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<ul><li><p>CUMMINSANNOUNCES NEW</p><p>JOINTVENTURES</p><p>Cummins Inc and ChinasShaanxi Automobile GroupCompany Ltd have signed anagreement to form a 50/50joint venture company, XianCummins Engine Company(XCEC), to produce theCummins ISM 11-litreheavy-duty engine in Xian,the capital city of westernChinas Shaanxi Province. </p><p>The ISM is one of the flag-ship engines of Cumminsheavy-duty product line. </p><p>The companies will ini-tially invest US$24 million incapital into the joint venturecompany, which will haveaccess to the Cummins 11-litre, full-electronic ISMengine platform from 305 to440 horsepower. </p><p>Construction of the plantcould begin as soon as thefourth quarter of 2005 andproduction could start asearly as the third quarter of2006.</p><p>The market for heavy-duty trucks with payloadsgreater than 15 tons is expect-ed to be around 200 000 unitsby 2010. The joint venturesprojected production is 50000 units by 2010. Cummins Inc has also</p><p>signed a joint ventureagreement with Scania CVAB, to produce next-gener-ation fuel systems forheavy-duty on-highwaytrucks. Cummins-ScaniaXPI Manufacturing LLP isa 50-50 joint venture,which builds on Cummins-Scania partnerships on fuelsystems development andmanufacturing that date toJanuary 1992. The twocompanies currently worktogether in Columbus toproduce the HPI fuel sys-tem, which eventually willbe replaced by the XPI(Xtra-High Pressure Injec-tion) system.</p><p> And Cummins has alsobeen recognised for its eco-nomic, environmental andsocial leadership by DowJones, which added thecompany to its Sustainabil-ity World Index for 2005.The index represents thetop 10 percent of theworlds largest 2,500 com-panies in these corporatesustainability metrics. Theupdated index based onDow Jones annual reviewbecame effective with theopening of the equity mar-kets on 19 September.Cummins is one of the 44global companies nowincluded in the WorldIndexs industrial goodsand services sector andonly one of two US compa-nies added to that particularsector this year. In its annu-al review, the Dow JonesSustainability Index (DJSI)analyses companies inthree categories econom-ic, environment and social each counting for one-third of a companys totalscore. Issues consideredinclude corporate gover-nance, codes of conduct,environmental policy andprocedures and the scope oftheir application, environ-mental management sys-tems, corporate citizenshipand philanthropy, labourpractices and employeedevelopment.</p><p>AHLSTROM ADDS</p><p>NANOFIBRES TOUS PORTFOLIO</p><p>Ahlstrom is to add propri-etary nanofibre productioncapabilities to its filtrationbusiness in North America.</p><p>This new line will allowthe company to apply nanofi-bres to a variety of filtrationand nonwoven media that itproduces.</p><p>The addition of this tech-nology to Ahlstroms portfolio</p><p>will bring significant advantagesacross our global product offer-ing, said Randal Davis, seniorvice president of filtration. </p><p>Not only will our tradi-tional engine filtration mediabe enhanced, but we plan onbringing nanofibres to otherapplications in air and liquidfiltration, he added.</p><p>September 2005N</p><p>EW</p><p>S</p><p>16</p><p>Filtration Industry Analyst</p><p>02207 Printed by Mayfield Press (Oxford) Limited, UK.</p><p>Editorial OfficeElsevier Advanced</p><p>TechnologyPO Box 150Kidlington</p><p>Oxford OX5 1ASUnited Kingdom</p><p>Tel: +44 (0)1865 843642Fax: +44 (0)1865 843971</p><p>E-mail: d.hopwood@elsevier.com</p><p>Web: www.filtsep.com</p><p>EditorDavid Hopwood</p><p>Assistant EditorLiz Nickels</p><p>Permissions may be sought directlyfrom Elsevier Rights &amp; PermissionsDepartment, PO Box 800, Oxford OX51DX, UK; phone: (+44) 1865 843830,fax: (+44) 1865 853333, e-mail: permis-sions@elsevier.com.You may also con-tact Rights &amp; Permissions directlythrough Elseviers home page(http://www.elsevier.com), selecting firstCustomer Support, then GeneralInformation, then Permissions QueryForm.In the USA, users may clear permis-sions and make payments throughthe Copyright Clearance Center,Inc., 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers,MA 01923, USA; phone: (978)7508400, fax: (978) 7504744, and inthe UK through the Copyright Licens-ing Agency Rapid Clearance Service(CLARCS), 90 Tottenham CourtRoad, London W1P 0LP, UK; phone:(+44) (0)20 7436 5931 ; fax: (+44)(0)20 7631 5500. 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