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<ul><li><p>Adobe Illustrator Cs6</p><p>- Is adobe illustrator is for you</p><p>- What is the difference between Pixel and Vector?</p><p>Chapter 1. Adobe Illustrator &amp; difference between Pixel and Vector.</p><p>- Create a new document</p><p>- Getting familiar with new Workspace</p><p>- Adobe Illustrator Cs6 preferences</p><p>- Adding &amp; Managing Multiple Art boards</p><p>Chapter 2. Adobe Illustrator Cs6 workspace</p><p>- working with Selection Tools</p><p>- Working with Shape and Basic Drawing Tools</p><p>- The Drawing Tools</p><p>- Working with Eraser, scissor, knife tools</p><p>- Scaling and Transforming</p><p>- Working with shape builder tool </p><p>Chapter 3.Adobe Illustrator Cs6 Tools Box</p></li><li><p>- Appearance Attributes &amp; Graphic Styles Part 1</p><p>- Appearance Attributes &amp; Graphic Styles Part 2</p><p>- Graphic Styles</p><p>Chapter 4. Appearance Attributes &amp; Graphic Styles</p><p>- Introduction to color</p><p>- Working with color-panel Part 1</p><p>- Working with color-panel Part 2</p><p>Chapter 5. Understanding the Colors</p><p>- Introduction to Color Swatches</p><p>- Introduction to Swatches Options</p><p>- Swatches Color Types</p><p>- Creating, Selecting and Saving Swatches</p><p>- Process &amp; Global Colors</p><p>Chapter 6. Working with Color Swatches</p><p>- Getting familiar With Gradients</p><p>- More get into Gradients</p><p>Chapter 7. Creating, Editing, &amp; Applying Gradients</p><p>- Importing &amp; Placing Photos</p><p>- Introduction to Vectoring</p><p>- Part1 - Vectoring the Hair using the pencil tool</p><p>- Part 2 - Vectoring the Face with the Pen Tool</p><p>- Part 3 - Vectoring the Dress using Shapes</p><p>- Part 4 - Vectoring the facial features with the brush tool</p><p>- Part 5 - Vectoring the hands, legs, &amp; stand with various drawing tools</p><p>- Part 6 - Creating &amp; custom creating stars</p><p>Chapter 8. Vectoring an Image</p></li><li><p>- Understanding Type Anatomy</p><p>- The Type Tools</p><p>- Type Panel Fundamentals</p><p>- Saving Character and Paragraph Styles</p><p>- Introduction to Font Formats</p><p>- The Opentype Panel</p><p>- Glyphs &amp; Tabs Panel</p><p>- Creating Outlines for Text</p><p>- Applying Masks to Text</p><p>- Saving your Illustrator file</p><p>- Exporting your File</p><p>- Printing your work</p><p>Chapter 9. Typography &amp; Working with Text</p><p>Chapter 10. Saving, Printing &amp; Exporting</p></li></ul>


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