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  • AirWhat causes air pollution?Chapter 12Section 1

  • Air PollutionHarmful substances build up in the air to unhealthy levelsPrimary put directly into the air by human activitySecondary primary pollutant comes into contact with other primary pollutants or other substances such as water vapor and a chemical reaction takes place

  • Primary Pollutants in the U. S.Carbon monoxide cars, trucks, buses, small enginesNitrogen oxide burning fuels in vehicles, power plants, industrial boilersSulfur dioxide burning fossil fuelsVolatile organic compounds burning fuels, especially vehiclesParticulate matter construction, agriculture, forestry & fires, vehicles, industry

  • Motor Vehicle EmissionsOne-third of air pollution comes from gasoline burned in vehiclesClean Air Act of 1970 and 1990 allows EPA to regulate emissionsZEV zero emission vehicles, no tailpipe, no emissions form gasoline, and no emission control systems that wear-out over time. Est. in 1990 in California, adopted by Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont

  • Industrial Air PollutionIndustry and power plants burn fossil fuels which release nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxideClean Air Act requires scrubbers to clean air from smoke stacksSmog combination of auto exhaust and ozone, caused by pollutants from vehicles and industry

  • Smog

  • Temperature InversionsAir above is warmer than the air below so pollution is trapped in the lower layer


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