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Advice from the Experts. College Application Essays. Deadlines. Most deadlines are not until January or February Early decision/acceptance deadlines generally occur around Thanksgiving The more-select the school the earlier you should apply. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Most deadlines are not until January or FebruaryEarly decision/acceptance deadlines generally occur around ThanksgivingThe more-select the school the earlier you should apply.Dont panic if youre wait listed keep contacting the schoolDont be a victim of the OSUM syndrome

  • OSU will have over 50,000 applicants in any given year.They are not going to spend a great deal of time reading your esssay.Two over-whelming factors determine your admission and/or placement:Your Transcripts (GPA, class rank, rigor of curriculum)Your ACT/SAT score

  • Typically less than 300 words.Keep it short, informative, concise, and creativeThe organization of the essay is of primary importance.From an OSU admission officer: We really dont think incoming freshmen have more than 300 words of well-thought things to say.From Mr. Lynch: What does that say about how OSU views its students?!!

  • They may proofread your essay, but it is better to have it checked by a high school teacher or guidance counselor.If your parents are over-bearing, avoid them in the application process.

  • Are generally more selective of their students and have the ability to make special arrangements.Are more likely to use the Common ApplicationSome will also have a supplemental essay.Example from Oberlin College: Given your interests, values, and goals, explain how Oberlin College will help you grow as a student and a person during your years here.

  • View students as a fabric of the college communityWill receive more individual attentionOberlin College: We are looking for students who love to learn, whose investment in words and ideas tell us that they are aware of their world beyond their homes, schools, grades, awards, and scores.

  • Display a students ability to write and express themselves at a college level ability.Colleges are not looking to teach you how to write the basic essay they expect you to know how to do that already.Colleges want to know why they should accept you:Your essay should directly answer that question.Talk about life experiences

  • The biggest part of preparing for college begins in 9th grade.Get involved: sports, music, clubs, extracurriculars, volunteer work be involved in life.Take challenging, thought provoking courses.From a expert on College Counseling:The students who have the most difficulty in college are the kids who have such outrageously sheltered lives that they never experience anything!