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How to adopt a shelf in the Knowles Elementary Library


  • 1. Adopt-A-ShelfKnowles Elementary2014-2015

2. What is Adopt-A-Shelf? A way for you to take responsibility in your schoollibrary A way for you to earn credit to shop at the book fair A way for you to discover and share books you mighthave never noticed before 3. Who can participate? 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade studentsYou are not required to participate, but Mrs. Sharp willappreciate the help of those who give it! 4. How Adopt-A-Shelf Works You will choose a shelf to adopt in the sectionassigned by Mrs. Sharp The shelf will be labeled with your name You will maintain that shelf on library days, or atother times when you have permission (beforeschool when the library opens) 5. How do I maintain my shelf? Make sure all books are pulled to the front evenly,all spines are facing out, and all call numbers areat the bottom Check the reshelving carts for books that belongon your shelf and properly shelve them Neatly display recommended books on your shelffor other students in the school 6. When can I maintain my shelf? Before school starts from 7:20 am- 7:45 am (ifyou dont need to eat breakfast) First 15-20 minutes of library time, after yourefinished getting new library books 7. Shelf of the Week Award Each week, Mrs. Sharpwill choose one shelffrom each section to beShelf of the Week Those shelf adopterswill receive a BookFair Buck!Shelf of the Week! 8. How can I win? Keep your shelf neat Make sure all books on your shelf belong there If not, return them to the proper shelf or placethem on the book cart Regularly check the reshelving carts for booksthat live on your shelf and put them away neatly 9. Adopt-A-Shelf Rules1. Shelves may only be maintained at appropriate times. Before school between 7:20 am and 7:45 am (if you do notneed to eat breakfast) During library class with permission1. Maintain your shelf and your shelf only.2. Do not purposely make a mess on someone elses shelf. If you are caught doing this, your shelf will automatically bedisqualified that week and you will lose any Book Fair Buckspreviously earned. 10. Everybody Shelves 3rd Grade Books are shelved accordingto the first 3 letters of theauthors last name Use the white labels on theshelves to help you Look closely at the shelves-booksmight be out of orderThe E stands forEverybody. Thistells me the bookbelongs in theEverybody (orpicture book)section.DON is the first 3letters of theauthors last name.This tells me thebook belongs on theDEA-DOR shelf inalphabetical order. 11. Everybody Shelf QuizWhich shelf would win Shelf of the Week?Neat shelf! All books pulled to front, all on thecorrect shelf!Messy shelf! Books upside down and thrown ontop of the other books. 12. Chapter Book Shelves 4th GradeBooks are shelved according tothe first 3 letters of the authorslast nameThese books have FIC at thetop of their call numberLook closely at the shelves-booksmight be out of orderThe letters FIC tell us these are chapter books.The FIC stands forFiction. This tells methe book belongs inthe Fiction (orchapter book)section.HAD is the first 3letters of theauthors last name.This tells me thebook belongs on theH shelf inalphabetical order. 13. Chapter Book Shelf QuizWhats wrong with this shelf?Books leaning overBooks past bookendBook thrown on shelfBook lying downSpine facing inSpine facing inBook needs repair 14. Nonfiction Shelves 5th GradeThe hardest job but you cando it!Books are shelved according tothe call number, in numberorder.Stickers will also have the first3 letters of the authors lastname, but we shelve accordingto the number first, then theauthors name if needed.The books DeweyDecimal number. Thistells us which shelf itbelongs on.The last 3 letters of theauthors last name. Weuse this if there arebooks with the samenumbers (like 636.7for dog books) 15. To practice: Go the LibGuide and click on Library Games & Resources In the green box called Library Skills Games &Activities, click on Shelve It On the website Mrs. Lodges Library, click on Shelver atthe top Choose either Fiction or Dewey! 16. What else do I need to know? Mrs. Sharp will keep a record of the best shelves each week. The 3 people with the most weekly shelf awards will receive 10extra Book Fair Bucks! You can spend your Book Fair Bucks on any book fair item! If youhave 3 Book Fair Bucks, you would get $3 off your total. 17. Questions?Write them down on a sticky note and leave it forMrs. Sharp! Then write your name down in thenotebook to sign up and which shelf youd like!Participants will be chosen by your next libraryday- 6 students per library group.


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