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  • 1. Afghanistan Leading up to and Beyond 2014: Can theinternational community still succeed? Edward Girardet, Editor, EFGASwisspeace/GCSP/EFGA Roundtable - Geneva, 7 December, 2012

2. Afghanistan 3. From reporting the Jihad (1979-1993) 4. The Soviet war (1979-1989) 5. The impact of war (British journalists in the 1980s) 6. After the bombing (1980s) 7. Five million Afghans fled their homeland 8. Fleeing refugees, 1980s 9. Filming the new Taliban(1990s) 10. United Front (Northern Alliance) soldiers (Civil war against the Taliban 1994-2001) 11. To the new NATO war (2001-?) 12. Is it all just about war? (Embed with US military) 13. What about recovery? Or the lack thereof?What story does that tell us? 14. What has the international aid community achieved? 15. Agriculture contributes toward the mainstay of75% of Afghans 16. To understand Afghanistan means understanding the countryside 17. But also the impact of recovery. On women? 18. Urban development (Kabul)? 19. Civilians in urban areas (Kabul)? 20. Communities (elders in Bamiyan 2010)? 21. The impact of the Coalition on the country and its people? 22. Or mercenaries? 23. Rule of law? Justice? (Afghan Police) 24. Preserving Afghanistans cultural heritage?(Kabul Old Town Renovation) 25. Nurtrition? 26. Rural infrastructure? (Village in Nuristan) 27. Sports? (Cricket in Kunar) 28. Youth? (Boys playing, Kabul) 29. Health? (MSF in northern Afghanistan) 30. War trauma? ICRC medical centre 31. Education. Are we missing the real story? 32. How are we reporting this broad and complexstory? (Afghan radio journalist embed) 33. Will civilians tell their stories with armedsoldiers present? 34. The stories that inspire? That tell the real story? (Skateistan) 35. Or the complexities of power? (Buzkashi) 36. Does viewing Afghanistan through the military lens help us better understand?