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    Aesthetic DentistryT E C H N O L O G Y A N D T R E N D S I N P R A C T I C E D E V E L O P M E N T & A E S T H E T I C S V O L U M E 1 5 I S S U E 1 S P R I N G 2 0 1 6

    Family PracticeUtilize the power of a

    supportive spouse.

    Talking PointsLearn how the right words

    get the results you want.

    Made for TVOvercoming Bulimia

    With a Smile

    White Wax-Up 101Simplify large-case

    dentistry for optimal results.

    A professional model overcomes bulimia and gets a new smile. p. 6

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    Beyond CAD/CAM ATLANTIS patient-specific abutmentsfor all major implant systems

    Fully FDA compliant for your peace

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    The proof is in the numbers. Delivering the best patient-specific solutions requires restorative versatility, workflow efficiency and flexibility, anddesign options that are as individual as eachpatient.

    Integrating ATLANTIS abutments into your practice orbusiness gives you all this and a solution that goes beyond CAD/CAM, for:

    Profitability you can count on Function and esthetics you can rely on Simplicity you can use Comprehensive warranty for your peace ofmind

  • Aesthetic Dentistry n Spring 2016 3

    E D I T O R S C O M M E N T A R Y n D R . D I C K B A R N E S , D . D . S .

    Anew year has just begun and you have a new opportunity to make this your most productive year yet. With that in mind, Ive decided to share some of the most important insights that have helped me improve my life both personally and professionally. I am confident that these ideas have the potential to help you become a better and more productive dentist.

    Before anything that I write can be of benefit, you need to remember an important factyou arent born anythinglife is an evolving process. We all have to learn to be successful. It is not something that just happens. The reason that success seems so difficult is because many people dont look at their world and see it for its potential.

    Most people, including dentists, tend to react to challenges as if they are problems to be handled, rather than the opportunities they truly are. To avoid this pitfall, its important to understand yourself and what makes you tick. Then you can begin to under-stand others (including your patients).

    To start this process, you should be conscious of conformity and its role in your life. Most people conform to what their neighbors are doing; you want to be just like the dentist down the street. But that dentist wants to be just like you! People lose their identities by looking, dressing, and thinking alike. By embrac-ing fads, you lose your identity, and when that happens, you are no different from any other dentist. Strive to develop your own identity so people can see it and feel it.

    After 40 years in this business, Ive learned that everyone needs two key things in order to be successful:

    1. An Individual Identity. People want to be recognized as different from everyone else. As dentists, we want to be known for providing a level of care that is above the rest. Patients want dentists who are like this, too. Patients will travel a long way to visit a dentist who delivers a higher level of serviceone who calls them by name, listens to them, and helps them achieve optimal dental health, regardless of their perceived ability to pay.

    2. Change or Stimulation. No one wants to get trapped doing the same things everyday. We become depressed when we dont have something to stimulate us. Dentists get depressed when each day is the ordinary, insurance-based, drill-and-fill dentistry that every other dentist is doing. We want to provide treatments that enhance the quality of our patients lives. Implants and full arch reconstruction cases are a great way to bring the excitement back to dentistry, in addition to bringing variety to the daily schedule. If you arent currently doing these

    kinds of cases, now is the time to start. Get out of your own way and let your life evolve!

    MAKE A PLANThe Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle said, A person

    without a goal is like a ship without a rudderhe or she drifts without any specific port in mind or any course plotted. But what about the ship that has a hold full of valuable cargo, a course charted with a captain at the helm, and an active rudder? A valuable reward awaits at the designated journeys end.

    Think about what you want and where you want to be in five years within the context of your individual identity and the change you want to realize. Craft an image of the future and start working towards that vision every day. Make certain that your goals are realistic, otherwise they can become frustrations. My only goal in life was to be a dentistand to be the best dentist that I could be. Everything started evolving from that central focus and the result is greater than I could have imagined or planned for.

    The way we see ourselves determines our actions and our inactions. Too often, we find ourselves seemingly stuck and unable to progress towards our full potential. This is due mostly to our memories, which can be the most devastating part of our minds. Memories remind us how inferior we are, how shy we are, how incapable we are, etc. Memories are the voices in our heads that tell us we cant do something or that reinforce a negative experience.

    The solution can be found in another part of the mindthe imagination. Imagination has the power to unlock your potential. How you envision yourself is the way your future will be. If you can see yourself being extroverted, outgoing, and patient, that is the way you will be. If you imagine yourself doing large-case dentistry, you will find yourself seeking out the opportunities that will make it a reality.

    Now is the time to take action towards a higher level of success. When fear and doubt threaten to hold you back, let faith and hope fuel your imagination. I know it works because I have experienced it and I know that it will work for you! n

    Make It Happen!Let Life Evolve and Success Will Follow.

    My only goal in life was to be a dentistand to be the best dentist that I could be.

  • Chart a New Course July 1-2, 2016, Park City, UT

    Two great days, one amazing night!Two great days, one amazing night!

    Michael Abrashoff Michael Abrashoff

    The Passing ZoneThe Passing ZoneFor symposium and registration information, call 1-800-800-7200 or visit our website at

    Come celebrate Arrowheads 40th anniversary and bring your family to the Fourth of July weekend in Park City, Utah!

    This symposium will help dentists take command of their careers and create more successful dental practices.

    Dont miss out on this opportunity to mingle with some of the brightest minds in the dental industry.

    Participants will qualify for 8 CE credits

    Day 1 Keynote

    Michael Abrashoff Former commander of the USS Benfold

    Day 2 Keynote

    The Passing Zone

    Two great days, one amazing night!C








    2016 Symposium ad_Issue 41_v2.pdf 1 11/9/15 11:54 AM

    Over the ShoulderTM: Full Arch ReconstructionOnly 30 percent of dentists offer this innovative procedure in their practicesits time you became one of them. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $1,995 May 20-21, 2016

    Sept. 16-17, 2016Nov. 4-5, 2016

    Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT


    Clinical Hands-OnPrep and seat one of your full arch patients while under the supervision of leading experts. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 30 CE Credit Hours | $4,995 Mar. 4-5 & Apr. 15-16, 2016

    Oct. 14-15 & Nov. 18-19, 2016Denver, CODenver, CO

    Everyday OcclusionHelp your patients improve their dental health by applying these specialized techniques. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $1,995 Apr. 8-9, 2016

    Oct. 28-29, 2016Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT

    Total Team Training Give your entire team the tools they need to help build a more profitable practice. Tawana Coleman, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $550 Apr. 8-9, 2016

    May 20-21, 2016Sept. 16-17, 2016

    Kansas City, MOOrlando, FLChicago, IL

    Know Your NumbersMaster business principles that will give you the competitive edge in dentistry. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $1,995 May 6-7, 2016

    July 15-16, 2016Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT

    Implant EZ I Reduce the number of patients you refer out and keep valuable revenue in your practice. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $1,995 Mar. 11-12, 2016

    Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2016Salt Lake City, UTSalt Lake City, UT

    Implant EZ II Greatly accelerate your level of confidence to implement implants as part of your practice. Dr. Jim Downs, Instructor | 14 CE Credit Hours | $1,995 Jun. 10-11, 2016 Carlsbad, CA

    Airway-Conscious DentistryLearn how to integrate sleep dentistry and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea for your patients. Dr. Samuel E. Cress, Instructor