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Adult Sunday School Leadership Meeting. August 19, 2012 Location: Parlor FBC Round Rock. If you are a department/class leader and have not picked up a packet, please see Sheri at the table for your packet of information. Welcome. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Adult Sunday School Leadership MeetingAdult Sunday School Leadership MeetingAugust 19, 2012Location: ParlorFBC Round RockIf you are a department/class leader and have not picked up a packet, please see Sheri at the table for your packet of information.WelcomePlease feel free to sit together as a team and talk about the sheets in the packet.Review your class directory.Look over your classes individual attendance. Think in terms of patterns.Look over your prospect list. Does this look right?Feel free to make notes and corrections.We will start soonClass Record ReviewClass DirectoryYou will receive a new class directory print out each time we meet.You are our best source of shared information.If you know something is not correct please make note of it and let Sheri know.Class Record ReviewIndividual Attendance SummaryLooking for patternsEvery other week might tell us?Three present, one absent might tell us?Seek to understand the patternsM.I.S.S.(Missing In Sunday School)Three absences in a row.Six absences in a row..Nine absences in a row.Class Record ReviewProspectsRepresent opportunity for new relationshipsRepresent opportunity for growthNeed regular contactMTVAdult Sunday School HealthRather than a lot of paper and numbers lets focus on six basic statics each time we meet.Increased enrollment in Sunday SchoolIncreased ratio of Attendance to EnrollmentIncreased number of leadersIncreased number of co-leadersIncreased number of active class leadersIncreased number of unitsAdult Sunday School HealthEnrollmentCurrent Quarter 793?Last Quarters Health Factor (+ or -)Adult Sunday School HealthAttendance to Enrollment RatioCurrent Quarter Last Quarters Health Factor (+ or -)Adult Sunday School HealthLeaders (Directors & Teacher)Current Quarter 47Last Quarters Health Factor (+ or -)Adult Sunday School HealthClass Leaders (Subs, Outreach, Sect.)Current Quarter Last Quarters Health Factor (+ or -)Adult Sunday School HealthAdult UnitsCurrent Quarter 30 (32)Last Quarters Health Factor (+ or -)Training FeatureLarrys Rules of ThumbsEducation of LarryRules about Larrys Rules of ThumbRules of Thumb are general guideline not hard and fast ruleRules of Thumb always have an exceptionRules of Thumb should change if we learn a better wayRules of Thumb should make it easier, smoother, or betterLarrys Rules of ThumbGods Purpose, Gods plan, Gods people, Gods stuff is the right orderRecords matter because people matter. If you know how to contact them you can minister to them more than once.Every leader should be training there replacementEvery leader should have at least two subsEducation of LarryHelp me understandCould the current attendance system be improved? If so, how?Do you feel the current prospect system is effective for your class? Yes or No and why?A Thought on the notebooksNewsletter eachmonthOne Line Roll SheetEach weekSample PageClass ProspectsInformationOn yellow paperSample PageNew MemberGuestTransferSample PageClass DirectorySample PageQ/A/E


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