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Graphic Design


  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER TEL: 07977679296


  • Graduate of Coventry Universitys Graphic Design course, creativity is a driving force behind everything in my life. From as young as 6 years old, Ive shown a keen interest in design by making magazines and following video games design. Recently Ive been known to successfully create well-recieved films and magazines, as well as organise big events and movements for the youth of Coventry.

    Ive seen a wealth of styles in skating and explored the ideas of designers working in mainstream media, inspiring me to provide the best work and making me hungry for new ideas. I work well in any situation, and can produce results on my own or as part of a group. Although I am purely a skateboarder at heart, I enjoy tackling all kinds of challenging projects, mixing various media and producing many outcomes.

    I have a particular interest for video editing and film-making, fuelled by my passion for skateboarding as well as my love of films. My career as a Graphic Designer was spawned from being a skateboarder; great design work and a killer knowledge of branding are integral parts of the skateboard industry. Giving an identity to Coventry skateboarding has been a key step on my journey as a designer.




  • This was an exercise designed to challenge my creativity, aiming to match the high standards of user interface artwork within the games industry. I decided to create On-Screen Display concepts for DiRT3. I needed to ensure my work showed all of the necessary information, without looking cluttered or confusing the player. I also tried to rearrange some aspects of the UI to suit the way I see information whilst playing, to place my personal stamp on the concepts.



  • The aim for this project was to use the Ministry of Sound logo and branding in a new and interesting way. By using a specially made collectable penny featuring the logo, customers could enjoy various trial products and free gifts by exchanging the coin at many different stores and clubs that promote and sell the Ministry of Sound experience.



  • The Volkswagen New Beetle is an iconic vehicle that is helping to extend the legacy of Volkswagens engineering. Looking at Volkswagens past advertising campaigns and the wit and intelligence packed into each piece of marketing, I really wanted to produce work that perfectly echoed the history and respect that VW deserves.

    The idea was to produce something that would put the New Beetle in direct competition with and surpass the New MINI. My advertising campaign focussed on the Beetles unique shape and its unmistakable character.




  • 91DB

    91DB are a fresh live drum and bass band from Coventry, who have thus far gained major praise from local press and are breaking through to the mainstream music industry. Highlights of the bands career thus far have included praise and recognition from BBCs urban radio station 1xtra, supporting Dreadzone at Warwick University, and providing a remix for the single of Rik Mayalls world cup single Noble England.

    My work with the band included producing some ideas for t-shirts. With their growing popularity, the band wanted to expand their merchandise and think about starting a t-shirt store on their site. The ideas I presented were to be the first shirts to be sold on the site.

  • 91DB


    Pro-Mo Media Ltd. are a Coventry based Media Production Studio, who create bespoke, professional films at affordable prices. Their business model is based around an easy to understand package system that cuts out the complexity of organising a video product, with additional bolt-ons for extra cost.

    Since winning The Big Idea award in 2008, Pro-Mo have gone from strength to strength. In 2010, they moved to new offices in Coventrys City Centre, and as such decided to move in a new direction with their branding.

    I worked at their offices as part of their marketing team, brainstorming and eventually creating new ideas for Pro-Mos branding, including a new logo, an email newsletter, a holding page and design concept for their new website and items for use on their twitter and blogspot pages.



    Terribleco is all about Coventry Skateboarding, started by myself and a group of close friends. We focus on mainly two things; skateboarding films and collecting all of the stuff created by Coventrys skateboarders, and showing it in a single place. The reason we do this is because from day one, Terriblecos been about making sure Coventrys skate scene is represented. Sometimes the Warwickshire area can be overlooked in the skateboarding industry, so its important that Coventry, as a major city, makes itself known for the vast array of talented skateboarders that can be found here.

    Aside from the organisations online presence, Terribleco has put itself forward to work with local councils and youths to try and improve skateparks in the Warwickshire area. This stage of our work has only begun to really take off - weve worked hard to organise projects such as the extension of Coventrys most popular skatepark (The skatepark in War Memorial Park), and consulted and advised young skaters to help gain a plaza extension for Kenilworth skatepark. With these projects moving forward, were hoping to try and help local councils understand the benefit and necessity for skateparks that provide what skateboarders really want.

    On top of all of this, we arrange competitions online and in real life (such as the annual Covpark Combat, which has had support from Vans Shoes, Shut up and Skate, Ride skateshop and Coventry Universitys Skate Society), produce clothing and DVDs of our films, and organise summer road trips so that local skaters get to see the rest of the country and integrate themselves with the rest of the UK skate scene!




    Glowbat is the first game from indie games developer Sapling Games. For Android and iPhone, Glowbat is being designed to go up against the likes of Angry Birds. The game boasts a loveable and marketable main character, in the vain of Mario or Sonic.

    Paying homage to the rich history of characters like Sonic and Mario, as well as acknowledging the unbelievable success of Angry Birds, Sapling Games wanted Glowbat to fit in with the biggest mascots in the industry. For this reason, the advertising campaign for the game subtley hints at these mascots and introduces Glowbat to help embed the character as a hopeful new contender for the hall of fame for game protagonists.





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