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  1. 1. Advanced blogging Christine wells
  2. 2. Learning intentions Gathering To identify features that make a blog scannable and visually appealing. List ideas to use with students. Processing To select and make sense of the features that would add visual appeal to your own blog.
  3. 3. Student Examples Lucy: Alex:
  4. 4. What made their blogs visually appealing? Scannable - bold, italics, bullet points, numbers Visually appealing and interactive - photos, embedded presentations and YouTube clips Categories - easy to nd subject work
  5. 5. Ultranet Resources
  6. 6. Plan for the day 9:30- Pimp my blog 11am - Interval 11:25am - Brainstorm ideas to use with students - Continue pimping blog or creating a resource to use with students 1:25pm - lunch 2:15pm - continue pimping or creating 2:45pm - show and tell
  7. 7. Success criteria Applying By the end of the day you will be able to: Make your blog scannable Embed slideshows and YouTube clips Add photos Optional: Create a resource to use with students