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  • Laura LochoreWestOne ServicesEffective digital resources

  • WestOne Services

    Develop curriculum resources for:

    K-12 VET Careers

    in CD-ROM, print and DVD formats

  • Italian


  • Indonesian 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B2A

  • Effective digital resources engage learners and help them learn.What are effective digital resources?

    (Mark Prensky, 2001)

  • Audience: Gen YWhat I want, when I want it, where I want itDigital natives (not digital immigrants)Discovery learnersNetworkers Multi- media/tasking/modal (viewers)Challenge and purpose

  • Language learnersLanguage learners especially likeReal life texts with scaffolded tasksReal life purpose and motivation

  • WestOne resources Interactions with immediate feedbackSupport for independent learning via focus on language learning strategiesGrammar 1a Text alternatives and printable sections

  • How to useRemember who your learners areMix it up! Limited individual computer timeGroup work, class discussionsData projector / interactive whiteboard / printoutsWith a LMS (eg Janison, Moodle, WebCT).

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    Who are we?

    We weve been operation for 9 years.

    Were funded by the State govt and operate as a service unit of DET.Our main role is to develop resources for K-12, VET and career development.In terms of K-12, our primary client is School of Isolated & Distance Ed, so we develop resources in response to their needs.However, these resources are also available for the wider school sector, hence our chat with you today. K-12 Resources are aligned with current syllabuses for the WA Cert of Education courses. The languages products available at the moment are for Indonesian and Italian, aimed at years 10-12 students with a range of levels, abilities, and backgrounds.

    6 Products availableFour Indonesian. Currently writing stage 3 (year 12) resources What are effective digital resources?WestOne Services productsTime to sample.Think pair share what are effective digital resources for learning?What are effective digital resources?Effective digital resources engage learners and help them learn.Mark Prensky in his book Digital Game based learning states:good digital based learning does not favour either engagement or learning but keeps them both at a high level.This may seem obvious, but consider the options:all engagement, no learning. all learning-focussed but fail to engage. Our learners are into far more sophisticated games than we have the resources to provide them with in the classroom. But are there elements of the super-engaging games that can be transferred to other learning contexts?Lets look at massively multimedia online role playing games orThey like immediate gratification. Feedback. They want user control.They can not remember a time before computers. Many of them have been accessing technology before they could speak. They learnt to use a mouse before they used a pen. They dont read instructions, they dive straight in.They are multimedia, mutlitasking beings. They are used to controlling media themselves choosing which songs to put on their ipod, pausing and rewinding as they please, skipping what they dont like.They like to get straight in and learn by discovery. They dont read the instructions before they start a new game.And they like a purpose to their learning and a real life motivation (what is the point?)Have a look at this example from the very first page of Indonesian 1A.develop and accumulate skills over timedevelop strategies relate to and interact with others are challengedachieve play, discover and experiment interact with othersWestOne Languages resources incorporateLanguage learning strategiesIntercultural understandingGrammar 1a Multimedia materials Text alternatives and printable sectionsInteractions with immediate feedbackMulti-level, scaffolded tasks and texts

    There are special considerations for language learners. They like real life texts.Real life texts provide a challenge for learners. They like challenge.They like real experiences. And they like to achieve the sense of achievement from I understood bits of that text that the teacher didnt make up and write down and explain to us!Look at the example. (replace with italian. Put the indo suzuki one in next page under scaffolded)

    They also like having a real life purpose and motivation. For example:How do I make a phone call (or apply for a job, or ask someone to slow down in the target language).In dealing with these things weve tried to address strategies such as Communicate intercultural understanding (how to make a phone call), linguistic elements (phrases to use), strategies and confidence building.Have a look at this video.

    Show 5 sectionsScaffolded suzukiWho your learners areHow they operateWhat they like to do (interact, communicate)

    Mix your media! Delivery and learning styles. View, print (sheets or booklets), discuss


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