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<p> 1. Agro technique market 2. 2 3. Subjects of Agricultural activity faced business is very risky and hardly fore-damages during the latter two years casted.because of unfavourable agro climateThe only one relief is that many farmersconditions for winter crops. Accordinghad insured their crop, so damage willto the data from municipalities, almost be compensated for them. However,150 thousand hectares of crop and rapeuntil damage is still being counted andhad died and had to be reseeded duringdocuments are still being prepared, re-winter in 2009-2010.seeding works shall be started immedi-The Ministry of Agriculture questionedately, - says the Minister of Agriculture.municipalities agricultural sectors andOn 19th of April, the Minister of Agricul-they questioned farmers about the con-ture K. Starkevicius approached thedition in countrys fields after the win- Government by urgent procedure Forter. According to the data from the De- the confirmation of purchase rules ofpartment of Statistics, in 2011 in Lithua-excise-free diesel fuel for agriculture, asnia 725 thousand ha of winter crop waswell as of ponds and other inside watersseeded in total for the harvest. Accord-for fishery changes. In the project ofing to the data from almost 50 munici-confirmation it is foreseen that in anypalities (Telsiai district did not presentfarming year, the subject of agriculturalthe information), 46.4% of all winter activity can gain 15% bigger amount ofcrop had died. The biggest damage was excise-free diesel fuel, respectively re-faced in winter rape sector, where 79%ducing allowed amount of mentionedof all crop had died. Also 72% of winterfuel for the coming year. Subjects ofbarley, 41% of winter wheat, 33% of agricultural activity would be able totriticale and 32% of rye did not survivegain an indicated amount of excise-freethe winter. The most complicated con- diesel fuel only before the 30th of June.dition is in Siauliai and Klaipeda districts, The most complicated situation is inwhere, especially in Siauliai, more thanSiauliai and Klaipeda districts, especially50% of all crop died in all areas. Better in Siauliai district, where more than 50%situation is in Dzukija, Suvalkija, of all crop died in all areas. The bestPamarys region. Farmers from Kretinga,condition is in Dzukija, Suvalkija andJoniskis and Pakruojis districts have Pamarys. Farmers from Kretinga districtfaced the greatest damage.faced the greatest damage, 77% of allMinister of Agriculture Kazys Starke- winter crop had died in this district, 74%vicius described the present situation- in Joniskis district, 71% in Pakruojisand noticed once again that agriculture district, 69% - in Klaipeda district, 62% - Total amount ofArea/ Areas of died crop/thousand crop/thousand Areas of diedthousand hahaha crop/percentage Total amount of winter crop 725,1518,8 240,546,4Winter wheat 442,5326,7 132,8 41 Winter triticale116,866,622,233 Rye 52,7 28,29 32Winter barley12,19,87 72Winter rape10187,569,3793 4. 4 5. .</p>