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SRT quiz on 24 April, 2011. First of the many quizzes to be conducted by knowqout on twitter. Mighty close competition it was. Just 3 runs separating the top 3.


  • 1. Aila! Quiz
    1500 hours
  • 2. In that nightmare game for St Xaviers, Bombay in which Sachin and Kambli had an unbeaten 664 run stand, St xaviers lost by 602 runs. Who was the only not out St. Xaviers batsman?
  • 3. What is this man doing in this quiz?
  • 4. In what chronological list does SRT come after RahulDravid, Andrew Flintoff, Jacques Kallis, Ricky Ponting, ShivnaraineChanderpaul and Mitchell Johnson?
  • 5. Another what are you doing here question. What is this logo doing here?
  • 6. Tendulkar was the first Foreigner to play for Yorkshire. He wasnt the first choice. The first choice opted out because of injury. Who was the first choice foreigner?
  • 7. In the context of this quiz why should we thank him.
  • 8. In the 2009 India Australia ODI series Australia scored 350. In that game SRT scored reached the 45th century milestone as well as the 17000 career runs milestone. But he committed a harakiri or Misbah if you like and India lost the game by a slim margin of three runs. With 3 overs remaining he gave a dolly to the short fine leg fielder. Who was the bowler?
  • 9. Whats in a name?
  • 10. Another whats he doing here question.
  • 11. What first ended thus- .the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies,[sic]
  • 12. What does this map show, rather hide?
  • 13. On the eve of what tournament was this picture taken