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<ul><li> 1. Introducin g Aditya C aka The C A This ppt contain explicit contents but all of it is true. Parental discretion adviced. Completely Adult!! Pinjiliy e pazhut ha pazha m!! He started this early on!!! Tamil transalation </li></ul> <p> 2. Has always had a thing for exchange chicks Creep!!! If you remember this one from Bocconi!! His London escapades!! 3. Adis Internship laurels- London Pre placement offer #1 Company Policy: Could not Reject 21 Pre placement offer #2 Company Policy: Could not Reject The London weather aided this!!!! London la Kasa Musa!! 4. Tired after making early morning breakfast Richa: So Adi!! How do you like your Eggs?? Adi: Sunny Side Up.. ;) Mumbai la Gaja gaja!! 5. But the awesome threesome!!! Iruttu araiyil oru murattu koothu!!! Next is me.. :D :D Guys!!This is totally fine in the US, do come out in the open.. Post Coital exhaustion 6. Female followers..!!- PGP2 &amp; 3 Adi C!! Chumma pona podhumn u potom!! Irikki anachu oru Ummma h tharum!! 7. Female followers..!!- PGP1 Now guys which one do you want me to play? Keyboard or Veena?? Meeeeeee!! Coz I am Happy happy happy.. Happpieee!!!! 8. Eat, Drink and Music !!! Full Empty Timetakentocomplete: 2hrsforasimplemealatmess Official POC for Dhwani: Incharge of Sound Check!!! Does not drink on School Days!! Night ends at 2.00AM 9. I share Deeptis Birthday- Happy birthday to you too!! Come and hoosh me on my base!! A base it is!! See you there!! </p>