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Advertising Roadmap Review ` Slide 2 NCS Content NCS Digital NCS Advertising NCS Analytics NCS CirculationNCS Audience DTI Content Publisher DTI PlanSpeed Jazbox DTI Advertising DTI Ad Management DTI MediaPlus DTI AdSpeed, ClassSpeed AdPower Sax Circulation Matrix Circulation NCS WebManagerPro NCS NewsEditPro NCS CirculationProNCS AdManagerPro NCS ProductionManagerPro Products UNIFIED UNLIMITED Director Product Strategy Media Publishing Solutions Marketing Solutions Director Product Strategy Marketing Solutions Director Product Strategy Big Data Solutions Director Product Strategy Commerce Solutions Kelli ChmielorzDonna BeasleyDana MidbyJim Williams Carsten Olsen James Mooney Kate Washington Sara OtrembaJesper PersenJamie Fuller Eliane PohlMark McCoid Kevin Stoinoff Neil Sinay Mark Best Scott Bray Directors of Product Strategy Technical Product Managers Slide 3 Important Focus Areas Digital Strategy Mobile Multi Media Native Browser Applications Adobe Hosting Strategies As part of our roadmap review we have emphasized a number of areas that we feel requires a special focus for this and several upcoming roadmaps. Note that these areas of focus are additive to our Themes and Initiatives within this Roadmap. Slide 4 Digital Strategy - Framework Support Media Company transition to new Digital Workflows and Digital Business Models Key points: Open Existing Platforms by wrapping in Web Services / SDKs Enable Easy Integration of Tools and Feeds Focus on Flexible Native Web User Interfaces. Create Extensible Apps and interfaces; e.g. Widget based Build Digital Centric Apps utilizing SDKs Integrate at a Functional Level not just a Technical Level Slide 5 Mobile Marketing / Advertising Campaign Sales / Ad order entry Customer account management Inventory availability checking Media Publishing Story assignment notifications Content creation and submission Photo and video input Citizen journalist contributions Mobile Input and InsightMobile Channel Delivery Commerce / Circulation Subscriber sales and order entry Customer self-service Route and dealer management Data and Analytics Real-time business intelligence Targeting statistics and metrics Performance reporting Marketing / Advertising Ad Serving/In-App/SMS/Coupons Location-based/personalized Location aware business directories Social campaigns Media Publishing Responsive design websites Personalized content delivery Mobile apps and editions Mobile news alerts Commerce / Circulation Mobile subscription packages Premium access Metered paywall content E-commerce / Mobile Malls Personalization Location and predictive targeting Digital access reporting Data-driven decision making Data and Analytics Slide 6 Native Browser Applications Efficient internet delivery High performance Mobility Flexibility Extensibility Thin clients - reduced hardware requirements Adaptable work environment any device, anywhere Slide 7 NCS Advertising: Mobile/Tablet Offerings Functional AreaFeatureAvailability Order Entry/Order Edit/Order Review Print Order Digital Orders Insert Orders Broadcast Orders Cross-channel packages Now CRMTask creation Opportunities Contact Person management Now InventorySpace Checking for Print2014-1 Slide 8 NCS Advertising: Browser Offerings Functional AreaFeatureAvailability Order Entry/Order Edit/Order Review Print Order Digital Orders Insert Orders Broadcast Orders Cross-channel packages Now CRMTask/Event Management Lead Creation Pipeline/Lead Generation Opportunities/Offers 2014-1 2014-2 2014-1 Inventory Print Inventory Digital Forecasting Now 2014-1 ReportsHyperlinks to Crystal Reports in MyView 2014-1 Material HandlingComponent upload or Ad upload for print and digital ads 2014-2 Slide 9 NCS Advertising: Browser Offerings contd Functional AreaFeatureAvailability Workflow ApprovalsCredit Tier Approval Parallel Approval Management Now 2014-1 FinanceAccounts Receivable Cash Receipts Target 2015 Setups and System AdminUser Management Product Setups System Administration Target 2015 Slide 10 NCS Advertising: Multi-Media ModuleFeatureAvailability ASI Ad Serving Integration Support for banner ads and streaming audio ads Now MediaLinkDigital Material handling Insert Tracking 2014-2 Slide 11 Market Releases Theme Overview NEWSCYCLE Advertising Major Release 2014-1 Major Release 2014-2 2014 Q22014 Q32014 Q42015 Q12015 Q2 Theme 2014-1 2014-2 Quality Sales Usability Liner Advertising Planned 2014-2 System Performance Digital Performance Liner Advertising Planned Staff Efficiencies NCS Best Practices Continuous Integration Level 4 Planned 2014-2 Continuous Integration Level 4Planned Cloud / Hostability Private party workflow Hostability improvements AdPortal/E-Proofing Planned New Self Service Private Party Upsells Business/Commercial Workflow Hostability improvements New Planned Innovation Activity Management Digital Forecasting Tool Mobile Space Checking Planned Pipeline/Leads Digital Affiliates Improved Order Entry MediaLink Digital MediaLink Outsourcing Digital Order Entry Planned New Planned Unification Extended REV: Major Release 2014-1 Planned Note: 2014-1 was extended to allow for 3 months of beta testing prior to the GA Release Slide 12 Sales CRM View Slide 13 Sales Pipeline Management for 2014-2 Slide 14 Order Entry Digital Inventory Slide 15 Slide 16 Self Service Portal Private Party Workflow Business/Commercial Workflow Agency Workflow AdPortal for material upload eProofing for customer approval Slide 17 Self Service Screenshots Private Party Workflow 2014-1 Slide 18 Self Service Screenshots Private Party Workflow 2014-1 Slide 19 Self Service Screenshots Business/Commercial Workflow 2014-2 Slide 20 AdPortal Screenshots Slide 21 Slide 22 NEWSCYCLE AdManagerPro Brief AdManagerPro 5.8 (Q3 2014) New payment allocation method for distributing payments Ability to create transactions that do not automatically balance Ability to apply payments at the Agency / Customer level Auto-update the content preview as the users enters text 3rd party monitor (Import / Export) enhancements Create separate online batches Import graphic links Exports can automatically FTP Slide 23 NEWSCYCLE ProductionManagerPro Brief ProductionManagerPro 5.7 (Q4 2014) Add deadlines to media product info sent to PMP client Customer portal/sales portal unification Ability to submit art portal wide Approving a proof will show the user approving (i.e. salesperson vs. customer) Notifications for submitted artwork Files are now saved to the PMP server instead of only in the portal Based on security warn or dont let users edit proofs past deadline in portal