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Hi My Name is Declan I am 18 years and i am an adult baby


<ul><li> 1. How I Became a BabyFull Story </li> <li> 2. Hi My Name is Declan I am 18 years old. I am an adult baby. I have been an adult baby for5 years. I love being a baby. The Reason I am a baby. Is. That I wanted to go back to thetime when I was 1 or 2 years of age. The reason I am a baby is. That I want to get loved andI want to get lots of hugs and kisses. And be treated as a baby. I am a baby nearly 24 hoursa day. I have a nursery. My nursery is winnie the pooh. I love winnie the pooh and loads ofother cartoons. Like Thomas the tank engine ,barny the dinsonour and much more. I amgoing to tell you about the things that I have and why I have them. I have a Dummy Ilove my dummy. The reason I use a dummy is because. Its a comfort thing. The dummycomforts me and relaxes me. I suck a dummy all the time Duran the day and when I go tobed. I dont sleep in a double bed or a kids single bed. I am going to tell you what I sleepin a night and why. I sleep in a cot. My cot is also winnie the pooh. Over my cot I have amusical mobile. I am going to tell you the reason why I sleep in a cot . The reason is. I wantto be put to bed like a baby. And mobile going round. the mobile gets me to sleep I lovethe cot and I love the mobile. Duran the day when I take my nap. I lay in the cot and stairat the mobile. And watch it go round until I fall asleep I have loads more things . likeNappies , Bottles, Baby cloths, onsies, footed sleepers Bibs, and a high chair. I even havea pushchair and a Car seat. And baby rains. The nappies I use are Pampers . My Dreamwould be to have someone to look after me . Someone to feed me my dinner in myhighchair. Somebody to wheel me round in my pushchair . I just want to be treat as ababy and be loved and cuddled. I Love being a baby . I am never going to stop doing thisnever. </li> <li> 3. IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY ADULT BABYNANNYS OUT THERE. PLEASE LET MEKNOW. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS THATYOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD PLEASE FEELFREE ADD COMMENTS I dont have manyfriends if you are interested and what toknow more about me. Add me on gtalk.Please I just want friends. </li> </ul>