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Adidas: When SHACKLES Mean MONEY -- Israeli concentration camps for Africans -- A Jew Whips His Runaway Slave (1838)


  • Adidas: When SHACKLES Mean MONEYBy Tingba Muhammad

    Adidass infamous new athletic shoe actually has a plastic anklet made to resemble a shackle, which is linked by a chain to the back of the shoe. Its design has been widely condemned as racist, but even if one were to view it entirely within the realm of sport and play, it is a design that still doesnt make much sense. Some may remember when sneaker makers promised to make their customers run faster and jump higher. Instead, Adidas produced a shoe with built-in leg ironsand even though they are mock plastic ones, the concept has to be the worst possible footwear market-ing idea ever.

    But what makes it a verifiable race issue is that shackles have no point in the world other than to torture, imprison, and en-slaveall these char-acteristics being the historical centerpieces of sociopathic Europe-an societies. And it is racially significant that the new shackle shoe is a basketball shoenot soccer, not golf, not tennisfor one need only glance at the NBA finals to see that basketball is a Black mans monopoly. One may also notice that Adidass shackles and chains themselves are bright orange in a prison chain-gang jumpsuit kind of way, to be marketed in a land with significantly higher incarceration rates for its dark-skinned inhabitants; hence racism must be suspected.

    Of course, had they introduced a product such as the Chevy Treblinka, or the Honda Holocaust, or the

    Audi Auschwitz, all three companies would be history in 12 to 24 hours, all employees would be homeless, and the executives would have no chance of working in cor-porate America ever again. Yet this warped slavery shoe idea made it all the way up the Adidas corporate chain of commandto be fully approved by German-born CEO Herbert Hainerand into full factory production.

    And just in time to be pre-sented to the world at the 2012 Olympics in Great Britain, the greatest slave-trading nation in the history of the world.

    It is a curious devolution that Adidas has made from its German origin in 1948, to this lowest point in the history of marketing. Adolf Adi Dassler and his brother Rudolf were raised in Germany by a shoe-

    making father and both entered the family business. As Hitler rose to power both brothers joined the Nazi party and, according to reports, signed their correspondences with the greeting Heil Hitler. There is evidence that Rudolf was a Gestapo officer. After the war the brothers feuded, and one started Adidas and the other started Puma. The fact that Adidas and Puma could exist at all in an

    apparel market that is as Jewish as the NBA is Black is a stunning curiosity, given the intense, high-pitched, constant Jewish whining over black anti-Semitism; their chasing down every surviving Nazi, like alleged concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk; and their extortion of movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger for his fathers Nazi affiliation. These Dasslers were actual Nazis, but they seem to coexist nicely with the Jew-

    Nazi Adolf Dassler

    Weekly Newsletter Volume 3, Number 26

  • ish business world when the common denominator is Mammon (Luke 16:9-13).

    For Adidas, this is the second trip down this very profitable race-baiting road. The cross-over rap group of the 1980s Run D.M.C. made one of the most incred-ible product-placement moves in the history of mod-ern advertising when their hit My Adidas applied a hip-hop swagger to Adidass formerly white boy brand. Joseph Run Simmons, the groups leader, described their thinking: They couldnt wear shoelaces in jail and we took it as a fash-ion statement. The reason they couldnt have shoelaces in jail was because they might hang themselves. Thats why [the lyric] says My Adidas only bring good news and they are not used as felon shoes.

    Well, they are felon shoes nowgone are the signature three stripes and the laces, and gained are the ankle chains and shackles. And though Adidas EX-PLODED in popularity with this new unsolicited, un-compensated endorsement, Run D.M.C. later received a measly $1.6 million endorsement deal for putting the company at the front of a style that would define the next 25 years of hip hop fashion. No word yet on how many millions shackle designer Jeremy Scott will be paid for his slavery shoes that will never be sold.

    The Reverend Jesse Jackson was on point: The at-tempt to commercialize and make popular more than 200 years of human degradation, where blacks were considered three-fifths human by our Constitution is offensive, appalling and insensitive.

    But SHACKLES have ALWAYS meant SHEKELS (the currency of ancient Israel) in the exploitative world of retail sales. Adidas certainly has a troubling Nazi origin (for which the founders have apparently been forgiven), but far worse to Blacks is the forgot-ten industry that manufactured the hardware of American bondage. The bull whips, chains, steel col-lars, hand and foot cuffs, thumbscrews, shackles and locks, and other implements of torture and captivity, were as necessary to the white plantation owners, jailers, and slave patrollers as any other commod-ity. There were the slave-shipbuilders of the ports of the Northeast, but someone had to then outfit those

    ships with the chains and shackles needed to turn them into floating Africa/West Indies-bound dungeons.

    These shipping specialists were known as ship chandlers and they had a surprising identity. Accord-ing to The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Jews, in fact, were the largest ship chandlers in the

    entire Caribbean region, the first stop for the newly kidnapped Africans. Jewish historian Seymour Lieb-man, agrees, and adds that the slave ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish cap-tains.

    Once the slave ships were unloaded and the kidnapped Africans were headed for the auction block, the need for chains and shackles only increased in Americas plantation econ-omy. And here again Jewish merchants supplied that need. The little-known reality is that Jewish merchants flooded into the South during slavery. The new book Jews Selling Blacks presents hundreds of newspaper advertisements that document Jewish merchants serv-ing every need of the slave plantation, including the auctioning of Black men, women, and children, and the pursuit and incarceration of runaway slaves. The Southern planter depended upon these merchants, a disproportionate number of whom were Jews, and it was they who supplied everything the plantation econ-omy neededincluding the iron shackles and chains


    Run D.M.C.& Their ADIDAS



    Muslims CLEARED of 9/11 Attacks

  • 3

    African immigrants will be put in Israeli concentration camps

    By Michael

    Imagine any Republican or Democrat politician in the U.S. saying anything like what these Israeli leaders, who are either officials in Netanyahus government, or his close political allies, are saying:

    Tensions over the presence of the migrants have been stoked by rightist politicians. In a speech at last months Hatikva neighborhood protest, Miri Regev, a parliament member from the Prime Minister Benjamin Netan-yahus Likud party, called the Africans a cancer in our body.

    Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who has promised to clear out all the migrants, told the Maariv newspaper in a recent interview that they were creating a state within a state and that most of the people coming here are Muslims who think that this country doesnt belong to us, to the white man.

    If we dont stop the entry, the problem, whose extent now is 60,000 illegal infiltrators, could easily de-velop to 600,000, which would flood the country and,

    that bound the enslaved Black man to the cruel system of forced lifelong labor. And they did not stop after Emancipa-tion. Jewish merchants were shown to have supplied hoods, sheets, guns, and rope to Americas notorious terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan.

    Adidas CEO Hainer, at least, has tried to make amends: We apologize if people are offended by the design and we are withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace. Adidas reasoned that their idea was the result of the comic book notion that the wearer would become so amazingly athletic that he would need shackles and chains to keep his shoes on. Slavery, they say, hadnt entered into their reasoning at all.

    Whatever one thinks of Adidass excuse, one thing

    is known: From slavery until today, shackles on Blacks have meant loads of shekels for American corporations, and Adidas was expecting to cash in. At $350 a pairabout the cost of a healthy young field hand in 1800their slavery shoes should be the final slap of disrespect that moti-vates Blacks to escape the consumer plantation. Adidas has shown us that if we will not get up and DO FOR SELFand become the sole design-ers, producers, and marketers of ev-ery single thing we wearthey have shoes for people who just wanna be slaves.

    Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Is-lam. Read more by the NOI Research Group at

    to a large degree, nullify our character as a Jewish and democratic state, Prime Minister Netanyahu said at a meeting of his cabinet last month.

    In a television interview, Yishai described the moves to deport the foreigners as an act of national self preservation, to maintain Israels Jewish majority. If we wouldnt do it, we wouldnt have a country, he said.

    ...preparations are underway to hold thousands more Africans in a vast tent camp in southern Israel.

    Source: African immigrants in Israel face threats, deportations, Washington Post, June 23, 2012

    Imagine Mitt Romney or Ron Paul saying America cannot accept any more immigrants from China and India becau