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    AIGNER INDEX, INC. Phone: (800) 242-3919218 MacArthur Avenue Fax: (845) 562-2638New Windsor, NY 12553 Website: www.



    Box Packaging, Inc. 800-806-2636 All Products CarriedProducts for Industry (PFI) 800-548-4430 All Products Carried

    LOCAL / REGIONAL DEALERSOver 2000 Local Material Handling Dealers Contact One in Your Area All Products Carried, Ask for the Aigner BrandIndoff (nationwide over 150 sales professionals) 800-486-7867 All Products Carried, Ask for the Aigner BrandSource 4 Industries (Nevada, Arizon, Utah) 800-401-0268 All Products Carried, Ask for the Aigner Brand

    NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORSAction Wholesale Products 800-966-3999

    ASG Services 877-447-9798 asgservices.comAssociated Bag 800-926-6100

    Avenue Supply (Canada) 800-267-0588 avenuesupply.comBuyRack.Com 800-289-7225

    C&H Distributors 800-558-9966 chdist.comEmedco 800-442-3633 emedco.comFastenal over 900 locations

    Global Industrial 800-645-1232 ALL National DistributorsGrainger, W.W. over 700 locations Click on Name to cross reference

    Lab Safety 800-356-0783 Aigner Part #'s with Distributor #.Label Master 800-723-4327 labelmaster.comMarketLab 616-656-2484

    Material Flow & Conveyor 800-338-1382 materialflow.comMcMaster-Carr call local distibutor mcmaster.comMSC Industrial 800-645-7270

    Rand Material Handling 800-366-2300 randmh.comSeton Identification 800-243-6624 seton.comShelving 800-500-9141

    Shippers Supply 800-661-5639 shipperssupply.comSmart Sign 800-952-1457

    Superior Shelving Systems 253-777-4302 aigner.superiorshelving.comTed Thorsen 800-233-8358

    Tenaquip (Canada) 514-457-7800 tenaquip.comUline 800-295-5510

    VWR International 800-932-5000 vwrsp.comWren International 704-964-2323


  • AIGNER INDEX DISTRIBUTOR LISTAIGNER INDEX, INC. Phone: (800) 242-3919218 MacArthur Avenue Fax: (845) 562-2638New Windsor, NY 12553 Website: www.


    8020 BOX PACKAGING BUYRACK C & H DISTRIBUTORS260-248-8030 800-806-2636 800-289-7225 800-558-9966

    8020.NET chdist.comT-SLOT Labelholders Carries all Aigner Products WIRERAC HOLDEX HOLDEX HI-LO

    Our Part Their Part Please use our number Our Part Their Part Our Part Their Part Our Part Their Part Our Part Their PartTS-13 2843 when ordering. WR-1253 LH150 L-11 200-L211 L-11 51-954AAP HL-36 51-965APTS-16 2844 WR-1256 LH151 L-31 200-L231 L-21 51-959AAP BIN BUDDYTS-24 2845 LI-120-8 LH152 L-51 200-L251 L-31 51-960AAP BB-13 51-105APTS-26 2846 SUPERSCAN M-11 200-M211 L-51 51-966AAP BB-35 51-445AP

    APX-35 LH140 M-61 200-M261 L-71 51-961AAP BB-46 51-446APACTION WHOLESALE Avenue Supply (Canada) APX-35M LH141 WIRERAC M-11 51-964AAP MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS

    800-966-3999 800-267-0588 APX-46 LH142 WR-1253 205-CL1253 M-31 51-963AAP MX-100 APX-46M LH143 WR-1256 205-CL1256 WIRERAC MX-200 51-887A

    HOLDEX WIRERAC MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS SUPERSCAN WR-1253 51-286AP MX-300 51-888AOur Part Their Part Our Part Their Part MX-100 LH120 APX-35 215-L335 WR-1256 51-287AP SLIP STRIP

    L-11 SLA1 WR-1253 B3360 MX-200 LH122 APX-35M 215-L335M WR-1212 51-288AP 360756 51-763APL-51 SLA2 WR-1256 B3361 MX-300 LH124 APX-46 215-L346 WR-1224 51-289AP 361006 51-766APM-11 SLM1 WR-1212 B3362 MX-160 LH121 APX-46M 215-L346M SUPERSCAN 361256 51-677APM-51 SLM2 WR-1224 B3363 MX-260 LH123 SS-32 51-647AP 362006 51-808AP

    WIRERAC SUPERSCAN SLIP STRIP SSM-32 51-655AP 481006 51-849APWR-1253 WRL3 SS-32 L5230 360756 LH160 APX-35 51-642AP 481256 51-678APWR-1256 WRL6 SSM-32 L5233 361006 LH161 APX-35M 51-644AP 481506 51-679APWR-1212 WRL12 APX-35 L5231 481006 LH162 APX-46 51-643AP 482006 51-869AP

    SUPERSCAN APX-35M L5234 481256 LH163 APX-46M 51-645AP 483006 51-908APAPX-35 PLA35 APX-46 L5232 482006 LH164 MAG CARD HOLDERS ECONOHOLDER

    APX-35M PLM35 APX-46M L5235 483006 LH165 MC-103 51-800AP PC-804 51-690APAPX-46 PLA46 MAG CARD HOLDERS HOLDEX MC-106 51-801AP PC-806 51-691AP

    APX-46M PLM46 MC-103 L5240 L-11 LH112 MC-203 51-802AP UNIVERSAL KITSMC-106 L5241 L-21 LH110 MC-206 51-803AP BB-13 51-105AP

    ASSOCIATED BAG MC-203 L5242 L-31 LH111 MC-306 51-804AP 11-3-50 51-107AP800-926-6100 MC-206 L5243 L-51 LH113 WAREHOUSE SIGN KIT SHELF LABELING STRIPS MC-306 L5244 M-11 LH114 WSK-1W see catalog CL-1004 51-962APHOLDEX Laser inserts L5245* M-51 LH115

    Our Part Their Part OPEN-EDGEL-11 370-2-13 OE0506 LH101L-31 370-2-10 OE1003 LH102L-51 370-2-15 OE1006 LH103M-11 370-1-13 OE2006 LH104M-31 370-1-10 OE3005 LH105M-51 370-1-15

    Laser Inserts Also Availablefor Holdex & Magnetic CardHolders. Consult Catalog.MAGNETIC ROLLS(Self Adhesive)

    Our Part Their PartSA500 370-3-01SA100 370-3-02SA200 370-3-03

    MAG CARD HOLDERSMC-103 370-1-100MC-106 370-1-102MC-203 370-1-104MC-206 370-1-106MC-306 370-1-108

    ASG SERVICES877-447-9798

  • AIGNER INDEX DISTRIBUTOR LISTAIGNER INDEX, INC. Phone: (800) 242-3919218 MacArthur Avenue Fax: (845) 562-2638New Windsor, NY 12553 Website: www.


    EMEDCO GLOBAL GRAINGER, W.W. LAB SAFETY LABELMASTER800-442-3633 800-645-1232 over 700 locations 800-356-0783

    HOLDEX HOLDEX HOLDEX HOLDEX HOLDEX WAREHOUSE SIGN KITOur Part Their Part Our Part Their Part Our Part Their Part Our Part Their Part Our Part Their Part WSK-1Y see catalog

    L-21 HDXA1 L-31 952000 L-21 4TR25 L-21 OS-61927 L-11 KL-11 BIN BUDDY'SL-31 HDXA2 L-11 952003 L-31 4TR26 L-31 OS-61928 L-21 KL-21 BB-13 KBUDS-13L-11 HDXA3 L-51 952072 L-11 4TR24 L-11 OS-61929 L-31 KL-31 BB-24 KBUDS-24L-51 HDXA4 M-31 952002 L-51 3FU84 M-11 OS-61930 L-61 KL-61 BB-35 KBUDS-35M-21 HDXM1 M-11 952004 M-11 4TR27 SUPERSCAN M-11 KM-11 BB-46 KBUDS-46M-31 HDXM2 M-51 952067 M-51 3FU85 APX-35 OS-61934 M-61 KM-61 LI-35-4 K-35-4M-11 HDXM3 SUPERSCAN SUPERSCAN APX-35M OS-61936 WIRERAC LI-46-2 K-46-2M-51 HDXM4 APX-35 990124 APX-35 3FU86 APX-46 OS-61935 WR-1253 KWR-1253 LI-108-10 K-108-10

    WIRE RAC APX-35M 990126 APX-35M 3FU87 APX-46M OS-61937 WR-1256 KWR-1256 LI-208-5 K-208-5WR-1253 WRH30 APX-46 990125 APX-46M 4TR23 WIRERAC SUPERSCAN MAG PRINTWR-1256 WRH60 APX-46M 990127 WIRERAC WR-1253 OS-61943 SS-32 KSS-32 LM811 LZMAGWR-1212 WRH12 WIRERAC WR-1253 4YW91 WR-1256 OS-61944 SSM-32 KSSM-32 IM811 LIMAGWR-1224 WRH24 WR-1253 481133 WR-1256 4YW92 WR-1212 OS-61945 APX-35 KAPX-35 SLIP STRIP

    SLIP STRIP WR-1212 481134 WR-1212 4YW89 WR-1224 OS-61946 APX-35M KAPX-35M 360756 KSS-34360756 SLS10 WR-1224 481135 WR-1224 4YW90 MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS APX-46 KAPX-46 361006 KSS-1361006 SLS11 MAG CARD HOLDERS WIRERAC MAX MX-100 OS-61940 APX-46M KAPX-46M 361256 KSS-114361506 SLS12 Our Part Their Part WRM-1253 5AU71 MX-200 OS-61941 MAG CARD HOLDERS 361506 KSS-112362006 SLS13 MC-103 189046 MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS MX-300 OS-61942 MC-103 KMC-103 362006 KSS-2363006 SLS14 MC-106 189048 MX-100 4DE44 SLIP STRIP MC-106 KMC-106 363006 KSS-3480756 SLS25 MC-203 189047 MX-200 4DE45 360756 1S-62750 MC-203 KMC-203 PLAIN MAGNETS ON ROLL481006 SLS21 MC-206 189049 MX-300 4DE46 361006 1S-62751 MC-206 KMC-206 MP100 KMAG100481506 SLS22 MC-306 189050 BIN BUDDY'S 361256 1S-62752 MC-306 KMC-306 MP103R KMAG103482006 SLS23 MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS BB-13 4DE41 362006 1S-62753 MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS MP1035R KMAG1035483006 SLS24 MX-100 764276 BB-35 4DE42 481006 1S-62754 MX-100 KMX-100 MP104R KMAG104

    LASER INSERTS (Slip Strip) MX-200 764277 BB-46 4DE43 481256 1S-62755 MX-200 KMX-200 MP200 KMAG200LIS-758-12 SLS30 MX-300 764278 WAREHOUSE SIGN KIT 482006 1S-62756 MX-300 KMX-300 MP204 KMAG204LIS-108-10 SLS31 WIRERAC MAX WSK-1Y 4DE40 LASER INSERTS ZIP SEAL POUCHES MP300 KMAG300LIS-158-7 SLS32 WRM-1253 331444 MAG Cardholder ROLLS LI-21-20 OS-61931 ZSP35 KZV35 MP305 KMAG305LIS-208-5 SLS33 WAREHOUSE SIGN KIT MC-100 1FYB1 LI-31-12 OS-61932 ZSP46 KZV46LIS-308-3 SLS34 WSK-1Y 653271 MC-200 1FYB2 LI-11-10 OS-61933 ZSP58 KZV58

    MC-300 1FYB3 LI-35-4 OS-61938 ZSP912 KZV912PLAIN MAGNETS ON ROLL LI-46-2 OS-61939 ZSA35 KZV35SA


    over 900 locations MP104R 2MEZ1 WSK-1Y 4EV-119536 ZSA912 MP200 2MEZ2 BIN BUDDY ZSM35 KZV35M

    HOLDEX MAG CARD HOLDERS BB-13 142200 ZSM46 KZV46MOur Part Their Part MC-103 0500734 BB-24 142201 ZSM58 KZV58M

    L-11 0500722 MC-106 0500735 BB-35 142571 ZSM912 KZV912ML-21 0500720 MC-203 0500736 ZIP SEAL POUCHESL-31 0500721 MC-206 0500737 ZSA35 131469M-11 0500723 MC-306 0500738 ZSA46 131473 INDOFF

    SUPERSCAN WIRERAC ZSA58 131475 800-486-7867APX-35 0500724 WR-1253 0500742 ZSA912 131477

    APX-35M 0500725 WR-1212 0500743 ZSM35 131459 Over 150 Nationwide Reps.APX-46 0500726 MAG WRITE-ON ROLLS ZSM46 131463 Carries all Aigner Products ISDA

    APX-46M 0500727 MX-100 0500739 ZSM58 131465 Please use our number 412-921-3501SLIP STRIP MX-200 0500740 ZSM912 131467 when ordering.

    360756 0500728 MX-300 0500741 PLAIN MAGNETS ON ROLL Over 120 Nationwide Dealers361006 0500729 MP103R 131479 Carries all Aigner Products481006 0500730 MP104R 131481 Please use our number 481256 0500731 MP204 131482 when ordering.482006 0500732 MP305 131483483006 0500733



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