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<ul><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p>ADVANCED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING </p><p>ACCT 401.NO1 </p><p>SPRING 2017 ONLINE </p><p>Instructor: Jamie Seitz, ABD, CPA </p><p>Physical Office Hours (TR): BE 3018 - Mondays 8-9, 12-1:30, </p><p>Virtual Office:, asynchronous online and by appointment </p><p>Phone: 812-461-5421 </p><p>E-mail: </p><p>COURSE DESCRIPTION </p><p>This course engages in an intensive study of the theory and application of Generally Accepted </p><p>Accounting Principles (GAAP) for specific advanced financial accounting entities, problems, </p><p>and issues. These areas of emphasis include: (1) Consolidated Financial Statements and </p><p>accounting for investments in non-consolidated entities; (2) Foreign currency transactions, </p><p>Hedging exchange risk, and Foreign currency financial statement translation; (3) An </p><p>introduction and overview to some general and specific International Accounting issues in </p><p>reporting; (4) Not-For-Profit Accounting, which includes an overview and specific practice </p><p>issues with various sectors and types firms, especially governmental accounting; The course </p><p>builds upon the foundation established in principles of financial accounting (ACCT 201 &amp; </p><p>ACCT 303/ACCT 304) by covering in greater detail, the topics that are essential to preparing, </p><p>interpreting, using, and understanding financials statements in the areas noted previously in </p><p>accordance with current GAAP. </p><p>PREREQUISITES </p><p>ACCT 304 its prerequisites (CIS 151 or CIS 261, MATH 111, &amp; completion of at least 24 </p><p>semester hours). If you have questions about whether you have met these requirements, please </p><p>see the instructor for an early determination of eligibility to take this course. </p><p>COLLEGE OF BUSINESS SKILL DEVELOPMENT </p><p>To further develop the analytical problem solving skill. </p><p>LEARNING OBJECTIVES </p><p>This course seeks to support student knowledge for careers in public or private accounting, </p><p>finance, not-for-profit, and/or business consulting. More specifically it should: (1) motivate and </p><p>prepare students for their chosen professional field; (2) promote student technical competency in </p><p>the area financial accounting; (3) help students develop and foster life-long financial accounting </p><p>research skills; (4) advance student critical thinking skills and approaches to problem solving; </p><p>and (5) encourage student communication skill development. </p><p>REQUIRED TEXT AND CALCULATOR </p><p>Halsey, Robert F., Hopkins, Patrick E., Advanced Accounting, 3rd Edition, Cambridge Business </p><p>Publishers. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p>myBusinessCourse Access Code (Scratch off box with access code found on page 2 of NEW </p><p>textbook) Use your USI email address to register Do not use any other address </p><p> To access your course, you need to do the following steps: </p><p>1. Visit ttps:// </p><p> 2. Click "Enroll" 3. Create an account or login 4. Enter new book purchase code or select "Purchase Access" </p><p>Basic 4 Function Calculator </p><p>Optional: </p><p>ONLINE TEACHING PHILOSOPHY </p><p>Students who opt for an online course are choosing an independent learning environment which </p><p>does not rely on high levels of interpersonal interaction to facilitate learning. Students are </p><p>encouraged to communicate with the instructor and with one another as often as possible. </p><p>However, real time, directed feedback will often not be available due to the asynchronous nature </p><p>of the course. </p><p>To be successful, online students will need to read all assigned materials, complete assigned </p><p>homework and quizzes, and diligently prepare for exams. Late work will not be accepted and </p><p>make up exams are not available. Students should be mindful of the due dates and times for all </p><p>assigned work. </p><p>Students are expected to communicate with one another and the instructor in a professional </p><p>manner. This includes proper use of formal titles and following all norms of business </p><p>communication. The instructor reserves the right to penalize, ignore, or correct students who fail </p><p>to meet these standards. </p><p>ACADEMIC DISHONESTY </p><p>Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form and will result in a grade of 0" for </p><p>the examination or assignment and a failing grade in the course. The instructor may also </p><p>pursue the option of starting proceedings to have a student expelled from the University for </p><p>academic dishonesty. Please see </p><p>AMERICANS WITH DISABILITITES ACT COMPLIANCE </p><p>If you have a disability for which you may require academic accommodations for this class, </p><p>please contact Disability Resources at 812-464-1961 or email Ronda Stone at as </p><p>soon as possible. Students who are approved for accommodations by Disability Resources </p><p>should request their accommodation letter be sent to their online instructors. Due to the nature of </p><p>online courses some accommodations approved for on campus courses may not apply. Please </p><p>discuss this with Disability Resources to clarify as needed. Students who receive an </p><p>accommodation letter from Disability Resources are encouraged to discuss the provisions of </p><p>those accommodations with their professors before or during the first week of the semester. If </p><p>you will be in an internship, field, clinical, student teaching, or other off-campus setting this </p><p>semester please note that approved academic accommodations may not apply. Please contact </p><p>Disability Resources as soon as possible to discuss accommodations needed for access while in </p><p></p></li><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p>this setting. For more information, please visit the Disability Resources website </p><p>at </p><p>Title IX Sexual Misconduct </p><p>USI does not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and all forms of </p><p>sexual violence. If you have experienced sexual misconduct, or know someone who has, the </p><p>University can help. It is important to know that federal regulations and University policy </p><p>require faculty to promptly report incidences of potential sexual misconduct known to them to </p><p>the Title IX Coordinator to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and resources are made </p><p>available. The University will work with you to protect your privacy by sharing information with </p><p>only those who need to know to ensure we can respond and assist. If you are seeking help and </p><p>would like to speak to someone confidentially, you can make an appointment with a counselor in </p><p>the University Counseling Center. Find more information about sexual violence, including </p><p>campus and community resources at </p><p>SYLLABUS POLICY CHANGE </p><p>This syllabus may be subject to change with reasonable advanced notice. </p><p>AVAILABLE SUPPORT SERVICES </p><p>The University has a number of support services which are available for students. The </p><p>Counseling Center located in the University Division provides counseling services for students </p><p>with learning, physical or other disabilities. Please contact the Counseling Center to learn more </p><p>about this service. Academic Skills provides tutoring for many lower level courses. Contact the </p><p>Academic Skills office to determine the courses and hours of tutoring services. </p><p>ACCESSING THE COURSE WEBSITE </p><p>This course is presented via the University of Southern Indianas Blackboard course </p><p>management system. </p><p>You should create a shortcut (link or favorite) in your browser that will take you directly to the </p><p>Blackboard login site: </p><p>Then, </p><p>1. Log in using your myUSI Portal user name and password. 2. In the My Courses box, choose Acct 401, Summer 3, 2013 3. Review all the course content that is available through the Bb course site. </p><p>Note that you must be registered for this course to be allowed access to the course materials. </p><p>Also note that it may take 24-48 hours for Blackboard to be updated with the latest enrollment </p><p>data from the Registrars Office. Therefore, if you have just added the course and are denied </p><p>access, try again in 24-48 hours. </p><p>CLASS PROCEDURES </p><p>The material for this class has been divided into chapters. The inherent structure of an </p><p>electronic platform class makes your individual study and preparation extremely important. The </p><p>assigned material will focus on the major points introduced in the text. Reading the assigned </p><p>chapters will greatly improve your understanding of the content. While reading, you should take </p><p>notes. In preparation for the exam, you should study your notes and complete the discussion </p><p></p></li><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p>questions from the end of chapter. </p><p>For each chapter, I recommend that students use this flow of information: </p><p>1. Read the chapter and take notes 2. Watch the Panopto and/or Educreations video recordings 3. Complete the chapter homework </p><p>For exam preparation, I recommend that students: </p><p>1. Read all chapters in the Unit and take notes 2. Refresh on the material using the posted PowerPoint presentations 3. Test yourself </p><p>a. Open your text to the list of learning objectives at the beginning of the chapter. b. For each learning objective, attempt to write out complete answers from memory </p><p>(without notes!!). </p><p>c. Compare your answers with your study materials. d. Continue studying sections in which you are not fully prepared. e. Repeat until you truly know the material. </p><p>EMAIL AND COURSE ANNOUNCEMENTS </p><p>All email contact will take place through the university email system using your myUSI email </p><p>account. Students are expected to have an up-to-date myUSI account and to regularly check their </p><p>email accounts. If youre experiencing issues with your myUSI account, you may view myUSI </p><p>FAQ ( </p><p>Updates for this course may be delivered to your student email account or posted in the </p><p>announcement section of Bb. Every effort is made to keep the class informed on an ongoing </p><p>basis, so check the course site frequently to see if there are any current announcements! </p><p>Get in the habit of visiting the course site and checking your e-mail daily! </p><p>HELP RESOURCES </p><p>The University of Southern Indiana, not the Romain College of Business, supports the </p><p>Blackboard system. If you need help using Blackboard, you may: </p><p>1. Use the tutorials on the main e-Learning webpage. </p><p>2. Contact the USI Computing Help Desk at 812-465-1080, or in person at Forum Wing </p><p>(FA) 41, or go to their Webpage at </p><p></p></li><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p>LEARNING AND INSTRUCTION </p><p>Students are expected to read all assigned materials as the basis of learning in this course. </p><p>Assigned homework, quizzes, and cases are designed to reinforce students understanding of the </p><p>academic content. </p><p>GRADES </p><p>Exams 50% 90 - 100% A </p><p> 80 - 89% B </p><p> 70 - 79% C </p><p>HW/Blogs 50% 60 - 69% D </p><p>Total 100% Below 60% F </p><p>***I DO NOT ROUND GRADES! THERORE, IF YOU EARN A 79.99% YOU WILL </p><p>EARN A C+ AS YOUR FINAL GRADE. </p><p> The instructor reserves the right to issue assignments and quizzes throughout the course without notice. This may result in an alteration of the total points possible for the course. </p><p>Additionally, the professor reserves the right to administer this online class differently from </p><p>the traditional classroom setting. As such, do not be concerned if your </p><p>assignments/homework do not match the traditional classroom requirements. </p><p> The instructor reserves the right to assign additional work and/or make students exempt from assignments on an individual basis. This may result in an alteration of the total points </p><p>possible for the course for one or more students differentially from the rest of the class. </p><p> The instructor reserves the right to offer or not to offer extra credit on student-by-student basis. If offered at the instructors discretion, a student is NOT eligible if he/she has not </p><p>completed ALL assignments on time for the whole semester. </p><p>CAREER ADVISING </p><p>Career advising is available through your academic advisor or any accounting professor. Please </p><p>take advantage of this opportunity to discuss the career paths open to accounting graduates and </p><p>to ask relevant questions. </p></li><li><p>Last updated 12.27.2016 </p><p> DATE </p><p> READING and VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS </p><p>Module 1: Jan </p><p>10-Feb 9 </p><p> Test 1 </p><p>(Chapters 1-</p><p>4) Feb 9 </p><p>Please also </p><p>utilize the </p><p>videos and </p><p>examples on </p><p>the </p><p>MyBusiness</p><p>Course </p><p>website for </p><p>each </p><p>chapter. </p><p>Introduction </p><p>Read Chapter 1 Equity Method of Accounting for Investments </p><p>Video 1: </p><p> Video 2: </p><p>Video 3: </p><p>Video 4: </p><p>Video 5 Educreations Example:</p><p>investments/4104845/?s=XnWpVX&amp;ref=appemail </p><p>Read Chapter 2 Equity Method Consolidation (@ date of acquisition) </p><p> Video 6 (Current) Halsey Text (CE of CEADI): </p><p>NO VIDEO 7-9 </p><p>Read Chapter 3 Equity Method Consolidation (subsequent to acquisition) </p><p>Video 10 (Current) Halsey Text (CEADI): </p><p>Read Chapter 4 Equity Method Consolidations with Intercompany Transactions </p><p>Video 11 (Current) Halsey Text (CEADI): </p><p>Module 2: Feb </p><p>10- March 2 </p><p>Test 2 </p><p>(Chapters 5, </p><p>6) March 2 </p><p>Please also </p><p>utilize the </p><p>videos and </p><p>examples on </p><p>the </p><p>MyBusiness</p><p>Course </p><p>website for </p><p>each </p><p>chapter. </p><p>Read Chapter 5 Equity Method Consolidations with Non-Controlling Interests </p><p>Video 12 (Current) Halsey Text (CEADI): </p><p></p><p>e6d3-45d7-bba3-fe7bd0e0f2f9 </p><p>Read Chapter 6 Variable Interest Entities </p><p>Video 13: </p><p></p><p>dc1a-46a3-aaf1-578100ff9c51 </p><p> DATE </p><p> READING and VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS </p><p>;ref=appemail</p></li></ul>


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