agenda. april 2011 - children review video from third visit. -preparing easter decorations....

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  • APRIL 2011- Children review video from third visit.

    Preparing Easter decorations.

    Collecting information about Easter traditions.

  • MAY 2011

    -Sporty Children: swimming.

    -Dances from other countries.(Decide how to carry out this activity)

  • JUNE 2011

    -We have to elaborate an

    Intermediate Report.

  • SEPTEMBER 2011-To continue letter writing and preparing class lists for new correspondences.

    -Questionnaire to pupils, teachers and parents about the impact on project so far.

    -To continue Healthy Breakfast

  • OCTOBER 2011-Shopping at the market to make their own break snack.

    -Short film about how to prepare food step by step.

    -Fixing The Feel-Good Day on Mondays.

    -Form the New Feel-Good Band.

  • 2-SOMETHING TO REMEMBER- Starting in February, the first Monday of every month children will make happy one of their classmates or any other student in the school, with a little surprise.

    - The Feel-Good Band will take a register of this activity taking pictures and writing down the most relevant surprises.

  • 3- OUR WEBPAGEUPLOAD: -All the presentations we showed in our First Visit: Spain

    -All the PP we showed in Italy.

    - Turkey Presentations

  • 4- CHECK RESPONSABILITIESSpain: To coordinate

    Poland: Coordination of music activities. (Make a CD with songs and dances)

    Lithuania: Webpage

    Latvia: Final Power-Point

    Sweden: Cookery Book

    Turkey: Calendar

    Italy: Comic

    All partners: According to the plan of activities and mobilities (G.) all partners do certain activities and tasks at the same time and share conclusions/exchange the products/talk over the results of their work at the end of each month.

  • 5- MOBILITIES1- Spain: 30 November-4 December, 20102- Italy: 7-11 February, 20113- Turkey: 11-15 April, 2011Fixing dates:5- Poland: October, 20116- Sweden: April, 20127- Latvia and Lithuania: May or June, 2012

  • PresentationsEach country will show how and what they are doing their your school related to the project.

  • Problems we're having ahead .