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  1. 1. #5minutes This 5 Minute Webinar Sponsored By Adventures of MuMpA MuMpA is a character created to express love. The character is androgynous in its features. Her unique attributes will demonstrate the MuMpA like qualities common to all people. Presented by Kimmy Aarons, MuMpA LLC
  2. 2. #5minutes WHAT IS THE BIG IDEA? MuMpA will teach! MuMpAs Adventure, Fair, Bully, Self Confidence, and Forgiveness Movement Unity Mother Earth Preparation and Planning Androgynous MuMpA is an acronym
  3. 3. 5 MINUTE FACT NUTS & BOLTS Ochimotto! This story is about a magical character named MuMpA, traveling to find her way home. She is unaware of her magical abilities which are revealed in each teleportation that occurs when she completes an adventure. MuMpA is a love character and non judgmental in her decisions to help the ones she comes in contact with along her journey.
  4. 4. WHY IT MATTERS? Create a fresh smile, build a new vibe and just let your expression ride. OCHIMOTTO!!! 1 2 3 Encourage a more positive world Exemplifies the expression of love Ultimately make the world a beautiful place
  5. 5. Thank You! MuMpA LLC Journal Products Adventure of MuMpA: Part 2 Next Steps 1 2 3