advantages of paid social as part of your referral traffic strategy

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Learn how to leverage the Facebook advertising platform to attract high quality traffic to your site.


  • 1. ADVANTAGES OF PAID SOCIAL AS PART OF YOUR REFERRAL TRAFFIC STRATEGY Jo Rogel Digital Marketing Strategist February 2014

2. WHY ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK? 1.23 billion monthly active users (12/31/13) 45 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products (12/31/13) Advertising with social context -- added influence and validation from friends and family Reaching an engaged audience -- opportunities for users to Like, Comment and Share on content Facebook users are content consumers -- they typically stay longer on site and visit more pages 3. WHY ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK? Ad Types for Different Goals Brand Awareness / Community Building Engagement and Interaction Conversion / Event Signups Promoting Desktop & Mobile Apps Traffic to website Multiple placements Desktop News Feed Mobile News Feed Right-Hand Side Sophisticated Targeting Interests / Demographics / Geography / Behavior Third-Party Data Devices and Operating Systems 4. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS Generating demand for new products on the market Lead generation Closeout sales Greater reach for high-quality content and news Exploring beyond usual audiences Nonprofit events - gaining more support/participation Increasing adoption for new mobile apps 5. NOT IMMEDIATE CONVERSION CHANNEL 6. FACEBOOK AD MANAGER Set up billing and funding sources View associated Facebook pages Create and manage campaigns and ads 7. SELF SERVE AD PLATFORM Simple interface allows you to create ads based on objective Add creative, copy and set targeting and bids in one location 8. POWER EDITOR Create and manage multiple ads and campaigns faster with streamlined interface Copy/paste functionality to duplicate campaigns Make and upload changes to account 9. PAGE LIKE AD 10. PAGE POST LINK 11. PAGE PHOTO POST 12. PAGE VIDEO POST 13. INTEREST TARGETING Based on actual user behavior and activity recorded in social graph Keywords can be selected from broad categories or specific interests Use specific interests to narrow down on very specific audiences 14. PARTNER CATEGORIES Datalogix, Acxiom, Epsilon Demographics Lifestyle Purchase / transaction history Behavior Income Hobbies & Activities Politics Charitable causes 15. CUSTOM & LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES Facebook allows you to upload customer information, which it hashes to create an audience that can be used for narrowly targeted ads. Advertisers who use custom audiences have reported significant increases in fan acquisition, click-through rates and engagement. Lookalike Audiences are users who arent already in your databases, but are similar to those who are. Advertisers using this feature have reported decreases in fan acquisition costs and significant increases in returns on ad spend. 16. BEST PRACTICES If you have a large budget, create and test multiple ads with different creative for different interest groups to see how they perform against each other This helps identify high-return, low-cost groups and eliminate groups that are eating ad spend If your budget is small, group relevant interests together across less ads to create personas to advertise to Still allows you to achieve your goals, but may be difficult to narrow down which targets are performing 17. BEST PRACTICES Do not group multiple ads with different targeting in a single campaign -- you wont get a true performance test The ad platform wont give ads in a single campaign an equal run -- its best to build one campaign, one ad if you are testing different audience groups Experiment with Optimized CPM -- maximizes budgets by allowing you to prioritize spend by: Actions Clicks Reach Social Impressions 18. FBX (RETARGETING ADS) Working with vendors, it is possible to run retargeting ads on Facebook, including on the News Feed and Right Hand Side 19. WEBSITE CUSTOM AUDIENCES Facebook allows for the creation of a custom audience from visitors to your website Install code and Facebook will begin to track and make the audience available for use in the ad platform Good alternative to retargeting ads for small businesses 20. USER RETENTION After you get users to reach your site, reduce your future spending by getting them to connect with you and visit through organic means. Popular tools: Like Button connected to Facebook page Like Box for Facebook page (better for blogs) Modal prompt requesting Like -- aggressive, but effective 21. EXAMPLES 22. EXAMPLES 23. WRAPUP / TAKEAWAYS Facebook is a great platform because it delivers highquality traffic Users are ready to consume and engage with content, and remain longer on site After establishing viable audiences, work to retain them as organic visitors by encouraging them to connect with your social properties Continue to reach them with engaging content and enticing offers Use retargeting or website audiences to advertise to people that visited your site 24. ?


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