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  • turisme Oliva


    Introduction photography courseA 12-hour course divided in 6 sessions, on Thursday and Friday.Timetable: from 18 to 20 horus.Place: Tamarit Library. C/TamaritInformation about: Victoria: 635 168 242Registrations: on Facebook at Associassi El RebollitE-mail: acelrebollit@gmail.comInfo: info@fotonomada.comPrice: 70 euros for fellows, 100 euros for the general

    friday 27th february

    March 2015

    Sudario de Oviedo Saint

    february 28th to march 13th

    Tamarit Reading Groups

    The Sudario de Oviedo Saint is a relic from the Catholic Church which is located in a Saint Chamber of the Oviedos Cathedral. It consists of a linen scarf stained of blood and candle burns. Its rectangular and its size dimensions are 83x53 cm.Place: San Roc Church. Info:

    all month long

    CSI 2* - CSI 3*- CSI YH*

    1- Groups for reading books and comment them. During this month we are having two reading groups. In case you need more information please check the Tamarit Library link.2- Exchange conversation:English group: English-Valencian, Wednesday from 18:00h to 19:30h.English group: English-Spanish, Monday from 10:30h to 12:00h.Place: Biblioteca Tamarit n2For more information about check out at Olivas libraries:

    IV Mediterranean Equestrian TourThese are the dates in which the events are taking place all month long:Met 2. From March the 3rd to the 8th. CSI 2* - CSI 3*- CSI YH*Met 3. From March 24th to 29th. CSI 1* - CSI 3*- CSI YH* Met 3. From March 31st to April 5th. CSI 1* - CSI 3*- CSI YH* Competitions at the Equestrian Centre in Oliva Nova.Equestrian Centre Oliva Nova, tel: 96 296 39 09, www.metsp.esFREE ENTRANCE!

  • turisme Oliva

    agendaMarch 2015

    13th Quarter and Half Marathon Olivas City

    tuesday 3rd, 10th, 17th 24th

    Itinerary through the Christian village and the Moorish Arrabal


    Once again, the Club dAtletisme lEspenta invites us to take part in a race in which each year the number of participants increases than the year before. The Club was born in 1995. In its beginnings, only the Half marathon City of Oliva was celebrated. Years later, a new event was added and it was The Quarter Marathon. Now, this group of friends invites us to join in the XII Quarter and Half Marathon City of Oliva.If you come to run, besides doing sport, you will make new friends and you will have fun for sure. Come on, put your trainers on and run, but do not forget to register! Distance: Half 21.097 m. Quarter 10.548 m.Starting line: C/ Alcalde Juan Sancho (in front of the Mercado Municipal) Finish line: C/ Alcalde Juan Sancho (in front of the Mercado Municipal) Organizing: Athletic Club Lespenta dOliva sponsored by Excmo. Olivas City Council. Registrations: Info:

    13.15h. Olivas Conservatory Auditorium Spanish Tuba Quartet.20:00h. Centre Polivalent dOlivaBanda Associaci Artstico-Musical dOliva. Soloists: Spanish Brass Luur Metalls and Steven Mead.Director: Sal Gmez Soler

    sunday 1st


    Enjoy of the best cinema every Tuesday, Discount Day, at the new digital cinema with surround sound and digital image 2 k, the latest in projection.Place: Teatro Olimpia. C/Major 2Price: 350Timetable: 18:00h, 20:00h, 22:15h.Hoarding available at: Teatre Olimpia

    Cinema ath the Olimpias Theatre (20:00h)Discount Day

    wednesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th


    On Wednesday morning, we will walk with you down the streets of the historical city centre. We will visit museums, churches and the most emblematic corners of the Christian village and the Moorish Arrabal.Registrations and meeting point: Oliva Tourist Info (Mercado Municipal)Tel 962855528, Turisme OlivaNote: Free activity. Registration

  • agendaMarch 2015

    Master Class Womens Day. GSD SLU

    Enjoy of the best cinema every Tuesday, Discount Day, at the new digital cinema with surround sound and digital image 2 k, the latest in projection. Place: Teatro Olimpia. C/Major 2. Price: 350 euros.Hoarding available at: Teatre Olimpia

    friday 6th International Womens Day

    This year the woman who worked as representatives of Olivias city council since democracy to present will be commemorated. All of you are invited: associations, families, collectives, public in general.Place: Centre Polivalent OlivaInfo:

    Cine Club. Every Thursday at 20:00h and 22:00h.

    Take part in this wonderful day in activities such as aquafitness, gross fit and GAP. Place: Olivas Municipal heated swimming pool.Organised: GSD S.L.UIn collaboration with: Department of SportsInfo:

    saturday 7th



    sunday 8th

    Valencians in New York From the Montg promised land to Manhattan


    Documentary based on the two emigrants story from the Marina Alta to New York, between years 1912 and 1920, in a migratory phenomena of an impressive importance and it has been talked about but, since now, it had not been investigated and dealt with from a regional perspective.Place: Olimpias Theatre. C/Major 2.

    Olivas oriental dance association If you are a dance lover, come and take part in this 2nd Master Class in the womens day in benefit to de Spanish association against breast cancer. A detail will be handed over to the first 100 people arriving to the precinct.Organised: School Rosaleda con Guillermo Nassim y Bec Saher.With the ending performance of Yamuna ballet.Price: 8 euros.Place: Centre PolivalentInfo:


    thursday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

  • turisme

    + info: 962855528

    agendaMarch 2015

    Market Day This is one of the most well-known markets in the region of Valencia. Every Friday, all year long, it offers a wide variety of the regions best products ( seasonal fruit and vegetables) and clothing, footwear and di-fferent complements to our residents, visitors, tourists and excursionists.In addition, from Monday to Saturday we recommend you to visit the Mercat Municipal (municipal market), for the building singularity and the good quality of the fresh and daily products offered.

    friday 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

    In different areas of Oliva -Paseo, San Francisco de Borja and San Vi-cente neighbourhoods, old town and beach- pubs and restaurants offer a wide variety of snacks to be tasted that delight our visitors. A frien-dly atmosphere prevails all night long inviting you to taste the snacks comfortably. You will be able to find the detailed route at the tourism office. Facebook: Bares Gastroliva , Gastroliva Oliva,


    Tangram, which is also known as Tabla de la Sabidura (Wisdoms Table) or Tabla de los Siete Elementos (The Seven Elements Table), is a well-known Chinese jigsaw puzzle whose objective is to reproduce a proposed figure by using the seven pieces. Is going to be so much fun!Company: Toc deretruc www.tocderetruc.comPlace: Olimpias theatre Info:

    friday 13th Childrens Theatre 18 :00h


    Every Friday night: Lets have a snack!

    saturday 14th Festival VedamaThe Animal Welfare Vedama will surprise children in this event where a variety of games and songs will be shown. Organised by volunteers and collaborators. Facebook: VedamaPrice: 5 euros (benefits will be intended for Vedama Animal Welfare)Place: Olimpia Theatre

    18 :00h


    + info: 962855528

    agendaMarch 2015

    On Monday morning, the monuments will be built. This day is known as la plant. The falleros and each president of the Falla will explain what the critique is about this year. The critique, as you know, is a joke about some topic related to the city. It is done in several posters and them are handed among the figures. The critique is usually a rhyme.

    sunday 15th

    Monday 16th

    9th Joies Race Long ago, during San Antonios holidays, it was a tradition to join in the horse races that were celebrated in the old route of Xtiva. Riders were adolescents in love who were competing with the only desire of winning the trophy: a white silk handkerchief, the joia. This handkerchief was given as a present to the girlfriend as a love proof. It is for this reason that this race is called Carrera de Joies.As time went by, the roads were paved and the tradition disappeared. But a few years ago, a group of friends started again and this year it is going to be celebrated once again.You can enjoy this amazing race in Mitja Galta beach, which is located in the south part of the Yatch Club, C/Alfons el Magnnim.Organised: Asociacin amigos del caballo

    Oliva in fallas


    In the morning, at 10 oclock, from Tourist Info, we invite you to see the Fallas and to understand its meaning and the art of this monuments. At 14:00 a fantastic spectacle guarantees an amazing experience because the best pyrotechnics will be there in order to make the mascletada better than the year before in the thunders and fumes symphony. Days 18th and 19th. Place: Parc lEstaci.Time: 14:00h. Registrations: Tourist Info Oliva (Paseo Lluis Vives s/n)Telephone: 96 285 55 28

    Wednesday 18th Guided visit to the Fallas Mascletades


    Tuesday 17th Flower Offering to the Mare de Du del Rebollet Prize-giving to the FallasThis beautiful event is an