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Adjusting to the Gluten Free Lifestyle. Margaret Roberts CDN 1605 October 31, 2011. What is Celiac disease?. Damages lining of small intestine Prevents small intestine from absorbing parts of food Genetic disorder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Adjusting to the Gluten Free Lifestyle

Adjusting to the Gluten Free LifestyleMargaret RobertsCDN 1605October 31, 2011

What is Celiac disease?Damages lining of small intestinePrevents small intestine from absorbing parts of foodGenetic disorderOccurs at any age, usually set off by stress, physical injury, infection, childbirth or surgeryMFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011When people with CD eat foods that contain gluten, it creates an immune-mediated toxic reaction that causes damage to the small intestine and does not allow food to be properly absorbed. Use fingers example!

I just want to quickly talk about what exactly celiac disease is, because the diagnosis process can be very oberwhelming2Celiac Disease

MFR CDN 160510/31/20113Celiac Disease TreatmentCurrently there is no treatmentThe only way is to treat the side effectsStrict adherence to a gluten-free diet makes the disease manageable.

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Just remember, as scary as celiac disease sounds, it is completely manageable!4Objectives:After instruction, participants will be able to read food labels to determine if a food choice is gluten-free or not or not using the available information.After instruction, the particpants will be ablt to plan a balanced meal with gluten-free foods using the MyPlate tool.MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Wheres Gluten?

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011So my job today is to tell you what forms gluten will come in. Ill tell you right now: Gluten looks like Wheres Waldo?6Wheres Gluten?

10/31/2011The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2006 makes it easier to spot wheat products in food. This law made it mandatory for food processors to label if a food contains one of the eight major food labels, of which wheat is one. They make it easier by narrowing it down, however they still dont give you the answer. The food could still contain barley or malt, however.7 Theres the gluten!

10/31/20118Food Labels: How they can helpThe 2006 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act means Wheat MUST BE LISTED IN THE INGREDIENTSRead the Ingredients list carefullyIf a bad ingredient is listed, DO NOT EAT ITGluten free= 20 parts per million of gluten

10/31/2011Ignore the rest of the food label, for now. Once you understand the gluten free diet, well worry about keeping your diet healthy.Remember, Celiac disease is a learning curve. What affects one person might not affect another person. Ill try to help you as much as possible, but it will be a lot of trial and error.9Steps to Reading the Food LabelSTEP ONE: Is wheat in the ingredients list OR is it listed in an allergen statement beneath the ingredients list? IF YES: Sorry, you cannot eat this product. Briefly Mourn it and move on. IF NO: Keep Reading, you never know what you find in the ingredients list STEP TWO:Read the ingredient list. Is there Barley, Rye, Malt, or Oat listed?IF YES: Sorry, you two just were not meant to be together. IF NO: This product is ok!

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011If you are very sensitive, you definitely want to call the manufacturer. A few minutes on the phone is worth the pain a mistake can cause.10AVOID THESE INGREDIENTS!BarleyBarley maltBranBrewers yeastBulgurCouscousCracked wheatDurum wheat / flourEinkornEmmerEnriched flourFarinaFarroFlourFlour, self-risingGraham flourKamut

Malt extractMalt flavoring (corn malt OK)Malt vinegarOats (unless GF)Oat branOrzoRyeSemolinaSpeltTriticaleWheatWheat branWheat flourWheat germWheat glutenWheat starchWhole wheatWhole wheat flourWhite flour

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Pretty much this slide is just saying: Avoid Barley malt and wheat11Questionable IngredientsCorn starchDextrinMaltodextrin,Modified food starchFillers, Natural flavoringHydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)EmulsifierStabilizer Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP) MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011If an ingredient list has any of these ingredients, it is questionable. It might require a call to the manufacture, which is pretty easily done. I have called some manufacturers before, you might have to leave a voice mail, you might have to get put on hold, but generally they will be very nice about it.12Permitted foods! AgarAmaranthAnnattoArrowrootAspartameBakers yeastBean flourBrown rice flour(Buckwheat )(Caramel Color)CarobCarrageenanCellulose powderChia seedCitric acidCornCorn branCorn flourCornstarch

FlaxGum acaciaGum arabicGum tragacanthGuar gumHominy / Hominy gritsHigh fructose corn syrup(HPP, HVP, TVP)(Maltodextrin)MaltolMethyl celluloseMilletMontina (Indian rice grass)MSGNut floursPectinPotato flourPsylliumQuinoaMFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011LOOK HOW MANY THERE ARE 13More Permitted Foods!Rice branRice flourRice starchSagoSodium saccharinSorghumSoySoybeanSoy flourSpices (pure)SplendaStarch

Tapioca Flour / StarchTeffVanilla extractVanillinVinegar: Apple; Apple Cider; Distilled; White; WineWheyYeastYeast (autolyzed)Xanthan gum

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/201114Lets Play the Label Game!!!!

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Yay! The purpose of this game is to give you some practice in label reading. Im going to hand out some gluten free labels and some non gluten free labels. Pretend youre at a grocery store! Can you buy it, or cant you buy it?15Social TipsNever eat anything unless you have read the bag yourselfA lot of churches have gluten-free wafers Cross Contamination might be an issueCall ahead and talk to manager of restaurant or party host to discuss possible options.Hand out information sheets to family membersGood hand outs at (Celiac disease foundation)Bring your own food if necessary.

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Pretty much, dont eat out of unlabeled bowels. You never know if someone grabbed some gluten free pretzles

Its not rude to do this. This might even make it easier for the host to have one less thing to worry about.16Meal Planning

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/201117Meal PlanningMeat: Avoid breaded meatsFrozen, gluten-free breaded chicken and fish availableDairy:After staying on strict gluten-free diet, slowly introduce cheese back into the dietSharp cheesesSoy milk, almond milk (FORTIFIED)Vegetables:All fresh, frozen, dried varieties

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011Meal PlanningFruits:All dried, fresh, frozen varieties are permittedGrains:The issueMany gluten free options availableQuinoa, rice, gluten-free bread, corn tortillasCondiments:Many Salad dressings are gluten freeAvoid soy sauceMFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011THERE ARE SO MANY GRAINS THAT CAN BE SUBSTITUTED!19Closing remarksAlways read the food labels-you never know where gluten is lurkingIt is possible to have a balanced meal while on a gluten-free diet STAY POSITIVE!!! There are many more foods that are allowed on the gluten-free diet than are disallowed.MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011ReferencesCeliac Disease Foundation. (n.d.). Retrieved October 10, 2011, from Diet and Lifestyle: www.celiac.orgDinga, M. (2011, October 17). Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Medicine.Lempert, P. (2005, October 26). MSNBC. Retrieved October 10, 2011, from Celiac Disease: What to look for on food labels:

MFR CDN 1605 10/31/2011