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Aggressive Communication


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Aggressive Communication

Aggressive CommunicatorInteracts without respect for others rights and/or feelings.Expresses feelings and opinions and advocates needsViolates others; may be abusive

Verbal CuesUse of threats Strident, sarcastic or condescending voicePut downsEvaluative commentsOpinions expressed as factUse of threats, e.g., Youd better watch out or If you dont... Sen. Miriam santiago - Maybe they will be happy because on one hand I might die and then they could get rid of me. But on the other hand I might survive and then I will get rid of them.

Put downs, e.g., Youve got to be kidding. Are you insane?Evaluative comments, emphasisingOpinions expressed as fact, e.g., Nobody want to behave like that or Thats a useless way to do it concepts such as: should, bad, ough.. or Dont be so stupid3Non-verbal CuesEyesNarrow, emotion-less, staring, expressionless

PosturePosture - Makes body bigger upright, head high, shoulders out, hands on hips, feet apart

HandsPointing fingers, making fists, clenched, hands on hips

UsesTo command authority

Emergency situationsTo reprimand

Normally, in an employee employer relationship. If you want immediate action, bosses opt for aggressive communication. power tripper Youre wasting my time. Why are you always late

has repercussions to be discussed later.8Dealing with Aggressive CommunicatorsHear the person outAsk for elaboration and clarificationConsider taking notesEmpathize and show concern on your faceKeep your voice tone softParaphrase and summarize Make an action planAdvantagesLets off steam without regarding the feelings and rights of others Can command others into giving us what we want.Release of tension10Disadvantages To UsOthers may become less likely to give us what we wantRelationships will tend to be based on negative emotionsCreates enemies and resentment

Others may become less likely to give us what we want by not really hearing what we are saying because of the way we are saying it.Relationships will tend to be based on negative emotions and tend to be unstable

11Disadvantages To OthersMakes others feel guilty, frustrated, angry or resentful