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    The Taliban say Ghani achieved nothing. Returned home to a pile ofresignations, deep disagreements, insulting condemnations anddisappointments. He lost of khan-e-heen, and !andahar airport"as attacked during this period.

    #ecember $-%&, '&%(, Heart of )sia *onference, in +slamabad, Ghaniattended after keeping his visit tentative till the last moment.Given a rousing "elcome. '% gun salute a"a and all serviceschiefs in attendance.

    )fghan +ntelligence *hief, Rahamatullah abil resigned on#ecember /, '&%(.

    0ohammad 0assoud )ndarabi, abil1s successor "ho hails from)ndarab district of 2aghlan is a Ta3ik, but kno"n to be loyal to po"er.

    %. +t is everybody1s guess no" that abil1s resignation has been

    forced by 4akistani ++. The ++ is doing it for the second time.

    +n '&%', the then 4resident !arai "as also asked by 4akistan to

    remove him because he "as vigorously anti-4akistan. ources in

    +slamabad say that during 4resident Ghani1s visit to +slamabad,

    4akistani authorities told him that ational #irectorate of

    ecurity 5#6 *hief Rahmatullah abil "as opposed to talks

    bet"een the Taliban and the )fghan government in !abul. The4akistani allegations are listed belo"7

    a. The revelation that 0ullah 8mar "as dead "as announced

    by # a day before the second round of talks "as to be

    held on 9uly '/, '&%(, to derail the talks.

    b. # has been engaged in spreading rumours against

    Taliban leader 0ullah 0ansoor )khtar and there is a

    repeated attempt to undermine his control over Taliban by

    aiding and abetting infighting "ithin Taliban andestablishing contact "ith Taliban leaders opposed to


    c. # is actively encouraging the rival leaders to rise in

    revolt against 0ansoor in a bid to divide Taliban so that

    talks could not be held.


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    d. )fghan 4resident has become a victim of # propaganda

    machinery and the false rumour of 0ansoor1s death

    recently, "hich "as announced from the 4residential office,

    "as designed by # to further derail the process of


    e. # is operating closely "ith R:); of +ndia and sheltering

    TT4 terrorists in )fghanistan and allo"ing them to launch

    attacks on 4akistan security forces.

    f. +n vie" of the above, the # has to be contained. +f

    Ghani is serious about talks, he must take some drastic

    measures to revamp # and bring in people "ho "ould

    be favourable to"ards 4akistan.

    '. The )fghan 4resident "as also made to listen to some intercepts

    "hich establish collaboration of the # "ith rival Taliban


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    organisation is controlled effectively by the 4an3siris. Therefore,

    in the coming days, there may be an attempt by 4akistani ++ to

    put pressure on Ghani to reshuffle the top positions and bring in

    people "ho "ould be softer to"ards 4akistan.

    >. 0ohammad 0assoud )ndarabi, abil1s successor "ho hails from

    )ndarab district of 2aghlan is a Ta3ik, but kno"n to be loyal to

    po"er. ;hether he "ill continue in the position for long, remains

    to be seen. )ndarabi Ta3iks are regarded as less rebellious than

    4an3siris, and that could be one of the reasons "hy he may be

    retained, and asked to toe Ghani1s official line rather than

    undertake independent and adventurous intelligence operations.


    abil said the innocent )fghan civilians "ere martyred and beheaded in !andahar

    airfield, !hanshin district of Helmand, Takhar and 2adakhshan at the same a"a

    harif "as delivering his speech, once calling the enemy of )fghanistan as 4akistan1s


    +n parts of his message, abil "as apparently criticiing 4resident Ghani for his

    remarks in +slamabad today, saying )t least %,&&& litres blood of our innocent

    people spilled "hich "as similar to the red carpet "here "e did a cat "alk. 2ut the

    one "ho "as present "ith us in the gathering and made an announcement from

    Auetta city of 4akistan under the name of Taliban, using the ++ computer to claim

    the glory. )nd "e became so much apprehended and eBcited "ith '% artillery gun

    salute that "e agreed regarding the eBecution of =& assaults?operations against the

    enemies of 4akistan and promised to soon launch a large operation against 0ullah

    Calullah in a bid to keep our >&-year-old friend glad.

    Crustrated "ith the gro"ing interference of 4akistan in internal affairs of )fghanistan

    and 4resident Ghani1s approach, abil Duestioned regarding the (&&&-year-old

    history of )fghanistan saying it has kneeled to a >&-year-old history.

    Omar sacks Dadullah on charge of

    disobedienceE 4F2+H# #*

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    accusing him of not obeying orders, a rebel spokesman said onaturday.

    Taliban spokesman Iabihullah 0u3ahed read to this reporter over thetelephone a statement issued by 8mar that said 0ullah 0ansoor

    #adullah "as sacked because he disobeyed orders of the +slamicmirate of Taliban. The statement did not give details.

    0ullah 0ansoor #adullah succeeded his elder brother J the Taliban1stop military commander 0ullah #adullah J "ho "as killed in an )fghanand ato operation in 0ay. #adullah, the mastermind of Talibanmilitary operations, "as the most high-ranking Taliban commander tobe killed since the rebels launched an insurgency follo"ing the topplingof their government in a F-led invasion in '&&%.

    Taliban claim build-up under wayE 4F2+H# )4R %/, '&%&%'7&&)0

    KANDAHAR The Taliban are moving fighters into Kandahar,planting bombs and plotting attacks as Nato and Afghan forces

    prepare for a summer showdown with insurgents, according to

    a Taliban commander with close ties to senior insurgentleaders.

    ato and )fghan forces are stepping up operations to push Talibanfighters out of the city, "hich "as the +slamist movementKsheadDuarters during the years it ruled most of )fghanistan. The goal isto bolster the capability of the local government so that it can keep theTaliban from coming back.

    The Taliban commander, "ho uses the pseudonym 0ubeen, told saidthat if military pressure on the insurgents becomes too great "e "ill3ust leave and come back after the foreign forces leave.

    0ubeen said that in the first years after the Taliban "ere routed,fighters had to survive in the mountains, rarely making forays into)fghan to"ns and villages. He attributed the Taliban comeback to deep

    resentment E especially among ethnic 4ashtuns E to the presence offoreign military forces and public disgust "ith the )fghan government.

    KK8ur brothers are already here and ready,KK he said. 8ur people areskilled no". They kno" a lot of things, ho" to make things moredifficult and to be more sophisticated in our attacks.

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    0ubeen said Taliban fighters had received better training, although he"ould not say "here and by "hom.

    KK2ut "e "ere interested to get the training and "e understood that "eneeded the training,KK he said.

    0ubeen said the TalibanKs main goal in the "ar is the establishment ofsharia, or +slamic la", in )fghanistan. ;hen they ruled the religiousmilitia enforced an antiDuated and regressive interpretation of +slamicla" that appalled the ;est, including publicly amputating hands andfeet for theft and carrying out public eBecutions.

    KK;e "ant sharia. That is first. verything else comes after that,KK hesaid. KK4eople "ant sharia and then development.KK

    0ullah 0ansoor "as one of t"o senior Taliban figures namedby 0ullah 8mar to replace the o. ' commander, 0ullah )bdulGhani 2arader, "ho "as arrested in 4akistan in Cebruary.

    Fazlullah has joined hands with killers of

    Taliban, says splinter group2FR)F R48RTE F4#)T#4 &(, '&%=&$7'@)0

    4H);)R7 The outla"ed Tehreek-i-Taliban 4akistan and itssplinter group 9amaatul )hrar 59)6 are on a collision course asthe latter has accused TT4 chief 0ullah Calullah of 3oininghands "ith people involved in the killing of militantcommanders.

    The 9) spokesman said that Calullah should reveal the names ofpeople "ho killed adeem )bbas alias +nteDami, "ho "as the TT4leader for Ra"alpindi, )smatullah haheen and TariD 0ansoor )fridi.

    +t is the first time that a Taliban-linked group has ackno"ledged thedeath of adeem )bbas, "ho escaped from police custody in 4esha"arin )ugust, '&%%, and "as reportedly involved in several acts ofterrorism.

    +n '&%%, )bbas and another TT4 leader Iakim hah "ere brought tothe !hyber *ollege of #entistry for treatment. They ran a"ay "henbeing moved back to the central 3ail in 4esha"ar.

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    )smatullah haheen, "ho "as an acting chief of TT4, "as killedoutside his residence in 0iramshah, orth ;airistan, in Cebruary lastyear.

    hsan also clarified that 9) had no links "ith the 9anud !hurasan

    group and that )hrarul Hind had merged "ith 9). He said a ma3ority ofTT4 commanders in 0alakand division had 3oined 9).

    Published in awn! "eptember #th! $%&'

    Mullah Omars deputy Obaidullah captured+0)+ !H)E 4F2+H# 0)R &', '&&@%'7&&)0

    4H);)R, 0arch %7 4akistani security forces have captured 0ullah8baidullah )khund, deputy to the elusive Taliban chief, 0ullah0ohammad 8mar, from Auetta, a federal government official has told


    0ullah 8baidullah "as arrested on 0onday, the official said, reDuestinganonymity due to sensitivity of the matter.

    The Taliban leader carries a L% million re"ard and is the most seniorTaliban figure captured since the ouster of the puritanical militia frompo"er in ovember '&&%.

    Hailing from 4un3"ai district of !andahar province, 0ullah 8baidullah)khund "as "idely considered as the military chief of Taliban forces.

    He "as on )merica1s most "anted list and "as a member ofthe %&-man Taliban eadership *ouncil announced by theTaliban supreme leader in 9une '&&

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    0ullah 8smani, "ho "as a former Taliban army chief, "as killed in aF airstrike in Helmand in #ecember last year.

    His arrest came the day F Mice-4resident #ick *heney arrived in+slamabad on an announced visit to deliver "hat "as "idely believed

    to be a "arning that the ne" #emocratic *ongress could cut aid unless4akistan became more aggressive in hunting do"n Taliban and )lAaeda operatives.

    That 0ullah 8baidullah "as close to 0ullah 8mar "as also evidentfrom the fact that %= commanders appointed by the Taliban leadershipfor t"o "ar ones in southern and eastern )fghanistan had been askedto report directly to the %&-member leadership council, "hich "as latereBpanded to %$ members.

    0r Hakimi had said that the council "as supervised by 0ullah8baidullah and 0ullah 2eradar, "ho "ere to report matters directly to0ullah 8mar.

    !"#" holds public meeting to mourn $mar%s death

    0ean"hile, 9amiat Flema-i-+slamE+deological, a pro-Taliban politicalparty, on Criday held a condolence reference and a public meeting tomourn the demise of Taliban supreme leader 0ullah 8mar in

    2alochistan1s capital city. 0aulana )bdul Aadir ooni, provincialchief of the 9F+-+deological, and enior 9F+-+deological leaders)bdul attar *hishti and Aari 0ehrullah "ere also present.

    !on of "alaluddin #a$$ani captured in%fghanistan

    )C4 E 4F2+H# 8*T %>, '&%=%'7=%40

    )nas HaDDani, the son of the net"orkKs founder 9alaluddinHaDDani, "as arrested late Tuesday along "ith Hafi Rashid,another commander, by the ational #irectorate of ecurity5#6, the )fghan intelligence agency, officials said.

    #adullah says he is indispensable to Taliban - e"spaper - DA&N ...9an %&, '&&$ ...'ullah 'ansoor#adullah said7 + have not been eBpelled from themovement. + have served the Taliban and "ithout me the movement "ould ...


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    Taliban commander #adullah captured -e"spaper -DA&N.($'Ceb %', '&&$ ...AFTT), Ceb %%7 ecurity forces

    captured an important Talibancommander, 'ullah 'ansoor#adullah, along

    "ith five other Taliban after a ... The clashoccurred in Go"al +smailai village of2alochistan1s Aila aifullah district.""".da""s?...?taliban-commander-dadullah-captured

    T&M'()%(%* Taliban warn of suicide attacks inDoog Darra

    E 4F2+H# 0)R &', '&&/%'7&&)0

    T+0RG)R), 0arch % #ir Taliban have threatened to carry out suicideattacks against their opponents and district administration in #oog#arra area of Fpper #ir if they did not stop organising volunteersagainst militants to eBpel them from the area.

    Talking to #a"n by telephone from an unspecified location on unday,district chief of #ir Taliban Hafeeullah said that 0ullah 0ansoor had

    been appointed as their ne" spokesman in the district.

    He "elcomed the peace deal bet"een ;C4 government and 0aulanaufi 0ohammad, ho"ever, he made it clear that Taliban "ould restarttheir activities if the proposed iam-i-)dl regulation "as not enforcedforth"ith. o" the ball is not in the court of Taliban but in the court ofgovernment, he added.

    +idnappers release ideo of former &!& officersE 4F2+H# )4R %/, '&%&%'7&&)0

    Mideos of t"o former ++ officers, "ho "ent missing last month, havebeen released by unkno"n militants. - 5Cile 4hoto6)*+HA&AR A little known militant group acknowledged on'onda that it was holding two former "+" officers, (olonel

    -retd "mam -+ultan Amir and +/uadron 0eader -retd Khalid

    Khwa1a and threatened to e2ecute them if its demands werenot met within 34 das.

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    )n email sent along "ith the video footage demanded the release ofsenior Taliban leader 0ullah 2aradar, 0ullah 0ansoor #adullah and0aulavi !abir.

    The group calling itself )sian Tigers, an unusual name for a militant

    group in 4akistan, is also reported to have demanded a L%& millionransom for 3ournalist )sad Aureshi "ho also has been missing along"ith the t"o retired ++ officers.

    +n the video clip, *ol 5retd6 +mam is heard saying that his real name isultan )mir 5Tarar6 and he served in the 4akistan )rmy for %$ years,%% of them in the +nter ervices +ntelligence.

    + had consulted "ith Gen )slam 2eg 5former army chief6 aboutcoming here, *ol +mam said.

    Duadron eader 5retd6 !halid !h"a3a said he had served in 4akistan)ir Corce for %$ years and in the ++ for t"o years.

    + came here on the prodding of Gen Hameed Gul, Gen )slam 2eg and++Ks *ol a33ad, !halid !h"a3a "as heard as saying in the video.

    akistan to free top Taliban prisoner Mullah

    .aradar)G*+ N #);.*80E F4#)T#4 %&, '&%40

    +)0)2)#7 4akistan "ill release former )fghan Taliban second-in-command, 0ullah )bdul Ghani 2aradar, as soon as this month to helpadvance peace efforts in neighbouring )fghanistan, 4akistan1s foreignpolicy chief said on Tuesday.

    2aradar is one of the four men "ho founded the Taliban movement in%//=, and is believed to be a close aide and one of the most trustedcommanders of 0ullah 0ohammad 8mar, the spiritual leader of theTaliban. He "as captured from the port city of !arachi in Cebruary,'&%&.

    #a$$ani network and "uD banned

    +RC) H)+#R E F4#)T# 9) '', '&%( &/7&%)0+)0)2)#7 +n a significant move to"ards the eBecution of theational )ction 4lan against terrorism, the interior ministry has

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    included the 9amaatud #a"a 59u#6 and the HaDDani net"ork in the listof proscribed outfits, it has been learnt.Talking to #a", an interior ministry official said the Fnited tateshad sought a ban on the HaDDani net"ork and the 9amaatud #a"a butthe matter "as being delayed.

    C8 announces postponement of second round of )fghan peace talks9ul

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    #ead of Talibans /atar office $uits)C4 E 4F2+H# )FG &(, '&%(&>[email protected])0

    !)2F7 The head of the Taliban1s Aatar-based political officehas stepped do"n, a statement said, a high-profile resignation

    highlighting discord over the )fghan movement1s recent po"ertransition.Fnderscoring the deepening internal divisions, Tayeb )ghastepped do"n on 0onday as head of the Taliban1s political office, setup in Aatar in '&%< to facilitate peace talks.

    +n order to live "ith a clear conscience and abide by the principles of0ullah 8mar, + decided that my "ork as head of the political office hasended, )gha said in the statement published on a "ebsite regularlyused by the #oha office and confirmed by a Taliban source.

    + "ill not be involved in any kind of 5Taliban6 statements... and "illnot support any side in the current internal disputes "ithin theTaliban. He added that consensus should have been sought frommilitant strongholds inside )fghanistan over the ne" leader1sappointment.

    The Taliban source said 0ansour1s aides "ere trying to convince )ghato "ithdra" his resignation but his statement adds to a gro"ing chorusof dissent in the movement over the increasingly bitter politicaltransition.

    The death of 0ullah 8mar "as kept secret for t"o years, )gha said.+ consider this a historical mistake. The Taliban have not given detailsof "hen and "here 8mar died but the )fghan government said ithappened in !arachi in )pril '&%

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    )ug %(, '&%( ...!)2F7 The TalibanKs ne" leader, 'ullah)khtar 'ansooronCriday, "elcomed )l Aaeda chief, )yman al-Ia"ahiriKs pledge of allegiance ...


    'ullah 'ansoor "elcomes Ia"ahiriKs pledge of loyalty - ;orld ...)ug %(, '&%( ...!)2F7 The TalibanKs ne" leader, 'ullah)khtar 'ansooronCriday, "elcomed )l Aaeda chief, )yman al-Ia"ahiriKs pledge of allegiance ...


    Taliban leaders swear allegiance to Mullah

    Mansour2)A+R )99)# O#E 4F2+H# )FG &%, '&%(&>7(/)0

    The supreme council agreed that he is the appropriate and eligibleperson, according to the reDuirements of hariah, to lead the +slamic

    mirate of )fghanistan, a statement issued by spokesman Iabihullah0u3ahid said on behalf of the Taliban shura.

    The statement described 0ullah 0ansour as Pmir-ul-0omineen1 or thePleader of the faithful1 E a tag used by 0ullah 8mar during his life.

    The dissenting leaders"ere identified as 0ullah 0uhammad HassanRahmani, 0ullah )bdul RaaD, 0ullah 0uhammad Rasool, 0ullah)bdul Aayum Iakir, Ha3i 2a 0uhammad, 0ullah Rauf, Hafi 0a3eed,0ullah 8mar1s brother 0ullah )bdul 0anan, son 0aulvi 0uhammadOaDoob and representatives of 0ullah #adullah.

    The group "anted to get 0ullah 8mar1s son elected as the ne" leader.

    2ut 0ansourKs "illingness to 3oin in 4akistan-backed peace talks"iththe )fghan government this year sparked fears among somecommanders, "ho "orry he is too close to 4akistani intelligenceofficials.

    The )fghan insurgents fear 4akistan "ants to manipulate theirmovement for its o"n ends, "orries OaDoob referred to.

    Q8ur enemy is the F-backed )fghan government,Q he said. There aresome +slamic countries "hich are also standing alongside ourenemies.

    ome militias affiliated to the Taliban have already pledgedallegianceto +slamic tate, the group dominating +raD and yria.

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    OaDoob, '@, stopped short of claiming the leadership.

    Q+f unity can return "ith my death, + am "illing to carry out suicide,Qhe said. Q;e are ready for "hatever order the council gives us. ;e areready to "ork in any capacity, "hether on a high level or a lo"er


    Mullah Omar died of #epatitis 0 in %fghanistan,claims son

    RFTR E 4F2+H# 4 %=, '&%(&

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    %fghanistan-based TT men sneak intoeshawar, storm %F camp, .adaber

    0)I88R )+ E 4F2+H# 4 %/, '&%(&>7==)0

    4H);)R7 +n "hat appeared to be a precisely planned and eBecuted

    attack, terrorists displayed their ability to breach the security of an )irCorce camp near here on Criday and carried out one of the deadliestassaults on a defence installation on the southern fringes of theprovincial capital.

    T"enty-nine people, among them personnel of the 4akistan )ir Corceand military and some civilians, lost their lives and all %< militants "hohad stormed the camp "ere also killed.

    The #arra )damkhel chapter of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban 4akistanclaimed responsibility for the attack.

    +n a five-minute, t"enty-nine seconds video sent to reporters onCriday, the TT4 group1s leader !halifa 0ansoor alias 8mar aray isseen saying goodbye to a group of %> militants "hich, it said, "asdeparting for the attack on the 4)C camp.

    The group no" based in )fghanistan "as also behind the attack on the)rmy 4ublic chool in 4esha"ar in #ecember last year "hich left %=(people dead, % of them students.

    %fghan Taliban factions issue contradictory 'id

    messagesRFTR E F4#)T#4 '', '&%(&/7

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    0ansoor #adullah "as appointed as second deputy for Rasool,"ho "as named the leader of the splinter group in a massgathering of dissident fighters on 8ctober

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    ++ ;ilayat !horasanHigh *ouncil of )fghanistan +slamic mirate

    The fighting started from early aturday 5ovember @, '&%(6 morningin !hak-i-)fghan and)rghandab districts of Iabul province. )bout >&fighters of 0ullah #adullah and '& of )khtar 0ansour have beenkilled, Ghulam 9ilani Carahi the deputy police chief for the provincetold )C4, adding

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    Taliban to issue Mullah Mansours audiomessage as proof of life

    RFTR E 4F2+H# )28FT %< H8FR )G8


    0eader of "slamic *mirate, Amir ul

    'umineen 'ullah Akhtar'uhammad 'ansoor -HA,

    releases audio messageconcerning latest rumors and fewother sub1ects

    ago % hour - = vie"s

    The leader of +slamic mirate )mir ul 0umineen 0ullah )khtar

    0uhammad 0ansoor 5may )llah safeguard him6 talks about

    the latest enemy rumors and a fe" other sub3ects to

    0u3ahideen through communication radios. The audio message

    can be do"nloaded from the link provided belo".

    %. )mir ul 0umineen re3ects enemy rumors about his

    in3ury?death, says he hasn1t seen !uchlak 5Auetta6 in years.

    '. ome "eak?hypocrite people also picked up rumor and evenconsidered it their act to try an confuse the ordinary people.

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    =. Real meaning of this message is that be confident, "e are

    not fighting for po"er?mirate. 8ur real goal is shariah : it "ill

    be follo"ed strictly.

    (. The "orld?!abul regime?everyone should realie "hy the

    Taliban are fighting7

    There is no differences bet"een real 0u3ahideen?leaders of


    Merbal differences does not mean escalation to armed conflict,

    the 0uslims should never be concerned about this because the

    goal of the mirate is kno"n "hich is raising the "ord of )llah

    5;T6, establishment of +slamic government and safeguarding

    the life, property and honor of the people and 0uslims and

    they have accepted death, in3ury, prison and all other

    hardships in this path.

    veryone needs to realie that such rumors "hich seek to

    afflict 0uslims "ith pain is nothing ne", this has been ongoing

    since establishment of mirate rather since the time of the0essenger 5);6 but they used to have patience therefore all

    0u3ahideen, 0uslim Fmmah and

    Flama?eaders?*ommander?members of the mirate also need

    to understand that no such incident has occurred and no such

    incident shall ever occur bet"een us over po"er?leadership.

    ;e have Flama and astute leaders "hich can resolve,

    intervene in such matters and never let it escalate to such astate.

    There is no difference bet"een a Talib and 0u3ahid, those "ho

    have deviated from righteous path cannot misuse the name of

    Talib, he has been labeled by hariah "ith many other kno"n


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    names, some are called ahib ul Casad 5those "ho spread

    mischief6, some 0urtad 5apostates6 and some hypocrites.

    Those "ho have spread this rumor should taste ho" it really

    feels like in real life.

    + didnt "ant to talk about this rumor but "as compelled to give

    confidence to the 0u3ahideen and ordinary 0uslims.

    Those "ho associated this rumor to themselves, it only

    eBposed their "eakness, they only seek to harm the ordinary


    0edia must realie their 3ournalistic ethics, must not spreadbiased baseless ne"s.

    0uslims should be confident and realie that this media "ar is

    not ne", such claims "ill be repeatedly circulated, take

    assurance in the publications?"ords of the spokesmen of

    +slamic mirate. Rest assured that even if + dont re3ect such

    claims myself neBt time, this doesnt mean something has


    0u3ahideen should focus on their "ork, dont listen to such

    baseless rumors and propaganda that negotiations have

    begun, their is no more fighting and other lies.

    ;e "ill also make political maneuvers alongside "ith our

    military efforts but "hen "e deem it necessary. +t "ill not be

    done because of signals by others or pressure or force.

    ;e are not fighting for po"er, everyone must realie that the

    demands are easy, raising the "ord of )llah and establishment

    of +slamic government that is practically enforced in

    )fghanistan or else our 9ihad "ill continue.


  • 7/24/2019 AFGHAN TIMELINE.doc


    very 0uslim should take confidence in the "ords of the

    spokespersons in every sub3ect, it shouldnt concern us

    "hether the enemy believes in it or not.

    4ray for the 0u3ahideen "orld"ide.



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    The security situation in +ndia1s immediate outh )sian neighbourhoodremained largely unchanged. ;hile some countries sho"edimprovement in the security and political situation, there "as politicalturbulence leading to "orsening of the internal security situation insome others. +n terms of fatalities in violent incidents, there "as anoverall decrease in the numbers of people killed in outh )sia.Ho"ever, this did not reflect the ground reality in terms of continued

    threats to security in most of the countries.

    )t the regional level, pending ))R* motor vehicle agreement, a sub-regional agreement "as signed among 2angladesh, 2hutan, +ndia andepal 522+6 for PRegulation of 4assenger, 4ersonal and *argoMehicular Traffic1 amongst them on 9une %(, '&%(. This "as deemed asa ma3or initiative to boost sub-regional economic development throughmutual cross-border movement of passengers and goods.


    The Taliban "ithdre" its unilateral ceasefire in )pril '&%( and launchedits spring offensive targeting road"ays, po"er net"orks and crude oiltrucks and pipelines almost on a daily basis. Taliban made its presencefelt in the north and briefly took control of 9a"and, the largest districtin 2adghis in 0ay and !undu in late eptember '&%(.


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    )t the same time, reports of several rounds of semi-official and officialreconciliation talks bet"een )fghan Taliban and the Government in!abul started pouring in during the first half of the year, especiallysince 0ay. There "ere informal talks in #oha, Aatar%, in +ran', inFrumuDi in Sin3iang, *hina, in 0ay '&%(, in #ubai

  • 7/24/2019 AFGHAN TIMELINE.doc


    her 0uhammad )bbas tanekai as the head of the 4olitical 8fficeand 0a"la"i )bdul alam Hanafi as his deputy.


    2angladesh "ent for parliamentary elections in 9anuary amid pollboycott by the principal opposition party 2angladesh ational 4arty5246 and its allies. )ll efforts aimed at resolving the differencesbet"een 24 and the ruling )"ami eague government over the issueof reinstatement of provision of a neutral caretaker government beforeelections, "hich "as removed from the constitution follo"ing )1sresounding electoral victory in '&&$ elections, had failed leading to theopposition1s resolve not to participate in the elections despitepersuasions by diplomats from various countries. The results "ereclear. The ruling party "on uncontested in %'@ seats and "inninganother %&@ seats easily to secure '

  • 7/24/2019 AFGHAN TIMELINE.doc


    2anga and get (@ enclaves in return from 2angladesh. The )rbitrationTribunal on the +ndia-2angladesh 0aritime #elimitation delivered itsruling on 9uly @, '&%=, "hich settled the long-running maritime issuebet"een the t"o countries according to international la". The t"ogovernments "elcomed the 3udgment.


    2ilateral relationship bet"een +ndia and 2hutan "ent from strength tostrength during the year "ith the ne"ly elected prime minister payinghis first foreign visit to 2hutan on 9une %(-%>, '&%=. #uring his visit,hri 0odi reaffirmed his government1s commitment to developcooperation and enhance bilateral ties. He inaugurated the upreme*ourt building of 2hutan, "hich "as built "ith +ndian assistance. Thet"o nations rene"ed their commitment to meet the %&,&&& 0; targetin hydropo"er cooperation by '&'&. The +ndian prime minister laid thefoundation stone of the >&& 0; !holongchu Hydroelectric pro3ect"hich "ould be developed "ith +ndian assistance. +ndia-2hutandevelopmental and economic cooperation has ensured a sound andhealthy bilateral engagement "hich is a model for other states of theregion.


    The ne"ly elected 4resident Oameen )bdul Gayoom visited +ndia in9anuary '&%= as his first foreign destination and emphasied on

    "orking to"ards strengthening Pprecious ties1 his country shared "ith+ndia. +n 0arch '&%=, in the third )-level meeting in e" #elhi,0aldives, +ndia, ri anka strengthened their desire to "ork togetherto fight terrorism and piracy in the +ndian 8cean region. +n 0ay, +ndian)rmy *hief visited 0aldives and held eBtensive discussion "ith defenceand security officials there. The 0aldivian defence minister 0ohammadaim visited +ndia in 8ctober '&%=. +ndia and 0aldives agreed tohave shared maritime action plan to ensure maritime security.Ho"ever, follo"ing 0aldivian 4resident1s visit to *hina in )ugust '&%=and 4resident Si 9inping1s return visit to 0aldives, there "ere concerns

    about 0aldivian interest in *hina1s proposal to develop its proposed0aritime ilk Route and subseDuent signing of contract "ith a *hinescompany names 2ei3ing Frban *onstruction Group 52F*G6 to upgrade+brahim asir +nternational )irport 5++)6 in 0ale. The cancellation ofthe earlier contract "ith G0R, an +ndian company to renovate thesame airport has and a"arding it to a *hinese company been cited asan indication of the ne" government1s policy of de-emphasising itsrelationship "ith +ndia. +n the midst of all this, in early #ecember


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    '&%=, +ndia responded to distress call for supply of drinking "ater from0aldives, "hen its lone desalination plant caught fire leading to anacute shortage of "ater. T"o +ndian avy vesselsE + #eepak, atanker vessel, and + ukanya, a patrol vessel, along "ith fiveaircraft including t"o *-%@ Globemaster-+++ and three [email protected]> "ere

    pressed into service to transport "ater to 0aldives to "ard of thecrisis.


    The econd *onstituent )ssembly "ent ahead "ith its efforts to buildconsensus on various issues to conclude the process of finaliing theconstitution. The coalition government of epali *ongress and *4-F0 responded to +ndia1s sensitivities on security related issues andbilateral understanding on defence and security improved during theyear. 4rime 0inister arendra 0odi1s visit to epal in )ugust '&%=,first by an +ndian 40 in %@ years, re3uvenated bilateral ties andbrought ne" "armth and vigour to +ndia-epal relationship. hri0odi1s announcement of a credit line of FL % billion and his assuranceto epal of the +ndian intent to take the relationship to greater heightsthrough close strategic and economic cooperation "ere received "ell inepal. The signing of 4o"er Trade )greement 54T)6 and 4o"er#evelopment )greement 54#)6 bet"een the t"o countriesimmediately after the trip signaled the advent of ne" tempo inbilateral engagement.


    )fter protracted internal discussion on the pros and cons of a militaryoperation in the tribal areas, 4akistan finally launched 8peration Iarb-e-)b on 9une %=, '&%= in orth ;airistan, "hich "as the principalbase of the Tehrik-e-Taliban 4akistan 5TT46. The operation resulted inmassive displacement of civilian tribal population and flight of militantsacross the #urand ine into )fghanistan. The army resorted to heavyair and ground attack to gain control of the terrain in orth ;airistan,ho"ever, it could not capture any high-value militant. The country

    "itnessed a temporary lull in militant activities, and apparent divisionof TT4, "ith one section eBpressing its "illingness to "ork "ith the4akistan "hile another section pledged its loyalty to the +slamic tateof +raD and yria 5++6. +n eptember '&%=, militants struck at!arachi naval dockyard, apparently "ith the help of insiders in the4akistan avy, "hich pointed to internal schisms "ithin the 4akistansecurity establishment on the issue of taking on the radical elements.


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    The political scenario in 4akistan deteriorated since )ugust '&%=, "hen4akistan Tehreek-e-+nsaf lader +mran !ahn staged his )adi 0archalong "ith the +nDuilabi 0arch of 4akistan )"ami Tehreek 54)T6 led by0ualana Tahirul Aadri, in protest against alleged rigging ofparliamentary elections of '&%< by a"a harif1s party. The

    protesters laid seie on the capital city and brought a"a harifgovernment to a standstill. +t "as "idely believed that both +mran andAadri "ere backed by forces "ithin the security establishment and themain aim of such a political move "as to corner a"a harif and"eaken his position. a"a could "eather this storm "ithunprecedented sho" of support by leaders of main opposition parties,but certainly emerged from the crisis much "eaker.

    There "ere efforts by 4akistan military to keep the ine of *ontrolactive throughout the year. This had its inevitable negative impact onthe overall atmosphere. )mid all this, the cancellation of foreignsecretary level talks bet"een +ndia and 4akistan in )ugust, in responseto the 4akistani High *ommissioner1s meeting "ith !ashmiriseparatists on the eve of the scheduled talks, disregarding the reDuestfrom +ndian foreign office, led to a ne" lo" in bilateral relations. There"ere reports in 4akistan media about the 3ihadi groups like ashkar-e-Taiba, 9aish-e-0uhammad, Harkat-ul-0u3ahideen and Hib-ul-0u3ahideen being readied for infiltration into 9ammu and !ashmir. Thedesperate terror attacks on army camps in 9ammu and !ashmir inresponse to record participation of !ashmiris in assembly electionsindicated the lack of 4akistani interest in resumption of bilateral talks.

    The informal handshake bet"een the t"o prime ministers in!athmandu during the ))R* summit could not revive the prospectsfor talks.

    +ri 0anka

    ri anka continued to court international opprobrium by eBpressing itsreservations about initiating internal mechanisms to deal "ithallegations of "ar crimes during the final stages of the "ar. Thegovernment put up fierce resistance to investigation by Fnited ations

    and refused to cooperate "ith international community in the process.Caced "ith international isolation abroad, the government termedinternational efforts as a motivated attempt to humiliate ri anka"hich infringed upon its sovereignty and hoped to garner popularsupport at home through its sho" of defiance. Ho"ever, the provincialelections in Fva in eptember '&%=, made it Duite clear that thepopularity of Ra3apaksa government "as shrining very fast. uchrealiation led to 4resident Ra3apaksa1s decision to hold presidential


  • 7/24/2019 AFGHAN TIMELINE.doc


    election one year before his tenure "ould end to secure yet anotherterm as 4resident before his popularity declined any further. Ra3apaksagovernment did not make any progress on the issue of politicalreconciliation to address the ethnic Duestion.

    #uring the year, ri anka-*hina relations gre" further. There "erereports of *hinese submarines docking at ri ankan ports "hile onescort mission to anti-piracy operations in Gulf of )den in omalia.;hile ri anka continued to eBpress its "illingness to cooperate "ith+ndia on the maritime front, its gro"ing strategic relationship "ith*hina "as perceived as a matter of concern by strategic analysts in+ndia.