Agnostic DB Replication With Binary Logs

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Database replication can be quite demanding. It can take up a great deal of time and money to implement, even with a simple application. What's more, if you are a startup, you might not have a lot of resources to start with.When you overlook replication and backup, unplanned events such as a downtime can cripple your Web application. Or worse yet, have significant negative impact on your overall business.In this presentation, we'll discuss how to overcome the challenges of delivering reliable Web applications. For info about the recorded webinar, please contact us.


<ul><li> 1. Agnostic Database Replication... ...with Binary Logs </li> <li> 2. Methodology Constant Binary Log Replication Phase I - Logging Phase II - Archiving Phase III - Recovery Failover - What to do when disaster strikes! </li> <li> 3. Methodology Agnosticism? The methodology described herein is not bound to one vendors DB With proper scripting your code should be reusable for many vendors DB solutions Non-Invasive Drastically reduced downtime compared to traditional restore from backup methods </li> <li> 4. Phase I - Logging </li> <li> 5. Phase I - Logging Set your DB server to create binary logs Make logs a manageable size (</li></ul>


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