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As the popularity of Agile methods have grown, so have the misconceptions or myths associated with Agile also grown. These myths get even more glorified when we talk about them in the offshore or distributed context. And to make matters worse, you can throw in a fixed-price contract spanner into the engine. Worry not! In this fun-filled activity, we'll collect facts from the participants that they believe are true and then we'll declare them as confirmed or busted after an interactive (heated) discussion.


  • 1.Agile Mythbusters Conrmed or Busted?Naresh Jain @nashjain

2. 45 mins Structure 10 Mins - Collect and short list facts from the participants30 Mins - Trial of each fact (as many as we can cover in 30 mins)5 Mins - Declare the busted or conrmed status against each fact 3. Commercial Break! 4. Copyright 2012, AgileFAQs. All Rights Reserved. 5. Mumbai 6. Tech Talks! 7. 5 mins - Collect top 5 facts about Agile 8. According to the Team Agile requires high discipline - TrueIt works better if all departments compliment Agile - TrueCollocation works better - TrueAgile = No Documentation - False (minimal documentation as per your context)Scrum of Scrum is most effective way to scale - False (its a pretty centralised, top-down approach. There are more distributed approaches which work better.)Distributed Agile does not work due to timezone differences True (but works better than waterfall style distributed projects) 9. According to the Team Scrum in practice today is very stressful - True (most often Scrum is mini-waterfalls and hence very stressful)Velocity is killing Agility -TRUE (we seemed to have completely missed the point of value delivery.)Agile does not mean faster delivery - True (but often leads to faster delivery as we eliminate lots of wastage)Pair programming does not require two people to work on the same task - False (two people working on the same task is important to get the value) 10. According to the Team Agile works well in xed-price, xed-scope and xed timeline projects - FalseAgile is 80% hype and 20% fact - True (as it stands today, its mostly hype, as we seem to have lost the Agile mindset and value-system.)For distributed projects, proxy PO & SM is the best thing to do - False (depends on your context.)Agile Tools and Process are more important than anything else in life - Clearly False 11. According to the Team PM is the best SM - False (PM can be a good SM if they have the servant leadership skills.)Cross skilling is difcult in Agile - False (Generalising specialists is extremely important part of Agile)In Agile, everyone is accountable = no one is accountable - False (Agile is about team ownership and accountability, not individual accountability. We want to move away from heroism culture.)Scrum meetings are very productive use of time - False (ceremonies are good, but only in very limited dosage.) 12. Final Verdict! 13. Thank you!Naresh Jain @nashjain