affordable uas launched missile applications .prosecute 3 targets c.f. 1 x hellfire ... rocket motor

Download Affordable UAS Launched Missile Applications .Prosecute 3 targets c.f. 1 x Hellfire ... Rocket Motor

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  • Land & Air Systems

    Affordable UAS Launched Missile Applications for Precision Surface Attack and Counter-UAS Operations

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    Land & Air Systems

    Comparison between Forward Fired and Freefall Missiles

    Forward Fired Missiles

    Coverage far forward of launch point with footprint limited by:

    Aircraft Heading

    Launch altitude

    Missile dynamics (gather, guide)

    Provides limited support for ISTAR assets

    Provides useful Air-to-Air Counter-UAS capability

    Freefall Guided Missiles

    All round coverage on ground from release position

    Forward and rear boundaries fixed by launch altitude and dynamics

    Provides the ability to attack targets being overflown, to the sides and


    Supports ISTAR asset in surveillance mode and engaging targets of


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    Land & Air Systems

    Coverage for Lightweight Guided Missiles and Munitions

    Freefall guided missile provides

    the ability to attack targets being


    Support ISTAR assets in

    surveillance mode engaging

    targets of opportunity.

    Forward Fired Missiles have

    coverage forward of launch point.

    Limited support for ISTAR asset

    Provides useful counter UAS


    Footprint for

    Low Altitude





    Altitude High


    Forward Fired Missile

    Freefall Guided Missile





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    Land & Air Systems

    Missile Guidance Aspects

    Surface Attack Freefall LMM

    Semi Active Laser terminal guidance provides

    accurate target engagement

    HOB provides effective warhead performance

    against light and armoured vehicles,

    Technicals and Mortar Launch positions

    Top down attack provides excellent shaped

    charge performance against heavy armoured


    Surface Attack - Forward Fire Missile

    LBR or SAL guided LMM

    Counter UAS Light Air-to-Air Missile

    Laser Beam Riding Guidance for secure and

    accurate targeting

    Blast Fragmentation warhead coupled with laser

    proximity fuze sufficient to neutralise UAV


  • Land & Air Systems

    Surface Attack with a Freefall Guided Missile

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    Land & Air Systems

    Tactical UAV: Key Operational Requirements


    Surveillance and Strike Capability


    Up to 3 weapons per rail

    Low drag/mass


    Personnel in the open

    Moving Vehicles

    Soft Skinned platforms

    Armoured vehicles


    Precision Strike

    Low Collateral Damage

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    Land & Air Systems

    Freefall LMM Characteristics

    Precision attack

    Shaped Charge/ Blast/ Frag


    Low collateral damage

    Minimal impact on aircraft mission

    Low Munition Mass

    Low drag

    3 missiles per rail

    Efficient Combat Mass

    Easy integration onto platforms

    High Maturity

    Re-use of LMM modules

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    Land & Air Systems

    Freefall LMM Integration Options

    1 munition per rail

    For small UAVs

    SRU Mass = 0.5Kg

    Hardpoint + Fairing

    Minimal reduction on UAV endurance

    2 munitions per rail

    For larger UAS

    Tandem configuration to minimise drag

    Rail and release unit

    Side by side configuration possible

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    Land & Air Systems

    Freefall LMM Integration Options

    3 munitions per rail

    Tandem configuration to minimise


    3 station store carrier mass

    Prosecute 3 targets c.f. 1 x Hellfire

    Other configurations possible

    4 off to 6 off munitions per M299 rail

    Dependent on aircraft and mission

  • Land & Air Systems

    Freefall LMM Status

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    Land & Air Systems

    1st Campaign: Release from ~5000ft

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    Land & Air Systems

    2nd Campaign: from 5000 ft

    Alternative UAV

    Captive carriage flights

    Guided Missile Trial

    Munition Released from altitude

    Safe Separation

    Guidance Established

    Arming confirmed

    Target impact close to Laser centre

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    Land & Air Systems

    Warhead Safe Arming and Detonation on Impact

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    Land & Air Systems

    Increment3 Live Drop (VIP Demo) 20/08/2014: FFW002

    Live missile engagement against 4x4 vehicle

    Impact and detonation observed close to designated spot

    Warhead detonated on impact

    Release from 5000ft at 80 knots

  • Land & Air Systems

    UAS/Counter UAS capability Counter UAS is a prevalent problem that we only think is going to get bigger

    Brigadier General, Jeff Colt, USA, Commander, Joint Unmanned Aircraft

    System Center of Excellence

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    Land & Air Systems

    Emergence of UAVs as an Air Defence threat

    Increase in proportion of UAV


    Emergence of asymmetric


    This drives new requirements

    and approach for systems,

    capability and logistics

    Even a few enemy UAS can

    cause airspace control to break


    A consistent enemy UAS threat

    means that Air Superiority is


    After all, the great defence against

    aerial menace is to attack the enemys

    aircraft as near as possible to their

    point of departure.

    Winston Churchill, 5 Sept 1914

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    Land & Air Systems

    Proliferation of UAV Targets

    There is a growing imbalance

    between the cost of a UAV and the

    cost of the kill system employed.

    The number of UAV targets is


    Low radar/acoustic/IR Signature

    Small dimensions

    Complexity : surveillance/weapons

    More countries with technology

    Armed Tactical UAVs

    E.g. Chinese Armed UAV (CH-3) crash in

    Nigeria, April 2015

    Off axis/on axis capabilities

    Precision guided glide munitions

    Guided rockets

    Surface attack weapons

    Medium Altitude Long Endurance

    UAVs with surface attack weapons

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    Land & Air Systems

    BAeS Fury armed with LMM

    Captive Carry and Live


    Conducted in Woomera,


    Full system test


    Comms link prove out

    System arming

    Missile Power Up

    Rocket Motor fire

    Laser Transmitter power on

    and operation

    Safe Separation

    Gather, Guide, Impact,


    Conducted in association with BAeS

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    Land & Air Systems


    Freefall LMM provides a cost effective,

    accurate and lethal solution

    Low Mass/ Low impact on Endurance


    Effective Warhead

    Low collateral damage

    Load out options for optimium


    SAL Guidance complimentary with

    existing in-service equipment

    LMM Beam Riding Missile

    Low risk/cost Counter-UAS capability

    Proven Technologies

    Low Risk, Cost Effective, Precision Strike,

    Lethal Effect, Low Collateral Damage