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Agatha Christie. By: Brittney Hummel. Modern Age. Free schooling for everyone There were social welfare programs Cold war just ended Women were allowed to vote also allowed to have jobs. World War I !. World War 1, it started in August 1914 and ended in November 1918 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Agatha Christie

    By: Brittney Hummel

  • Modern AgeFree schooling for everyoneThere were social welfare programsCold war just endedWomen were allowed to votealso allowed to have jobs

  • World War I !World War 1, it started in August 1914 and ended in November 1918Seven Million died and Five Million were injuredSome poets Write during this time period

  • World War I Cont.One poet was Robert GravesHe was Born in 1895 and died in 1985

    Beauty in Trouble Beauty in trouble flees to the good angel On whom she can rely To pay her cab-fare, run a steaming bath, Poultice her bruised eye; Will not at first, whether for shame or caution, Her difficulty disclose; Until he draws a cheque book from his plumage, Asking her how much she owes; (Breakfast in bed: coffee and marmalade, Toast, eggs, orange-juice, After a long, sound sleep - the first since when? - And no word of abuse.) Loves him less only than her saint-like mother, Promises to repay His loans and most seraphic thoughtfulness A million-fold one day. Beauty grows plump, renews her broken courage And, borrowing ink and pen, Writes a news-letter to the evil angel (Her first gay act since when?): The fiend who beats, betrays and sponges on her, Persuades her white is black, Flaunts vespertilian wing and cloven hoof; And soon will fetch her back. Virtue, good angel, is its own reward: Your dollars were well spent. But would you to the marriage of true minds Admit impediment? Robert Graves

  • The New WritingE.M Foster (1879-1970)Major influence was T.S Elliot (1888-1965)He was a British citizen he try to construct new classism .He also wrote pomesJames Joyce Novel brought attention to new literature All these writers work dealt with the affect from the War

  • Thesis Agatha Christie is a very famous Author who has changed many people lives. Even though it was very tough for her to get where she did, she still tired no matter what the situation was, never giving up and letting people discourage her

  • About AgathaHer Full name is Agatha May Clarissa MillerBorn 1890 in Devon England Born to the Parents of Fredrick and Clara MillerHer Dad died when she was 11 due to 32 minor heart attacks

  • SchoolShe did not attend school until she was sixteen

    She attended school in Paris where she studied music

    She looked to music to express who she was

  • How Writing Got StartedHer mom had introduced her to writingHer mom loved mysteries and was curious about the unknown Agatha got her great ideas from these kind of stories

  • The Beginning Of Her LifeShe Married at the age of 24She married a flight pilot named Archibald ChristieThey had a child together named RosalindIn 1914 He joined WWIAgatha wanted to help in the WarShe worked as a Nurse in the Pharmacy

  • Her First Piece And MoreWorking there inspired her to write Mystery Novels Most of her books were based on times during the WarShe Wrote 80 mystery novelsSome of the novels where come tell me now, The Hollow and The Body In The LibraryShe sold over two billion copies in forty five different languagesOnly thing to ever out sell her is Shakespeare and the Bible

  • Pen NameAgatha faced prejudice, publishers denied her eight times. So she wrote under a pen name

    She wrote under her grandfathers name Nathaniel Miller

  • Breaking PointHer mom died at the age of seventy-twoHer Husband was leaving her for another mistressTo deal with this situation she disappeared

  • ?.....Missing.?She had came up missing they had found her car crashed by a small lake near her houseOver fifteen thousand people were looking for herThey had found her in a hotel where she was staying the whole hiding from everyone and the world

  • Back On Her FeetShe remarried on September 11,1936 to a man named Max From this new Marriage she had wrote more booksShe wrote a book Murder In The Mesopotamia. That dealt with where her and Max settled. Also wrote Death On the Nile and Holiday for Murder

  • =] Helping Out =]World War II was just starting and Agatha wanted to help out again. Since Max was away for war she had opened up her house as a childrens shelter

  • Becoming FamousHer books and plays she wrote starting appearing on television1950 she reached her Highest popularity. Radio and television gave her so much fame that she was the most read writer worldwide

  • AutobiographyShe wrote a autobiography to let people know about her life and the hard times she faced growing up during the modern age. She wanted people to know what really happened during her disappearance and why she disappearedShe has also wrote a special book that she had dedicated to her husband Max and her daughter Rosalind.

  • Passed AwayBefore she passed away Queen Elizabeth named her Dame of the British Empire in 1871She died January 12, 1976She was buried in a small ChurchPublisher had a quote that truly described who she was Posed in the supreme measure one mark of literary greatnessAgatha once said The happy people are failures because they are on such good terms with themselves they dont give a damn.

  • Summary.