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    02129 Printed by Mayfield Press (Oxford) Ltd

    UK-based Severn Glocon hasdeveloped a valve stem glandsecurity system, that enableschanges in performance to besafely monitored during the ser-vice life of the valve.

    The system is designed to pro-vide progressive early warning ofany change in the performance ofthe live-loaded double stem pack-ing that is fitted to the valves. It isbased on a multifunction manifold

    block, which in normal operationenables any valve stem gland leak-age to be safely routed to a flare or asecure storage system.

    Routine gland leakage monitor-ing is performed by repositioningtwo ball valves on the manifold,which enables the pressure of anyleakage to be indicated on the inte-gral gauge. A measure of the leakrate can be observed by the increasein indicated pressure over a set peri-od of time, enabling any remedialmaintenance to be accurately pre-dicted and planned.

    The valve stem sealing system isclaimed by the company to providea level of safety equal to that of abellows. It avoids the problemsassociated with a bellows of fatiguelife, larger actuator force, additionalweight, size and additional costs.

    The valve gland security systemhas two sets of packings that aremechanically loaded via a boltedgland assembly. In the spacebetween the lower and upper sealsets, a lantern ring provides accessto a vent port to a multi-functionmanifold block. Any leakage fromthe primary pressure seal can then

    be either fed to flare or safe storage.It is possible to monitor the leak-

    age rate by closing off the manifoldvents and observing the rate of pres-sure rise in the manifold volume. Innormal operation the system is setsuch that once there is 0.07 bar(1 psi) in the manifold, a relief valvewill vent any further leakage toflare.

    The valve sealing arrangementalso includes what the companycalls live loading. In this case themain pressure packing a set ofPTFE V-rings has a PTFE U-ringwith metal spring energizer at thepressure end of the packing. This isintended to react to system pressureand energize the V-ring set to pro-vide improved sealing.

    The monitoring system is suit-able for linear and rotary motionvalves of virtually any size, and con-forms to the Pressure Equipmentand ATEX Directives.

    Contact:Severn Glocon, St Luke Street, SouthgateStreet, Gloucester GL1 5RE, UK. Tel: +44 1452 318900, Fax: +44 1452 318901,Web:


    2Sealing Technology April 2004

    Valve system monitors emissions

    Valves by Severn Glocon fitted with the gland security system.The ball valves on the front are used to select the monitoring or ventingfunctions of the manifold block.

    AESseal plc, the UKs secondlargest manufacturer of mechani-cal seals, celebrated 25 years inbusiness on 1 April 2004.

    It is now 25 years since manag-ing director Chris Rea OBE pur-chased the company with a loan ofjust 12 600. For the first two-and-a-half years AES was a distributorof mechanical seals. After losing thedistributorship in 1981, it developed a range of products to

    compete in the market. The com-pany now has a turnover of over42m and operates through a net-work of 180 branches, subsidiariesand distributors in 55 countries,with a staff of nearly 700.

    Contact:AESseal Plc, Bradmarsh Business Park,Templeborough, Rotherham, SouthYorkshire S60 1BZ, UK Tel: +44 1709369966, Web:

    AESseal celebrates its 25th birthday


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