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AntEntVidAdjective is a good starting point for trying to understand word meaning.


adjectives is a good starting point for trying to understand word meaning. The various kinds of meaning relationship between adjectives are mainly relationship of similarity and oppositeness. And three other topics are meaning postulates, gradability, and how to account for the meanings that arise when adjective modify nouns.



Sentence with the same meaning are called paraphrases

You said Andy is cheeky, so that means he is impudent You said Andy is impudent, so that means he is cheekyHmCOMPLEMENTARIES(absolute antonym)

A pair of words with opposite meanings where there is no middle ground and there are only two possibilities, either one or the other is called complementariesa. Maudes is same as yoursb. Maudes is different from yoursc. (a NOT b) & (NOT a b)d. (b NOT a) & (NOT b a)exampleHmANTONYM(graded antonym)Antonym means any kind of oppositeness. It is one of a pair of words with opposite meanings where the two meanings there is middle ground between them.

happysadexamplea. The street was noisyb. The street was silentc. (a NOT b) & (b NOT a)d. (NOT a b) & (NOT b a)

HmCONVERSES(relational antonym)The comparative forms of an antonym pair have an interesting sense relation between them, called converses.

a. California is richer than some countries.b. Some countries are poorer than California.c. (a b) & (b a)exampleHmMEANING POSTULATESMeaning postulate is a way of integrating into logical systems the entailment information that comes from word meaning.

Rupert is a friend of mine (p)and if he is a friend of mine (p) then I am willing to lend him my bicycle (q).Therefore I am willing to lend Rupert my bicycle (q).

p & (if p then q) Therefore q


AntEntVidADJECTIVES MODIFYING NOUNAdjectives as modifier of noun. Modify means change a little. An adjective changes the meaning of noun by giving more information about it.


RedadjectiveRed bicyclesBicyclesnounHm

Sense relation that holds between the meaning of set of words can be larger than pairs.example

A yellow rockBlackBlueBrownGreenYellowOrangeRedPinkGrey Set 1CircularTriangularrectangularSet 2Previous CurrentNextSet 3LARGER SETS THAN PAIRSHmSense relation that holds between the meaning of set of word can be larger than pairs. For example:There are 3 larger sets of adjectives, if one told that a particular rock is yellow, so it is not any of the other colors listed in the first set. But it is not true that if something has one adjective, It doesnt have others. Such as, a yellow rock could be triangular, and it could be previous, current or next specimen in being examined by a geologist.15