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Adobe Illustrator Software course and Tutorials of Pathfinder Palette by Bapu Graphics. Multimedia Computer Education. Covering all commands with visual figures of Pathfinder palette with their respective results and names.


<ul><li> 1. PathnderToo|in Adobe Illustrator Unite Divide Minus Front Trim | ntersect Merge @ Exclude @ Crop Outline Minus Back</li></ul> <p> 2. ResukslResuksl 3. Minus Front 4. IntersectP @ Resuks&gt; VResuks* 77 5. ResuksResuks 6. Do Ungroup after this command 7. n.l'L_]/ lL1|_ : V|"(: .| in::m| :;: =,r: | I. Results Ill '7 3- ResultsFIn Trim Fill is Necessary 8. lv&gt;t. ResuksIResuksI~|gr rt : Fia ink ; nxumn|1J In Merge Fill is Necessary 9. I I gr IL = Flq ilk IlTIIrResuks&gt;In Crop Fill is Necessary 10. Do Ungroup after this commanda 11. Mlnus Back Do Ungroup after this command ResuksI ResuksI 12. Minus Front '"e-'59 ExcludeShape Ic-das: UniteDivide I Minus Back Outline 13. PathnderToo|in Adobe Illustrator Some Useful Tips Press ALT key to Make your objects Editable EXPAND objects to make it one object Open Pathnder from Window menu</p>