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  • performance of a certain removal action at a Superfjnd Site formerly

    operated by the Cannons Engineering Corporation (CEC) in Bridgewater,

    Massachusetts (the Site).

    This Consent Order is issued pursuant to the authority vested in

    the President of the United States by Section 106(a) of the

    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

    of 1980 (CERCLA), 42 U.S.C. $ 9606(A) as amended, and delegated to

    the Regional Administrator, EPA Region I by EPA delegation No. 14-14

    A, signed en April 16, 1984. Without admitting liability or the

    accuracy of any factual allegations or determinations set forth

    nerein, Respondents agree to undertake all actions required by the

    terr.s cf this Conser.t Order. Moreover, Respondents agree and submit

    to the jurisdiction asserted in this Consent Order for the purpose of

    any subcerruor.t proc-.-v; for the implementation or enforcement of

    this Censer.:: Order J.-.G agree not to contest this jurisdiction

    :n such


    2. This Consent Order shall apply to and be binding upcn the

    following parties:

    a. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and

    b. Each Respondent, its agents, employees, representatives,

    contractors, consultants, successors, and assigns.

    -2­ http:proc-.-v;

  • 3. Any change or changes in the ownership or corporate status

    of a Respondent shall in no way alter that Respondent's

    responsibilities under this Consent Order. Each Respondent shall

    provide a copy of this Consent Order to any subsequent owners or


    4. Respondents shall provide a copy of this Consent Order to

    all contractors, subcontractors, laboratories, and consultants

    retained to conduct any portion of the work performed pursuant to

    this Ccnsent Order within seven (7) days of the effective date of

    this Consent Order or the date of such retention. Any reference

    r.erein to the Consent Order shall mean the Consent Order and the Work

    Plan annexed hereto as Attachment A, as either nay be > from

    '.: me t z *: : me hereafter.


    5. In enter ir.s .:-.*_ o this Consent Order, the mutual cbjectives

    ::" UFA -r.d;-.•..; ire • r.e removal of the hazarcru^ ;uostances,

    pollutants, or centum. :..i:-.t5 from the Bridgewater, Massachusetts site

    and the prevention cr mitigation of the migration off-site, or the

    release of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants from the

    site in accordance with Attachment A. The activities conducted

    pursuant to this Consent Order are subject to approval by EPA and

    shall be performed consistent with the National Oil and Hazardous

    Materials Contingency Plan (NCP), 40 C.F.R. Part 300, 50 Fed. Reg.

    47912 (November 20, 1985), effective February 18, 1986.



    6. The Cannons Engineering Corporation Bridgewater Site

    consists of approximately 4 acres of land located in the Bridgewater

    Industrial Park in the western part of the Town of Bridgewater,

    Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The site is bordered to the north

    and south by lots owned by the Bridgewater Industrial Park Inc., to.

    the west by Route 24, and to the east by First Street.

    7. The site consists of the following facilities: the Tank

    Farm Building containing 11 tanks with total storage capacity of

    approximately 165,000 gallons, the Ready Building (used to store the

    waste before processing in the incinerator) containing four tanks

    with a total storace capacity of approximately 50,000 gallons, the

    Ir.cir.Tatcr Buildir.c ar.c adjacent fuel tank, the Equipment Building

    cor.'.ainir.g the CIC ljocrjt»ry and other facilities, two box trailers

    contain ir.a Anchor 7an< Lir. ir.a Inc. materials, three tankers, two of

    wnicr. contain waste ". iquics, an office trailer, five grouped 30,000

    sailzr. outdoor above- -rc--.d ',inks, underground storage tar.-.s ar.c a

    sept:c system, an crounc storm drain system and an underground

    drainage sump, and above ground debris.

    8. CEC purchased the property in 1974. During the period from

    1974 to 1980, CEC constructed and operated the facility to handle,

    store, and incinerate chemical wastes. In 1978 and 1979, CEC applied

    for and received a license from the Massachusetts Department of

    Environmental Quality Engineering (DEQE) to operate a Hazardous Waste

    Collection and Disposal Facility. In June, 1980, CEC's 1979 hazardous

    waste license was revoked by the Massachusetts Executive Office of

    Environmental Affairs for hazardous waste reporting violations.


  • Following revocation of CEC's license, the court appointed a Special

    Receiver to oversee the operations at the facility. Because of

    financial and legal difficulties, CEC was unable to continue

    incinerating the remaining chemical wastes stored on site. On

    November 28, 1980, CEC stopped all operations at the site.

    9. An EPA investigation at the site in July, 1987, found Picric

    Acid and Sodium Azide present on the site. Both are shock sensitive

    materials and presented an explosion hazard.

    10. laboratory reager.ts stored in bottles on shelves inside the

    laboratory inside the Equipment Building include toxic substances

    (carbon tetrachlor:ce), acids (nitric acid), oxidizers (sodium

    perci-.lcrate), cyanide ccr.pc-r.ds (sodium cyanide) and f lamables

    (toljcnc). Waste es -ere also stored inside the laboratory.

    11. Anchor Tar.K ir.c. brought and left en site two box

    trailers r. ;r.cirecs ;: five (.illon containers cf abandoned

    pa:r.ts, pa::-.*, remove: ^ ar.c tank lining material. These

    joa:-.dzr.o-J -aterial-; < T.O "Ancr.»r Tank materials") were c ...eked in the

    trailers . r.a precarizjs Some containers had filler, to the

    floor spilling their contents, while others showed signs cf

    deterioration and lca«age.

    12. Also on site are several underground tanks containing waste

    materials and above ground tankers also containing waste materials.

    13. Based on the results of his investigations, on July 16,

    1987, EPA's On-Scene Coordinator recommended authorization of a

    removal action and on this date, the Regional Administrator approved

    $747,457.00 dollars to perform the removal action. On July 29, 1987,

    site security was established by the presence of a 24 hour guard at


    http:747,457.00 http:ccr.pc-r.ds http:reager.ts

  • the site. During August, a response manager and chemist under

    contract with EPA arrived en site. The shock sensitive materials

    were desensitized and removed from the site. The EPA contractors

    assembled a decontamination area, cleared the equipment building of

    miscellaneous debris, compacted together small containers into two 55

    gallon drums and collected various containers and lab samples. The

    containers in the Ancnor tank trailer were removed to the Equipment

    building, opened and screened for compatibility.


    14. A hazard exists at the site due to the presence of

    chemicals abandoned in the laboratory. A threat of reaction and

    release :s presented r.y =tor£ge in the laboratory of non-compatible

    r'jr.pfjr.j; ojch as ac:J=, :>:icizers, cyanide ccrr.pc-r.cs and fl«r.r.ables

    :n close proximity. The storage in structurally deteriorating

    containers of Anchor "an-; Lining's waste materials also creates a

    -r.reat :f fire and r-lc-are. An additional threat of release arises

    from the sbar.dcr.mont ::-. s:~e cf other liquid wastes and waste



    15. On the basis of the findings of fact and reports cited

    therein, EPA has determined that:

    a. Each Respondent is a "person" within the meaning of

    Section 101(21) of CERCLA 42 U.S.C. 9601(21).



  • b. Each Respondent is a potentially responsible party with

    respect to some response costs incurred in connection with the site

    within the meaning of Section 107(a) of CERCLA, as amended, 42 U.S.C.


    c. Many of the chemicals found on the site are "hazardous

    substances" within the meaning of Section 101(14) of CERCLA, 42

    U.S.C. 9601(14).

    d. The past, present, or potential future migration of

    hazardous substances it or from the Site constitutes an actual or

    substantial threat of a "release" into the "environment" as those

    terns are defined in Sections 101(8) and 101(22) of CERCLA, as


    e. The actu-1 releases cr threatened releases of a

    naz-ror-:: .-ubstsnco frr.


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