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    agendadecember 2014

    ACCOs Christmas CampaignThe Olivas trade association has prepared a Christmas and The three Wise Men campaign full of activities for those who buy in the associa-ted shops.ACTIVITIES TIMETABLE If you have your I-ms card you will be able to participate in every single workshop and thematic exhibitions from the different shops in Oliva the following dates:From November 29th to December the 6th: computers, electronics and photography workshops.8th to 14th: workshop and exhibition: aesthetics and hairstyling.15th to 21st: workshop and exhibition: gourmet.22nd to 28th: home and design workshop.29th to January the 6th: optics workshop and exhibition.Raffle: the thematic baskets delivery from the I-ms card will be the 3rd of January.During the exhibition days you will be informed and attended by the ACCO staff members. Shop windows competition awards ceremony: December 22nd from 20:00h. From 12th to January the 3rd.ACCOS Christmas Exhibition. Olivas Traders Association. Opening: Friday 12th in the evening.Christmas ornaments and thematic presents for the thematic baskets from the I-ms card.Every week at the Exhibition Hall, Olivas Cultural Center. Place: Cultural Center and Exhibition Hall. C/Major, 10.More info: Facebook: accooliva. Twitter: @accooliva.

    Tamarit Reading Groups1- Groups for reading books and comment them. During this month we are having two reading groups. In case you need more information plea-se check the Tamarit Library link.2- Exchange conversation:English group: English-Valencian, Wednsday from 18:00h to 19:30h.English group: Englosh-Spanish, Monday from 10:30h to 12:00h.For more information about Olivas libraries:

    From November 29th to January the 4th

    All month long


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    agendadecember 2014

    All the year works are exposed. The vast majority of the exposed works are impressionist style, which means the concentration is on the gene-ral impression produced by a scene or a object, the use of the primary colours without mixing and little touches in order to simulate the natural reflected light.Place: Exhibition Hall at the Casa-Museo de Maians.Museum visiting hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00h. to 13:00h. and from 16:30h. to 19:30h. Sundays from 10:30h. to 13:30h.

    Pinzellades Group Exhibtion.

    Friday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26thMarket Day

    Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th Itinerary through the Christian village and the Moorish Arrabal On Wednesday morning, we will walk with you down the streets of the historical city centre. We will visit museums, churches and the most em-blematic corners of the Christian village and the Moorish Arrabal.Registrations and meeting point: Oliva Tourist Info (Mercat Municipal)Tel 962855528, Turisme OlivaNote: Free activity. Registration

    This is one of the most well-known markets in the region of Valencia. Every Friday, all year long, it offers a wide variety of the regions best pro-ducts and different complements to our residents, visitors, tourists and excursionists.In addition, from Monday to Saturday we recommend you to visit the Mercat Municipal (municipal market), for the building singularity and the good quality of the fresh and daily products offered.

    From 1st to 7th December


    In different areas of Oliva -Paseo, San Francisco de Borja and San Vi-cente neighbourhoods, old town and beach- pubs and restaurants offer a wide variety of snacks to be tasted that delight our visitors. A frien-dly atmosphere prevails all night long inviting you to taste the snacks comfortably. You will be able to find the detailed route at the tourism office.Facebook: Bares Gastroliva , Gastroliva Oliva, Divendres De TAPES Gastroliva.


    Every Friday night: Lets have a snack! 20:00h


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    agendadecember 2014

    15th Table Tennis Christmas Competition 2014

    The International Light Festival intends to be once year again, a mee-ting point for ideas exchange and diffusion in different fields such as sustainability, ecology, natural health, creativity, education, communi-cation, healthy exercise The whole weekend will be full of presenta-tions, conferences, workshops and shows for both children and adults. In addition, the ticket is for free and there will be a craft market and a bio-canteen.Cooperate: Olivas City Council, Centre UMA and Sifu Sports Club.Place: Centre Polivalent (Ronda Sud)+ info in:

    Saturday 6th

    From 6th to 23rd DecemberCultural corner at the Oliva Municipal Market

    Place: IES Gabriel Ciscar16:00 to 20:00h.All categories.Organised: Colla Esportiva Corriol (tel: 696423289)

    From 5th to 7th December8th Light International Festival

    Saturday 6th: talk about comfort and diet.Monday 8th: Raconets dOliva photographic exposure. Typical places in Oliva photographed by the photographer Joan Costa. The photos will be exposed at the market.Saturday 13th: Bolilleras. Exhibition and purchase and sobrefilart. Pathwork accessories.From 17th to 23rd: Kilos campaign. Charity food program for Caritas (Oliva). Saturday 20th: Vorwerk.Kobold. Come and see the hygienic and healthy cleanliness system and pick up your present.Tuesday 23rd: Christmas baskets delivery. During the monthly shopping, there will be a free ticket for the Christmas baskets, one per shop.Saturday 27th: Vorwerk.Kobold. Come and see the hygienic and healthy cleanliness system and pick up your present.Place: Municipal Market. Passeig Lluis Vives s/n.


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    agendadecember 2014

    TnT through the Valls of the Al-Zaraq paths Friday 12th: Presentation of the TNT route/course starts/commences 20:00h Place: Centre Polivalent Oliva. C/Ronda Sud.TnT de les Valls is is a (bikeathon) for mountain bike, road bike and trail running through the Safor, Marina Alta, Concentaina and Vall dAlbaida regions.Both the start and end points is the town of Oliva, completes the two races. The 275 km circuit consists mainly of pathways and roads with a positi-ve slope to 8.000m.The running track of 200m crowns the representative peaks of the circuit with a positive slope to 8.000m.The 450 km road is done through regional roads; there is little traffic along with beautiful harbours at an incline of 9000m.More info:

    From 12th to 16th December

    Childish reading workshopFor children between 6 and 9 years old. Previous registration.Topic: Dinosaurs.Place: Tamarit Library.


    Pep Gimeno books launch of Botifarra 20:00hPlace: Centre Polivalent. C/Ronda SurPlay: La veu de la memoria (The memorys voice)

    Saturday 13th

    Thursday 18th

    Saturday 20th This workshop is directed towards people interested in healthcare.Theme: winter and the five elements: we will be working with water.Place: Uma Center. C/Walty Disney, 9, ground floor.Previous registration, limited places. Contribution: 15 euros. We speak English.Tel: 96 285 19 12 /

    Oriental Medicine Workshop 17:00h


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    agendadecember 2014

    One more year and all day long in Centro Histrico, Olivas Traders Association is organising the typical Christmas market, you cannot miss it, it will surprise you!More info: Facebook: accooliva. Twitter: @accooliva.

    Christmas Market

    Saturday 20th

    Christmas Concert Concert in charge of the Olivas Musical and Artistic Association (AAMO). Place: Centre Polivalent. C/Ronda Sud

    Clara Andrs Concert

    Sunday 21st

    20:00hPlace: Olimpias Theatre.C/Major 18

    From 22nd to 31st DecemberChristmas CinemaA wide variety of films that is suitable for all audiences during the Christ-mas holidays and The Three Wise Men day. Different timetables please check the webpage.Place: Olimpias Theatre. C/Major, 18


    Monday 22nd Conservatorys Youth band concert It will be the first performance to pay homage to Gabriel Ciscar.Organised: Cultural Association Centelles i Riusech and Amics dOliva.Place: Centre Polivalent. C/Ronda Sud


    Tuesday 23rd Christmas Handicrafts Workshop These workshops are destined for children between 4 and 10 years old.Place: Tamarit Library.


  • agendadecember 2014

    Professional Childish Theatre Play: Violeta la Rateta. Performance of The Fussy Little Mouse tale.Company: La Carreta Teatro. Place: Teatro Olimpia


    8th San Silvestre Popular Race Ciutat dOliva Athletic Club lEspenta

    Tuesday 23rd

    10:00 h

    Sunday 27th

    + info: 962855528 Turisme Oliva

    Monday 29th Cabdells 12th Magazines launch Manel Arcos and Antoni Esteves introduction.Place: Maiansiana lecture

    19:30 h

    5th Aquatics San Silvestre 20:00 hEnjoy of a different evening at the Olivas indoor pool practising every kind of activities that are led by the swimming club coaches and GST workers. In addition, you will be able to enjoy of a snac