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<ol><li> 1. ADOPT A JSR FOR JAVA EE 8 &amp; MOROCCOJUG 2015 ROADMAP </li><li> 2. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS </li><li> 3. ACRONYM SOUP JUG - Java User Group JSR - Java Specication Request JCP - Java Community Process RI - Reference Implementation TCK - Technology Compatibility Kit </li><li> 4. THE JAVA COMMUNITY PROCESS </li><li> 5. THE JAVA COMMUNITY PROCESS Java specications (JSRs) are developed collaboratively through an open and formal process. All interested members of the Java Community may participate. Oracles competitors are active participants: IBM, HP, and RedHat to name a few. The Open Source and developer communities are also represented. The Eclipse Foundation, Java User Groups. </li><li> 6. WHAT ISTHE ADOPT A JSR PROGRAM? See for full details A JUG lead initiative to improve standards in the Java ecosystem Groups of JUG members work on Java Specication Requests </li><li> 7. WHY SHOULDTHE JUGS GET INVOLVED? - 1 To move the entire Java ecosystem forward To become part of the solution as opposed to staying silent Help dene the future To be at the forefront of new technology To make sure the useful libraries and APIs get built To boost the careers of JUG members Gain new technical and community skills and much more! </li><li> 8. WHY SHOULDTHE JUGS GET INVOLVED? - 2 To demystify the JCP and the standards process Get day to day developers knowledgable about the process To acquire new knowledge Gain valuable technical skills Learn a brand new part of the Java ecosystem To gain competitive advantage Be the early experts in a new standard Gain more members Helps build long lasting activities for the JUG Turns passive members into active ones! </li><li> 9. HOW DOES IT HELPTHE STANDARDS? Standards get earlier feedback Leading to more developer friendly APIs Standards get 'end user/developer' expert input Standards get developed more quickly, JUGs can help build Reference Implementations (RI) Technical Compatibility Kits (TCK) JUGs can also help with management of the JSR Triaging issues Testing + more! </li><li> 10. THE JSR DEVELOPMENT CYCLE </li><li> 11. STEPSTOTAKE AFTER JOINING Find fellow members in your JUG to work with A particular JSR might already have members in your JUG working on it Double check the matrix at Join the relevant JSR mailing list The next few slides have suggested ideas Dont forget to have fun! </li><li> 12. STARTER LEVELSTO GET INVOLVED AT - 1 Test the early RI builds Use them to nd pain points (Its just too laborious to construct X) Report bugs Help triage issues Reproduce issues Erase/merge duplicates Set priorities/categories etc Give feedback on design Discuss issues with your JUG and deliver feedback Think about how you would use the JSR as a day to day developer </li><li> 13. STARTER LEVELSTO GET INVOLVED AT - 2 Help moderate the mailing lists Help the community self police towards helpful conversations Help evangelise the JSR Social media (Twitter, Facebook et al) Blogging (write a post about the JSR) Improve project infrastructure and JSR visibility Help setup canned hosting (, GitHub etc) Ensure downloads, mailing lists, issue trackers are easy to nd Help maintain their FAQ/Wiki </li><li> 14. INTERMEDIATE LEVELSTO GET INVOLVED AT Help build the RI Get coding with the actual implementation of the spec! Help build the TCK All implementations must pass this crucial test suite Great way to gain real TDD/Unit/Integration test experience </li><li> 15. ADVANCED LEVELSTO GET INVOLVED AT Join the Expert Group (EG) You need to be an expert in this technology EG members are central to pushing the JSR forwards High time commitment Lots of personal, community and career benets Become the Spec Lead for a JSR You need to be a leading expert in a particular technology Considerable time commitment International recognition for your work Join the Executive Committee High time commitment, inuence all standards </li><li> 16. WHAT MOROCCOJUG WILL BE ADOPTING CDI (Contextes and Dependency injection for Java) 2.0 MVC (Model-View-Controller) 1.0 JMS (Java message Service) 2.1 JSF (JavaServer Faces) 2.3 JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Web Services) 2.1 JSON-B (Java API for JSON Binding) 1.0 </li><li> 17. WHAT MOROCCOJUG WILL BE DOINGTHISYEAR JUG Meetings LastThursday of every month 2 Devoxx4Kids edition JMaghreb 2015 (November 16-18) Presence in many tech events in Morocco Mobile development platform !! Thanks! </li></ol>