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A pdf about the AIESEC Indore Food Fest.


  • Date- 15th July2012

  • Date- 15th July2012

    The culinary-themed Global Village organised by AIESEC Indore on the 15th of July, 2012

    at Mangosteen was an event organised to foster inter-cultural bonding and showcase the

    national cuisines of the countries, from which the interns hailed from. The event was

    powered by RADIO MIRCHI and covered by the local press including Dainik Bhaskar and

    Times of India. Entry was put at Rs.350/- with unlimited food.

    Interns from various countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Bahrain and Iran

    got together and cooked their native cuisines in the kitchen of Mangosteen Caf. The event

    was attended by AIESECers, Non-AIESECers and the media; and proved to be quite a hit

    among the crowd.

  • Date- 15th July2012

  • Date- 15th July2012

    All the food was prepared by the interns at the venue itself from scratch. The interns

    could be seen slicing and dicing at the venue, preparing the mise en place for the

    extravaganza that was to be followed later.

  • Date- 15th July2012

    The atmosphere in the kitchen was highly charged up. The discomfort of the heat was

    more than made for by the rich smell of spices and excited chefs.

  • Date- 15th July2012

    While the chefs were slaving away in the kitchens preparing their mouth-watering

    dishes, people outside the kitchen were having loads of fun: performing Jives and singing


  • Date- 15th July2012

    And while they were having fun, some were busy setting up the tables, preparing for the

    feast that was to come soon

    Which, after a while, were all set up and ready to deliver to hordes of hungry guests.

  • Date- 15th July2012

  • Date- 15th July2012

    By nightfall all the guests were fed and famished, the sheer delight visible on everyones

    faces. With everyone happy and bonding over the amazing culinary experience, the event

    succeeded in meeting its objectives and bringing people closer together and fostering

    greater cultural harmony amongst those who had gathered and participated in this great