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<ul><li><p>Switching Configuration HP (P.C) Switches </p><p>Microsoft Applications </p><p> Excellent in Dealing with Microsoft Office package like </p><p> Microsoft word </p><p> Microsoft Access </p><p> Microsoft Excel </p><p> Microsoft Outlook </p><p> *Other Applications </p><p>Computer Maintenance (Hardware - Software) </p><p>Networking Work over windows platform. </p><p>Background about connecting different kinds of internetworking architectures. And </p><p>understanding the internetworking principles </p><p> (components, standards, Protocols and parameters). </p><p> Know the networking concept and standards. </p><p> Understanding the networking strategies and services. </p><p> Design, Install and Administrate Networks </p><p> Secure and Monitor Networks </p><p> Establish and Manage Fire Walls. </p><p>(Cybroom-Bit Defender Business Client-ISA-End Point) </p><p> Solve any problem in the software in the computers, a laptop and the Discovery of </p><p>some hardware problems &amp; Computer Maintenance </p><p> Windows on all available devices </p><p>( Xp- Vista- Win7-win8-win10) </p><p> Removal and installation of any PC and laptop, assembly of new. </p><p>Setup Windows Server 2003-2008-2012 and work Active directory </p><p> Hyper-V </p><p> Skype for Business </p><p> I have worked on the applications of hotels </p><p>Example: Opera- Sun - Exchange Mail - Vang card-Inhova-Micros Fidelio Suite 8 - </p><p>Material Control. </p><p> I have experience in work and delivery networks and resolve problems. </p><p> Configure any cisco switches and HP Switchs. </p><p> Manage and administer network services (DHCP, DNS, etc... </p><p> Excellent Knowledge of Office Group. </p><p>Ahmed Mohamed Moustafa PERSONAL DETAILS </p><p>ADDRESS: Haram-Giza-Egypt </p><p>EMAIL : ahmedmostafa150@gmail.com Mob: +966 550 993 491 Date of Birth: 9/4/1989 </p><p>Nationality: Egyptian. Marital Status : Married </p><p>CORE SKILLS &amp; EXPERIENCE </p><p>mailto:ahmedmostafa150@gmail.com</p></li><li><p>EMPLOYMENT </p><p> Configure Windows sever 2003-2008-2012 &amp; Active directory, ISA server -2006. </p><p> Configure DHCP &amp; local mail System. </p><p> Very good Knowledge of Outlook backup &amp; maintenance all problem. </p><p> Configure WAN connection (frame relay and other connection). </p><p> Configure Wireless Access Point Linksys (Wap54g). </p><p> Configure Wireless Access Point D-Link. </p><p>Fixing All Printers Problems </p><p>W H O </p><p>World Health Organization (2009) </p><p>*Help Desk </p><p>Intern with the world health organization, regional office for the Eastern </p><p>Mediterranean for the period from 19 July till 29 October 2009 </p><p>with Information Technology and Telecommunication </p><p>Until, Division of Assistant Regional Director </p><p>Obour Institutes (2010) </p><p>*IT maintenance </p><p>- Administration of access permissions and privileges </p><p>- Assistance on all IT-related functions </p><p>- Capacity Building </p><p>- Support and administration of IT and communication systems </p><p>- Development and administration of the Local Area Network </p><p>- Evaluates expansions or enhancements by studying work load and capacity of computer </p><p>system </p><p>- Maintains historical records by documenting hardware and software changes and </p><p>revisions. </p><p>Us </p><p>United Systems Co.(2010) </p><p>Senior Technical Support </p><p>Attended and complete the training in our company during </p><p>The period from 21/6/2010 to 21/9/2010, in the maintenance department and also </p><p>joined to the company as a employee from 22/9/2010 to 11/9/2011 and he is </p><p>responsible for installing and configuration most of all </p><p>Command operating systems (Microsoft products) and also was capable to supervise </p><p>the installation of Ethernet cabling system infrastructure and support the installation </p><p>of all related hardware and software for the following band pcs </p><p>(Compaq, Ibm, Hp) </p></li><li><p>Multi System (2011) </p><p>IT technician </p><p>1. Supports in the maintenance procedures on computers, printers and Network 2. Provides first level support to the computer Users; solves day to day computers, </p><p>printers and User problems with minimum down time 3. Conducts Network Troubleshooting, cable termination and installation. </p><p>4. Diagnoses and rectifies hardware and Network connectivity problems. Repairs computer hardware, including desktops, laptops, and associated peripherals. </p><p>5. Assesses the spare part required for the system maintenance. 6. Reinstalls operating systems in the case of hard disk failures. </p><p>7. Responds to troubleshooting calls and e-mails from users of the network; diagnoses and offers repair instructions remotely, as well as in person. </p><p>8. Installs programs/ software, formats and reinstalls software and rectifies problems with minimum disruption of service. </p><p>9. Implements new systems, troubleshoots and repairs network issues; develops, applies and enforces best practices and policies for use of the Hospital's networks 10. Maintains and assures the confidentiality of User Data Stored in Computers. </p><p>11. Maintains help desk system by entering day to day calls 12. Attends meetings as required. </p><p>13. Performs such other duties as may be assigned </p><p> Royal Grand Azure Hotel (2012) </p><p>IT Agent </p><p>1- Prepare reports, distribute departmental inter-office correspondence, </p><p>2- Support and administration of IT and communication systems </p><p>3- Support and resolve basic network and server access problems for end-users, </p><p>when possible from the Help Desk </p><p>4- Check on daily basis environment parameters of main and disaster recovery data </p><p>centers. </p><p>5- Follow up with partners on issues related to printing, communication, asset </p><p>repairing, etc. </p><p>6- Ensure proper backup is done on daily basis and that backup tapes are being </p><p>moved offsite and archived according to company policies and procedures </p><p>7- Document incidents and deviations related to above IT operations activities, </p><p>immediately report them to IT manager and follow up on their closure. </p><p>8- Monitor the day-to-day smooth running of IT infrastructure by checking </p><p>appropriate logs </p><p>9- Execute on daily basis direct debit billing and payment processes </p><p>10- Troubleshoot basic end user issues on various software applications, hardware, </p><p>and network and telecommunications systems and provide basic desktop support </p></li><li><p>Rixos Sharm El Sheikh Hotel (2013) IT Supervisor </p><p>1- Accept technical support calls to the I.T. Department and log them in the Help </p><p>Desk Tracking System. </p><p>2- Forward technical support issues that cant be addressed by the Help Desk to </p><p>The appropriate technician. </p><p>3- Troubleshoot and resolve end-user hardware, operating system, and software </p><p>related Problems, when possible from the Help Desk. </p><p>4- Troubleshoot and resolve basic network and server access problems for end- </p><p>users, When possible from the Help Desk. </p><p>5- Troubleshoot and resolve issues with WAN, VLAN, firewall, VPN, etc. systems, </p><p>when possible from the Help Desk. </p><p>6- Troubleshoot and resolve issues with voice communications (i.e., PBX </p><p>telephone) and voice mail systems, when possible from the Help Desk. </p><p>7- Prepare reports, distribute departmental inter-office correspondence, file, and </p><p>provide general assistance to I.T. department personnel as directed by the </p><p>Department Manager and/or the Non-Business and Project Execution Systems Supervisor. </p><p>System Administrator (2014-Till Now) At AL-Mouwasat Hospital Saudi Arabia - Oversee all phases of project from conception to completion. </p><p>- Assist with upgrading information security. </p><p>- Manage team of consultants, programmers </p><p>- Ensure project is completed within budget and on time. </p><p>- Follow Hospital Standards to manage projects through the project lifecycles of </p><p>initiation, planning, execution and closure. </p><p>- Develop work-breakdown structures. </p><p>- Develop project tracking and variance reports. </p><p>- Assemble risk management plans and work effort documents. </p><p>- Create project documentation. </p><p>- Provide risk assessment. </p><p>- Review estimates. </p><p>- Assess new opportunities. </p><p>- Prepare proposals. </p><p>- Flag potential issues. </p><p>- Manage multiple vendors. </p><p>- Utilize in-depth technical knowledge and business requirements to design and </p><p>implement secure solutions to meet customer / client needs while protecting the </p><p>corporation's assets. </p><p>- Develop security standards, procedures, and guidelines for multiple platforms </p><p>Others,, </p><p>- Monitor daily backups. </p><p>- Ability to work independently and in a team environment. </p><p>- Provide initial assessment of urgency and business impact on all support calls </p><p>https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/p?title=IT+Manager&amp;trk=prof-exp-titlehttps://www.linkedin.com/company/244606?trk=prof-exp-company-name</p></li><li><p>- Support the following technologies: Microsoft Office products Outlook, Word, </p><p>Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, Windows OS Xp to Windows 8, desktops, laptops, </p><p>printers, networked copiers, NICs, basic LAN/WAN connectivity troubleshooting </p><p>with firewall and switches, cabling and others as assigned </p><p>- Manage service requests, software installations, new computer setups, upgrades, etc </p><p>- Desktop/Laptop on-site and IP phone support; </p><p>Printer/Fax support </p><p>- Maintenance according to his assignment after acquiring proper approval from I.T </p><p>Heard </p><p>- Provide investigation, diagnosis, resolution and recovery for hardware/software </p><p>problems. When unable to resolve, escalate to I.T head for planning and resolution of </p><p>problems. </p><p>- installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers </p><p>and scanners </p><p>-Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades. </p><p>- talking to clients and computer users to determine the nature of problems </p><p>- responding to breakdowns. </p><p>- investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults. </p><p>- repairing equipment and replacing parts. </p><p>- obtaining replacement or specialist components, fixtures or fittings </p><p>- checking computer equipment for electrical safety </p><p>- maintaining records of software licenses </p><p>- Shift and on-call work may be required, particularly where computing equipment is </p><p>in continual 24-hour operation. </p></li><li><p>EDUCATION </p><p>ADDITIONAL SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES </p><p>1. Excellent communication skills - both verbal and written </p><p>2. Ability to develop and maintain good relationships with Others </p><p>3. Exchange 2007/2003 Messaging system </p><p>4. Must possess good HW &amp; SW troubleshooting skills. </p><p>5. Adequate knowledge of Servers and Networking. </p><p>6. Must be able to speak and understand English </p><p>7. Virtualization Technologies </p><p>8. Backup and Recovery systems </p><p>9. IT help desk and support which include </p><p>10. Understands the issues involved with administering and maintaining </p><p>corporate infrastructure, including network connectivity, Internet access, </p><p>email, etc. </p><p>Degree: Bachelor of management Information Systems </p><p>University: Thebes Academy for Science and Information Technology </p><p>Grade: Accept </p><p>Project Grade: Excellent </p><p>Graduation Project: </p><p>Designed a website for a tourist village in Sharm El-Sheikh </p><p>There are Online Reservations Design a set of programs, including programs flash </p><p> and some programs of Microsoft's FrontPage, Access. </p></li></ul>