aim of presentation to acquaint the employees about all possible emergencies and hazards at work...

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  • AIM OF PRESENTATION To acquaint the employees about all possible emergencies and hazards at work places. To protect Person, Property and Premises from such calamities.
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  • Classification of Calamities Calamities can be classified into Two Types 1. MAN MADE2. NATURE Man Made - Fire, Accident, Bomb etc. (Due to Negligence, Carelessness or Intentional) Nature (Act of GOD) Earthquake, Floods, Tsunami etc.
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  • FEAR IS THE KEY FEAR OF DEATH FEAR OF UNKNOWN FEAR OF FAILURE Nothing in this World is to be Feared; Nothing in this World is to be Feared; But to be Understood. -Madam Curie
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  • Where Fire Can Start ? Transformer Air conditioners Server Room Battery Charger Room Plant Room Pantry Office Car Parking
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  • Causes of Fire Faulty Electrical Equipments /Wiring Poor House Keeping Overloaded Electrical Systems Over Heating of Equipment / Servers Careless Handling of Fire Like disposal Cigarettes, Naked flames, Inflammable Materials etc. Spontaneous Combustion (Sun / Direct Heat)
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  • Chemistry of Fire FIRE TRIANGLE FUEL AIR (O2) HEAT
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  • Classification of Fire TYPE A (Solids) Paper, Wood, Fabric etc. TYPE B (Liquids) Petroleum Products, Paint, Oil etc. TYPE C (Gases) LPG, CNG, Hydrogen, Acetylenes etc. TYPE D (Metals) Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium etc
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  • Fire Detection Manual- Use of senses (Sight, Hearing, Smell) Systems - Smoke Detectors, Heat Sensors
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  • Extinguishing Fire Smothering Cooling Starvation Oxygen Heat Fuel
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  • Methods Beating Blanketing Use of Sand Use of Water Form Carbon Di-Oxide Dry Chemical Powder
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  • How You will put out Computer Fire ?
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  • Prevention of Fire Prevention of Fire is Your Responsibility Fire Can be Put out in Initial stage Fire is Impartial and a great Justifier
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  • Evacuation In the event of a building catching fire, the speed with which the information reaches all inmates assumes paramount importance. Factors that need consideration are listed below-. Fire detection must be rapid and reliable. This could be through human agency or electronic systems, such as smoke detectors or a combination of both (should one fail). Warning of fire must be given without loss of time. This could be through voice, manual alarm or electronic alarm system.
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  • Evacuation Cont. All personnel must understand the warning. This is achieved through detailed briefing of all personnel initially and rehearsals at regular intervals. Escape routes must be clear of obstruction at all times so that evacuation takes place smoothly and without panic. This can only be achieved through good house keeping, regular maintenance, proper disposal of unwanted /waste material and regular rehearsals. The escape routes must also be unaffected by fire and smoke, as maximum casualties occur due to inhalation of smoke causing asphyxia. This can be facilitated by the correct selection of exit routes for our personnel so that they can move out rapidly into the open into the assembly area where they can breathe-in the fresh air.
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  • First Aid
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  • The First Aid Team is to provide immediate first aid to the casualties and arrange for evacuation of serious casualties to hospitals. Advance location for move of casualties should be selected & this should be equipped with adequate first-aid facilities for treatment of shocks, bleeding, dressing of wounds, relief of pains, etc. It is, therefore, mandatory for the team to be familiar with First Aid. NOTE: A First Aid Box may be located at each floor and its location must be known to all.
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  • Remember Find Inform Restrict Extinguish & Evacuate
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  • Bomb Threat With Global Terrorism has come to stay, Bomb Threat is always there. Bomb are Two Types Ordinance Manufactured (Dynamite, Claymore Mine, RDX Etc.) Individual Made (IED Improvised Explosive Devices, Molotov Cocktail etc.)
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  • Bomb Triangle Charge Initiation Terrorist
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  • Action on Bomb Scare Dont Panic, Stay Calm Alert the Police Control (100) Go Away from the Source Area Vacate the place of Target Do not Touch Any Strange Articles/Object Take Note of Any Suspicious Movements Dont Spread Rumours Dont Give Unreliable Versions to Media
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  • Solar System
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  • Earth: Living Plant
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  • Cross Section of The Earth
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  • Earthquake Earthquakes dont kill- unsafe buildings do Make sure that building is earthquake resistant Identify emergency exit in your building Take cover under a sturdy table/ corners
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  • During An Earthquake Dont Panic stay calm If indoors on ground floor, move out to an open space. If on other floors, it is safe to stay inside the building. Take cover under a sturdy furniture. Dont use staircase or a lift. Same not be safe and may collapse Stay away from false ceiling, glass panes. If trapped in a building whistle or shout for help. Use Cell phone/SMS for help. Earthquake cannot be predicted dont listen or spread rumors
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  • Tsunami
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  • Eye of A Cyclone A Satellite Picture
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  • Epilogue IN LIFE Every Emergency Experience is a Hard Teacher Because She Gives the Test First, the Lesson Afterwards Because She Gives the Test First, the Lesson Afterwards
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