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<p>New Adult Fiction for August 2009AUTHOR TITLE</p> <p>Adair, Cherry, 1951Adair, Cherry, 1951Adams, Jessica. Akpan, Uwem. Alexander, Tamera. Amber, Elizabeth. Amber, Elizabeth. Amber, Elizabeth. Amber, Elizabeth. Anderson, Kevin J., 1962Anderson, Sheryl J., Armstrong, Kelley. Ashley, Anne. Asimov, Isaac, 1920Baker, Deb, 1953Balzo, Sandra. Barrett, Robert G. Bass, Jefferson. Battis, Jes, 1979Beaton, M. C. Beaton, M. C. Bennett, Vanora, 1962Berenson, Alex. Berry, Jedediah. Berwin, Margot. Binchy, Maeve. Black, Tony. Bowen, Elizabeth, 1899Boyden, Joseph, 1966Boyne, John, 1971Braun, Jackie. Brennert, Alan. Brokaw, Charles. Brooks, Terry. Burke, James Lee, 1936Busfield, Andrea. Byrd, Nicole. Byrne, Trevor. Caldwell, Laura. Caldwell, Laura. Callahan, Tess. Campbell, Alan, 1971Campbell, Bonnie Jo, Cast, P. C. Cather, Willa, 1873-1947. Cavanaugh, Jack, 1952Charles, Kate. Chidley, Elise. Child, Maureen. Christie, Agatha, 1890Chute, Carolyn.</p> <p>Edge of danger : a novel Edge of darkness : a novel Vintage Alice Say you're one of them Beyond this moment Dominic Lyon : the Lords of Satyr Nicholas Raine The edge of the world Killer riff Men of the otherworld The transformation of Miss Ashworth The robots of dawn Dolly departed Brewed, crude and tattooed : a Maggy Thorsen mystery High noon in Nimbin Bones of betrayal Night child Death of a cad. Death of a glutton. Blood royal The ghost war The manual of detection Hot house flower The copper beech Paying for it The heat of the day Through black spruce The house of special purpose Boardroom baby surprise Honolulu The Atlantis code The voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy Rain gods Born under a million shadows Enticing the Earl Ghosts &amp; lightning Red blooded murder Red hot lies April &amp; Oliver God of clocks American salvage : stories Goddess of spring Collected stories Tartarus Deep waters The wrong sort of wife? Seduced into a paper marriage 1940s omnibus The school on Heart's Content Road</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Clark, Mary Jane Clay, Dempsey. Cole, Meredith. Colter, Cara. Connolly, John, 1968Cornwell, Bernard. Cottam, Francis, 1957Creighton, Kathleen. Crusie, Jennifer. Cussler, Clive. Davidson, Diane Mott. Davidson, MaryJanice. Davis, Jackson, 1937Davis, Jane. Dees, Cindy. Dickson, Helen. Disher, Garry. Douglas, Michelle. Drake, John, 1944Duff, Alan, 1950Dugoni, Robert. Elgin, Elizabeth Enoch, Suzanne. Feehan, Christine. Ferrarella, Marie. Ferris, Monica. Ferris, Monica. Fforde, Katie. Fitten, Marc. Fletcher, Donna. Forester, C. S. (Cecil Fowler, Dorothy. Frank, Dorothea Benton. Fuerst, James. Furey, Maggie. Galpin, Jeanette. Gardiner, Meg. Gear, Kathleen O'Neal. Gemmell, Nikki. Gericke, Shane. Gibson, Rachel. Gilman, Laura Anne. Givens, Kathleen, 1950Givens, Kathleen, 1950Gleason, Colleen. Gleason, Colleen. Gleason, Colleen. Gordon, Abigail. Gordon, Lucy. Grady, Robyn. Green, Jane, 1968Green, Jane, 1968Hagberg, David Hage, Rawi.</p> <p>Dying for mercy Die this day Posed for murder Miss Maple and the playboy The lovers Sharpe's fortress : Richard Sharpe and the Siege of Gawilghur, The house of lost souls Kincaid's dangerous game Strange bedpersons Medusa : a novel from the NUMA files Fatally flaky Undead and unwelcome Anderson's war Half-truths &amp; white lies The 9-month bodyguard Mistress below deck Blood Moon Bachelor dad on her doorstep Flint and Silver Who sings for Lu? Wrongful death The willow pool An invitation to sin Hidden currents Loving the right brother Cutwork Hanging by a thread Love letters Valeria's last stand The angel and the Highlander The young Hornblower omnibus What remains behind Return to Sullivans Island Huge Heritage of the Xandim Aroha and the river : and other stories The memory collector People of the owl : a novel of prehistoric North America The book of rapture Cut to the bone True love and other disasters Staying dead Kilgannon The wild rose of Kilgannon As shadows fade The bleeding dusk The rest falls away A summer wedding at Willowmere Veretti's dark vengeance Bedded by blackmail Dune Road Girl Friday The expediter Cockroach</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Hardy, Kristin. Harris, Charlaine. Harris, Lynn Raye. Harris, Rosemary. Havens, Candace, 1963Heidke, Lisa. Heller, Joseph. Herbert, Brian. Heyer, Georgette, 1902Hill, Suzette A. Hillerman, Tony Hillerman, Tony. Hillerman, Tony. Hillerman, Tony. Hillerman, Tony. Hillerman, Tony. Hillerman, Tony. Hobb, Robin. Hockensmith, Steve. Holmqvist, Ninni, 1958Howard, Audrey. Howard, Linda, 1950Howe, Katherine. Howell, Dorothy (Dorothy Hughes, Mary Ellen, Hutchins, J. C., 1975Iles, Greg. Jackson, Lisa. Jacobs, Anna. James, Peter, 1948James, Tania. Jarman, Heather. Jodorowsky, Alexandro. Johansen, Iris. Jordan, Penny. Jordan, Sophie. Kane, Ben. Kelly, Sheelagh. Kelner, Toni L. P. Kemp, Paul S. Kernick, Simon. Kimberly, Alice. Kincaid, Jamaica. Kingsbury, Karen. Kinsella, Sophie. Kittle, Katrina Kleypas, Lisa. Konrath, Joe, 1970Kurland, Lynn. Lake, Jay. Lawrence, Kim. Leigh, Lora. Lennox, Marion. Leon, Donna.</p> <p>A fortune wedding Poppy done to death Spanish magnate, red-hot revenge The big dirt nap : a dirty business mystery Dragons prefer blondes Lucy Springer gets even Catch-22 The winds of Dune Venetia Bone idle : the case of the vicar and the prancing pig Coyote waits A thief of time : a novel Dance hall of the dead People of darkness Sacred clowns Talking God The shape shifter Dragon keeper The black dove The unit The flight of swallows Burn : a novel The lost book of Salem Handbags and homicide Wreath of deception Personal effects : dark art The devil's punchbowl Deep freeze Farewell to Lancashire Dead tomorrow Atlas of unknowns Evolution Borgia : blood for the pope Storm cycle The Sicilian's baby bargain Sins of a wicked duke The silver eagle A complicated woman Curse of the kissing cousins Twilight falling Target The ghost and the femme fatale Annie John Take two Twenties girl : a novel Traveling light A wallflower Christmas Cherry bomb A dance through time Green Mistress : pregnant by the Spanish billionaire Nauti nights A special kind of family A noble radiance</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Leon, Donna. Acqua alta Lescroart, John T. A plague of secrets : a novel Levy, Andrea Never far from nowhere Lewis, Beverly, 1949The longing Lewis, Beverly, 1949The secret Lewycka, Marina, 1946- We are all made of glue Lindsey, Johanna. So speaks the heart Liparulo, Robert. Comes a horseman : a novel Lippman, Laura, 1959Life sentences Lofty, Carrie. What a scoundrel wants London, Cait. For her eyes only Lord, Gabrielle Spiking the girl Lorrimer, Claire. Dead reckoning Lowe, Fiona. Miracle--twin babies Lynn, Janice. The playboy doctor claims his bride Mackenzie, Myrna. Hired--Cinderella chef Madoc, Gwen. Keeping secrets Maffini, Mary Jane. Death loves a messy desk Maffini, Mary Jane. Organize your corpses Maitland, Barry. Dark mirror Major, Ann. The bride hunter Mann, William J. Object of desire Mantel, Hilary, 1952Wolf Hall Marinelli, Carol. Blackmailed into the Greek tycoon's bed Marinelli, Carol. Emergency: wife lost and found Marshall, Michael, 1965 Bad things Martin, Clancy. How to sell Martin, George R. R. A feast for crows Martini, Steve, 1946Guardian of lies Masterson, Walt. Left-hand gun McCall Smith, Alexander, Corduroy mansions McCall Smith, Alexander, Tea time for the traditionally built McDonald, Ian, 1960Cyberabad days McIntosh, Fiona, 1960Bye bye baby McMahon, Barbara. Greek boss, dream proposal Brute force McNab, Andy. McNeill, Graham, 1971- Courage and honour McNeill, Graham, 1971- The killing ground Micklem, Sarah, 1955Wildfire Milburne, Melanie. Bound by the Marcolini diamonds Moffat, G. J. Daisychain Moore, Terry, 1929Strangers in paradise [graphic novel] : pocket book collection. 2 Moore, Terry, 1954Strangers in paradise [graphic novel] : pocket book collection. 5 Moore, Terry, 1954Strangers in paradise. Pocket book 6 [graphic novel] Morey, Trish. The ruthless Greek's virgin princess Morrell, David. The shimmer Mortimer, Carole. The rake's wicked proposal Moser, Nancy. A place to belong Norman, Hilary. Shimmer Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- My sister, my love : the intimate story of Skylar Rampike Odom, Mel Boneslicer : the quest for the trilogy Odom, Mel. Seaspray : the quest for the trilogy Odom, Mel. The quest for the trilogy : a rover novel of three adventures Oldfield, Pamela. Truth will out</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Orford, Margie. Like clockwork Oyeyemi, Helen. White is for witching Palmer, Alex, 1952The tattooed man Parker, Robert B., 1932- Stranger in paradise Parkin, Gaile. Baking cakes in Kigali Parrish, Robin. Offworld Pasha, Kamran. Mother of the believers : a novel of the birth of Islam Peterson, Tracie. A dream to call my own Porter, Alan C., 1959The guns of Caleb Jones Powell, Nate. Swallow me whole Price, Richard Lush life Ranney, Karen. A Scotsman in love Reinke, Sara. Dark hunger Richardson, Kat. Underground Rimmer, Christine. A Bravo's honour Ringo, John, 1963Eye of the storm Robards, Karen. Pursuit Roberts, Alison, 1956Hot-shot surgeon, Cinderella bride Roberts, Nora. Black Hills Roberts, Nora. Divine evil Robertson, Denise. The winds of war Rollins, James, 1961The doomsday key Ruiz Zafn, Carlos, 1964- The angel's game Russo, Richard, 1949That old cape magic Salvatore, R. A. Author The Pirate King: Transitions, Book II Sands, Lynsay. Vampires are forever Sansom, Ian. Mr Dixon disappears Scanlan, Patricia. City woman Scanlan, Patricia. Francesca's party Schenkel, Andrea Maria. The murder farm Scott, Amanda, 1944Border moonlight See, Lisa. Shanghai girls : a novel Sefton, Maggie. Dyer consequences Shakur, Sanyika, 1964- T.h.u.g. l.i.f.e. : a novel Shaw, Ali. The girl with glass feet Shaw, Chantelle. Argentinian playboy, unexpected love-child Sheehan, James, 1949- The law of second chances Showalter, Gena. Seduce the darkness Siddons, Anne Rivers. Off season Silver, Eve. His dark kiss Silvey, Craig, 1982Jasper Jones : a novel Singer, Randy (Randy D.) By reason of insanity Singh, Nalini, 1977Angels' blood Slaughter, Karin, 1971Undone Smalley, Peter. The gathering storm Smedman, Lisa. Ascendancy of the last Stock, Jon. Dead spy running Stranger, Joyce. The go-between Stross, Charles. Wireless Sullivan, Maxine. Valente's baby Thoene, Bodie, 1951Eighth shepherd Thoene, Bodie, 1951Ninth witness Toro, Guillermo del, 1964- The strain Turtledove, Harry. Hitler's war : the war that came early</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa. Vargas, Fred. Walbert, Kate, 1961Walley, Chris. Way, Margaret. Weber, David, 1952Welsh, Irvine. West, Annie. Westlake, Donald E. Wilkinson, Lee. Williams, Conrad. Williams, Liz, 1965Williams, Walter Jon. Wilson, Eric (Eric P.) Wilson, F. Paul (Francis Wilson, Peter. Wood, Brian, 1972-</p> <p>Dirty girls on top The chalk circle man A short history of women : a novel The infinite day Cattle baron--nanny needed By heresies distressed Reheated cabbage : tales of chemical degeneration The Savakis mistress Get real Captive in the millionaire's castle The concert pianist The shadow pavilion This is not a game Field of blood Aftershock &amp; others : 19 oddities Guns of virtue Demo Bite Death or glory [graphic novel] : 12 of the best Battle Picture Library Earthless trees : short stories by young refugees in New Zealand Here Kitty, Kitty. Hot spell Real men last all night : four novellas of super-hot romance Sorrow Wood. Strange brew The new space opera The new space opera. 2</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>New Non Fiction for August 2009AUTHOR TITLE</p> <p>Boutenko, Victoria. Willoughby, Alison. Parker, Alex.</p> <p>12 steps to raw foods : how to end your dependency on cooked food 49 1/2 skirts 500 ice creams &amp; sorbets 500 Tattoo Designs. Hopkins, Kate. 99 drams of whiskey : the accidental hedonist's quest for the perfect Scott, Selina. A long walk in the high hills : the story of a house, a dog and a Spanish Walthew, Ian. A place in my country : in search of a rural dream Creed, Liam. A puppy called Aero : how a labrador saved a boy with ADHD Clare, Horatio, 1973A single swallow : following an epic journey from South Africa to South Nehring, Cristina. A vindication of love : reclaiming romance for the 21st century Crudge, Mike, 1974Abel Tasman Coastal Track : the best bit of New Zealand Harvey, Steve, 1956Act like a lady, think like a man : what men really think about love, Mandel, Debbie Addicted to stress : a woman's 7-step program to reclaim joy and Ai Weiwei Mitchel, Doug. Airbrushing 101 Alaga'upu fa'a Samoa = Samoan proverbial expressions Clifton-Mogg, Caroline. All in the detail : over 400 finishing touches that make a house a home Scott, Denise Margaret, All that happened at number 26 Kinzer, Stephen. All the Shah's men : an American coup and the roots of Middle East Carr, Allen, 1934-2006. Allen Carr's illustrated easy way for women to stop smoking : a liberating Nesbit, Roy Conyers. An illustrated history of the RAF : Battle of Britain 50th anniversary Herrera, Gabriel Alonso Ancient agriculture : roots and application of sustainable farming Malin, David. Ancient light : a portrait of the universe Gopnik, Adam. Angels and ages : a short book about Lincoln, Darwin, and modern life Endt-Ferwerda, Anne Endt's legacy Malouf, Greg. Arabesque : modern Middle Eastern food Art Dco Schmuck und Accessoires : ein neuer Stil fr eine neue Welt Killick, David. At home : a guide to creating your perfect home Rapley, Gill. Baby-led weaning : helping your baby to love good food Davison, Sean, 1963Before we say goodbye Being human : enigmatic images of people by unknown photographers Hensley, G. C. (Gerald Beyond the battlefield : New Zealand and its allies 1939-45 Freedman, Seth. Binge trading : the real inside story of cash, cocaine and corruption in Birds, beasts and a bike under the Southern Cross Stirling, David. Morgan, Helen. Blue Mauritius : the hunt for the world's most valuable stamps Worth, Jennifer, 1935Call the midwife : a true story of the East End in the 1950s Peart, Raewyn. Castles in the sand : what's happening to the New Zealand coast? Little, John, 1942Catherine's gift : inside the world of Dr Catherine Hamlin Hyde, Marina. Celebrity : how entertainers took over the world and why we need an exit Central Australia. : [Adelaide to Darwin] Gleick, James. Chaos : making a new science Karr, Mary. Cherry : a memoir Christian Art and Imagery. Kramer, Clara. Clara's war Winslow, Valerie L. Classic human anatomy : the artist's guide to form, function, and Curnutt, Kirk, 1964Coffee with Hemingway Colombia Clouder, Christopher. Creative play for your toddler : Steiner expertise and toy projects for 2Stephenson, Jon. Crevasse roulette : the first trans-Antarctic crossing, 1957-58 Michael, Ursula. Cross stitch by the sea Castrission, James, 1982- Crossing the ditch : two mates, a kayak, and the conquest of the</p> <p>Last Updated August 2009</p> <p>Cut : the true story of an abandoned, abused little girl who was Cycle racing : how to train, race and win gold : track racing, r...</p>