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Educating Artists

Johann Zoffany, The Academicians of the Royal Academy, 1772.

National Academy of Art Life Drawing Class, c. 1905.

Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates, 1787.

Pietro Antonio Martini, The Salon of 1785, 1785.

Bauhaus (1919-1933)Walter Gropius, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1926.

Walter Gropius, Diagram for the structure of teaching at the Bauhaus, 1922.

Eugen Batz, Exercise for color-theory course taught by Vasily Kandinsky, 192930.

National Academy of Art Life Drawing Class, c. 1905.Josef Albers and students in a group critique at the Bauhaus Dessau, 19289.

Flix Duban, Palais des tudes, cole nationale suprieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, c. 1830.Walter Gropius, Bauhaus Dessau, 19256.

Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chair, manufactured by Standard Mbel, Germany, 19256.Herbert Bayer, Bauhaus, 1925.Gunta Stlzl, Slit Tapestry Red/Green, 19278.

California Institute of the Arts (1970Present)Postcard of CalArts, c. 1975.

Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiros Feminist Art Program.Womanhouse, Linen Closet, 1972.

Womanhouse, Nurturant Kitchen, 1972.Ironing Piece, c. 1972.

John Baldessari, Assignments (Optional), 1970.John Baldessaris Post-Studio Course

Baldessari, Throwing Four Balls in the Air to Get a Square, 19723.John Baldessari and his Post-Studio Students

BFAMFAPhD, Artists Report Back, 2014.