional Services<br />Environmental Industries<br />New Marketing Materials &amp; Website<br /> 34. Publications <br /> 35.<br /> 36. Thank You <br />Airdrie Economic Development<br />Kent Rupert<br /><br />403-948-8844<br /></p>