Advertising and society (selling ideas with a heart)

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Given at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). Jan 2014.


<ul><li> 1. SELLING IDEAS WITH A HEART Nagarjun Nag Kandukuru VP Global South Strategy, ThoughtWorks</li></ul> <p> 2. DEPICTION OF WOMEN IN ADVERTISING 3. Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things. If your wife hits something in a Volkswagen, it doesnt hurt you very much. 4. Millennials offer hope 5. [Fair&amp;Lovely Ayurveda] 6. WHAT OTHER ADs CROSS THE LINE? (Causal/tacit sexism?) 7. SEXIST ADs EVERYDAY SEXISM LINK? 8. She's your wife. Don't insult her intelligence, and don't shock her. The consumer is not a moron. 9. [Liril: Waterfall] 10. [Gillette: Solider for Women] 11. DEPICTION OF RACE /MINORITIES IN ADVERTISING 12. WEVE COME A LONG WAY BABY, BUT 13. [Popchips: Raj] 14. WHAT CURRENT DEPICTIONS WOULD APPEAR SHOCKING IN 20 YEARS? 15. [Tanishq: Remarriage] 16. [Havells: Hawa Badlegi] 17. [Google: Reunion] 18. SMOKING CANCER LINK UNPROVEN 19. CYNICAL USE OF PR 20. FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY - CLIMATE CHANGE LINK UNPROVEN 21. PR BY VANDALISM 22. CSR as PR HOGWASH 23. IMAGE MANAGEMENT 24. WHAT OTHER PR PRACTICES ARE UNACCEPTABLE? 25. PREYING ON THE DEFENCELESS (Lets ponder the consequences) 26. TARGETTING CHILDREN 27. BRAND NAMES AND THE TRUTH 28. ON-LABEL COMMUNICATION 29. CONSUMPTION IS HAPPINESS? 30. [Coke: Ummeed wali dhoop] 31. [Dove: Talk to your daughter] 32. DECEPTIVE POSITIONING? 33. MANIPULATION? 34. CONSUMER PROFILING 35. PRIVACY VIOLATION? 36. OTHER HOT BUTTON ISSUES 37. EXCESSIVE INTRUSION? 38. ADs ON DODGY TV SHOWS? 39. UNCRITICAL ACCEPTANCE? 40. CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS GONE WILD?$28m/yearSub-subsistence wages 41. BLACKHAT SEO 42. SHOULD AMBUSH MARKETING BE BANNED? 43. WHY NOT ALLOW LATE-NIGHT LIQUOR ADs? 44. No easy answers Is subliminal advertising OK? Is comparison with an identifiable competitor OK? Is product placement in movies OK? 45. MEDIA DIVERGENCE OFFERS HOPE 46. [Lifebuoy: child reaches five] 47. WHAT COULD YOU DO? 48. CultureCommunication 49. I have the right to earn a living!If I dont do it, someone else will.What can one person do? 50. SocietyYouClient 51. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Edmund Burke 52. AN OATH FOR COMMUNICATORS? 53. WRITE DOWN 3 THINGS YOU WILL NEVER DO 54. MY PRINCIPLE 55. SCHOOL OF CHANGE LEADERS? 56. BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICSMARKETING ETHICS </p>


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