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  • Celebrating Black History Month Cultural Proficiency / Socio-Cultural Committee

    Theme for our celebration of Black History:

    African Americans Who Served Our Country: Past and Present

    Adapted from ASALHs official theme: African Americans in Times of War

    (Please Select an African American Hero who served our country, helping to keep Americans safe, whether past or present)

    Our Gladwyne School staff and students will participate in these school-wide activities to celebrate Black History Month:

    Morning Announcements/ Black History Trivia Hallway Poster Displays Morning Meeting (2/23rd)- Black History Month Salute Culminating Activity Informal Walk-Through

    Morning Announcements-During the month of February, a daily trivia will begin to highlight/celebrate famous people in African American history. Each morning, a new trivia question will be presented. Students will have the entire school day to answer the question. Each teacher will be provided with a stack of answer sheets for students to respond to the questions. Additional sheets will be available in an envelope on the bulletin board.

    Black History Bulleting Board-This year we will be using the bulletin board across from the cafeteria. Once a student has recorded an answer, he/she can place the answer sheet in the labeled envelope on the bulletin board. Students should

  • include their first and last name, and classroom teacher on the answer sheet. The first two sheets pulled from the envelope with the correct answer will receive a special pencil and recognition on the following school day.

    Committee Displays: New this year. Facts will be posted around the building relating to the theme. All answers to the trivia questions will be found on these posters. Students are encouraged to explore the building in search of answers to the trivia questions. Additionally, many of the answers are the people on the provided list so your class may, by coincidence, be researching one of the answers.

    Classroom Hallway Displays: As in the past, posters/displays will be displayed throughout the building. Each poster/display should have a summary about a famous African American. Students and staff are encouraged to read the posters, as the posters will have informative summaries about African Americans, and may help to answer some of the trivia questions. Each display should remain posted throughout the remainder of February and into March.

    Morning Meeting- The entire school will come together on February 23rd for the school-wide Morning Meeting. We will have a salute to Black History Month. Wolf Ambassadors will lead the school wide Morning Meeting.

    Culminating Activity Informal Walk-throughs Each class will select an African American, who served our country, to research and share. Classes will then create a display focusing on African Americans who served our country. You may select from a list of options provided by the Cultural Proficiency Committee or find one on your own.

  • Final products should be displayed outside the classroom by February 26th. Each display must include a picture of the person and must highlight significant contributions, achievements in the area of service. How much you do is up to you and your students, but the expectation is that each class will participate in some form.

    The information about the person can be displayed in any format that you choose (poster, trifold, poem, book, collage, fabric/paper quilt, etc.). Be creative. Each product will be displayed in the hallway (outside the teachers classroom) for informal walk-throughs from February 26th to March 2nd.

    Feel free to keep it up longer.

    Timeline: 2/1 - Morning announcements begin with Dr. Carter G.

    Woodson; Black History Month Trivia begins

    2/8 - Famous person selection due sign-up sheet in Staff

    Dining Room (Please, no more than 2 people researching the

    same person)

    2/14 Final list will be printed and posted in Staff Dining


    2/23 Morning Meeting- Black History Month Salute

    2/26 - Projects/products/displays due; set up hallways

    2/26-3/2 - Informal Walk-throughs to view final products

  • Resources-A list of Internet resources can be found below. Or, feel free to use your own resources, such as books or videos, to educate your class about your selected person.

    GES Library There are a variety of resources in our own school library

    Black Heritage Collection binders in the professional section World Book and Fact Cite on the Library webpage Library Catalog also on the library webpage

    Leslie Mastronardo is also available to answer any questions.

    Internet Resources: In addition to the teacher and student resources available in the library, there are many web-based resources listed below. PLEASE PREVIEW EVERYTHING BEFORE USING IT WITH STUDENTS!

    Internet Resources ack_history_daily_lesson.htm

  • *The history of Black History (Dr. Carter G. Woodson) Military history of African Americans ks-in-military.html

    *Blacks in Military *African Americans in the U.S. Army Profiles of African Americans in the U.S. Army Blacks in the Military

    African Americans in Military History

    Montford Point Marines ces


  • *Information on African history, religion, games, etc. *Written for middle school student use *A chronology of black history from the early slave trade through present day

    *Black History is bigger than Slavery *Lessons and Activities to teach about Black History *We Need to Change How We Teach Black History *A joint website endeavor by The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    *Dos and donts for teaching about Black History *Video resources available to LMSD staff and students

  • *From Scholastic *From the History Channel *Association for the Study of African American Life and History *Information on famous African Americans, poems, quotes, etc. *Enriched with information/facts about black history, race, civil

    rights, human rights, etc.

    African Americans in Times of War Official 2018 Black History Month Theme Our adaptation:

    African Americans Who Served Our Country: Past and Present

    (If you would like to research another African American that is not on this list, write the place/persons name on the selection list)

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson Buffalo Soldiers Tuskegee Airmen Della H. Raney Cadet Simone Askew Lt. Gen. Nadja West Gen. Llyod J. Austin III Gen. Colin L. Powell Maj. Gen. Marcia M. Anderson

  • Gen. Roscoe Robinson Jr. Cathay Williams Gen. Benjamin O. Davis Sr. Gen. Benjamin Davis Jr. Daniel Chappie James Mary McCleod Bethune Gilda A. Jackson Col. Charles McGee Raye Montague Henry Flipper Lewis Latimer (created many inventions. Also served in the United States Navy for the Union.

    Sgt. John Watson Red-Tail Angels Clarence Eugene

    If you have any questions, please see someone on the Cultural Proficiency/Socio-Cultural Committee

    Thanks for participating!