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    Labels can be used to print information on various containers or products. These labels can be

    designed and fabricated into different shapes, sizes and colors. A sticker label can be used for

    products, packaging, assets, textiles, mails, and lots more. Sticker label printing has become a

    very lucrative business as each item needs to be labeled with brand or product information.

    Most of the sticker label manufacturing corresponds to return address labels, mailing labels,

    name tags, product labels, business card stickers, etc.

    Printing these products requires a lot of technology, mainly a label printing machine that does

    the needful. Most of them are self adhesive ones that stick on materials such as metals, plastic,

    paper, etc. A self adhesive layer consists of three layers, i.e. a release liner, adhesive layer, and

    the face material. These can be found in shapes such as baroque, rectangle, oval, fancy,

    scallop, hearts, round, heart, etc. Label also design custom ones for clients with certain

    messages to be printed on their items or products.

  • When it comes to printing labels, there are certain factors that need to be considered such as

    the resolution, the durability of the printing material & adhesive as well as the size of these

    stickers. The more complex kind of stickers would be vinyl stickers, die-cut stickers, bumper

    stickers, cut vinyl sticker and so on. As chemical and mechanical technology has advanced,

    sticker printing has transcended to flex stickers these stickers are used for halftone screens,

    embossing/de-embossing, laser prints, custom shapes, numbering, barcodes, etc.

    Screen printed stickers include CMYK process prints, halftone screens, custom die-cut shapes,

    liner prints, etc. Last but not the least digital short run stickers include variable data prints, vinyl

    decals, CMYK magnets, digital short-run sticker finishing, etc.