Ahlstrom adds nanofibres to US portfolio

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<ul><li><p>Industrial news 7Filtration+Separation October 2005</p><p>Cummins Inc and Chinas ShaanxiAutomobile Group Company Ltdhave signed an agreement to forma 50/50 joint venture company,Xian Cummins Engine Company(XCEC), to produce the CumminsISM 11-litre heavy-duty engine inXian, the capital city of westernChinas Shaanxi Province. TheISM is one of the flagship enginesof Cummins heavy-duty productline.</p><p>The companies will initiallyinvest US$24 million in capitalinto the joint venture company,which will have access to theCummins 11-litre, full-electronicISM engine platform from 305 to440 horsepower. </p><p>Construction of the plant couldbegin as soon as the fourthquarter of 2005 and productioncould start as early as the thirdquarter of 2006. </p><p>The market for heavy-duty truckswith payloads greater than 15</p><p>tons is expected to be around 200000 units by 2010. The jointventures projected production is50 000 units by 2010. </p><p> Cummins Inc has also signed ajoint venture agreement withScania CV AB, to producenext-generation fuel systemsfor heavy-duty on-highwaytrucks. Cummins-Scania XPIManufacturing LLP is a 50-50joint venture, which builds onCummins-Scania partnershipson fuel systems developmentand manufacturing that date toJanuary 1992. The twocompanies currently worktogether in Columbus toproduce the HPI fuel system,which eventually will bereplaced by the XPI (Xtra-High Pressure Injection)system.</p><p> And Cummins has also beenrecognised for its economic,environmental and socialleadership by Dow Jones,</p><p>which added the company toits Sustainability World Indexfor 2005. The index representsthe top 10 percent of the</p><p>worlds largest 2,500 companiesin these corporatesustainability metrics. </p><p>www.cummins.com</p><p>Cummins announces new JVs</p><p>Ahlstrom adds nanofibres to US portfolio</p><p>Millipore, Gen-Probe developNAT products</p><p>Ahlstrom is to add proprietarynanofibre production capabilitiesto its filtration business in NorthAmerica.</p><p>This new line will allow thecompany to apply nanofibres to avariety of filtration andnonwoven media that itproduces. </p><p>The addition of this technologyto Ahlstroms portfolio will bring</p><p>significant advantages across ourglobal product offering, saidRandal Davis, senior vicepresident of filtration. </p><p>Not only will our traditionalengine filtration media beenhanced, but we plan onbringing nanofibres to otherapplications in air and liquidfiltration, he added.</p><p>www.ahlstrom.com</p><p>Cummins will hope that its chinese joint venture with Shaanxi should increase thenumber of Cummins engines in the region. (The image shows vehicles inShanghai.)</p><p>Millipore Corp and Gen-ProbeInc have formed an alliance todevelop and manufacture nucleicacid testing (NAT) products, formicrobiological and virusmonitoring in the biotech andpharma industries. </p><p>Millipores sample preparationtechnology is able to isolate asingle micro-organism from largevolumes of fluid, while Gen-Probes NAT technology canamplify and quickly detect</p><p>miniscule quantities of RNA,specific to certain micro-organisms.</p><p>Microbiological monitoring ofmanufacturing processes is criticalin ensuring patient safety andmeeting regulatory requirements.The companies expect to launchthe first of a series of rapidbiological testing products during2007.</p><p>www.millipore.com / www.gen-probe.com</p></li></ul>