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ACT Reading/Writing. Mr. Schellenberg. Writing. DYK the writing portion is required of all students at Mona Shores in order to get your diploma! It is the last section of the ACT. It is a true test of your mental endurance!!!!. What Are They Looking For?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ACT Reading/Writing

ACT Reading/WritingMr. SchellenbergDYK the writing portion is required of all students at Mona Shores in order to get your diploma!It is the last section of the ACT. It is a true test of your mental endurance!!!!Writing

It will always be a persuasive essay.They are looking for a good first draft.Chose one side and support it with a strong argument.Organization (start with an outline)No Title NeededIndent paragraphs Use good punctuation, spelling, grammar, and WRITE LEGIBLY!!What Are They Looking For?The topic will always be related to school.Examples of writing prompts areShould schools block access to certain websites?Should school boards adopt a strict attendance policy for Seniors?Should athletics be eliminated from schools?School uniforms?EtcWhat Will You Be Writing About??The Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all school libraries receiving certain federal funds to install and use blocking software to prevent students from viewing material considered harmful to minors. However, some studies conclude that blocking software in schools damages educational opportunities for students, both by blocking access to web pages that are directly related to the state-mandated curriculums and by restricting broader inquiries of both students and teachers. In your view, should schools block access to certain Internet websites?

Example Prompt1- Introduction2- Most important point3- 2nd point4- 3rd point5- Personal experience6- Refute other side7- ConclusionOutline- Aim For 7 ParagraphsThesisAttention grabber!Take a position.Pretend like you care!Do not refute the other side in your intro.Any questions on the essay portion before we move on to reading???Introduction35 minutes40 questions4 passagesApprox. 8 min/passage + 10 questions4 passages includeProse FictionSocial StudiesHumanitiesNatural SciencesReading TestThe first passage in the section is a fiction (make believe) passage from a novel or a short story. Some of the fiction passages are very fun to read. But don't expect that you'll have read them before. The ACT test makers obviously don't want to test you on what you're already familiar with. They want to test you on how well you evaluate a passage that's new to you. Passage 1: Prose FictionFocus on characters thoughts and feelingsFocus on the why, not the whatKeep straight who said whatProse Fiction TipsThe social studies passage comes after the prose fiction piece and covers sociology, anthropology, history, geography, psychology, political science, and economics. That's an incredibly wide range of topics when you think about it. The history passages are generally easier to understand; some of the psychology ones can be intense.Passage 2: Social StudiesThe third passage can be about music, dance, theater, art, architecture, language, ethics, literary criticism, and even philosophy. Most students tend to like the humanities passages because (believe it or not) they're actually interesting. Passage 3: HumanitiesThe natural sciences passage can cover chemistry, biology, physics, and other physical sciences. Passage 4: Natural SciencesThe Prose Fiction passage is the hardest of the 4 because it focuses on characters thoughts and feelings, whereas the others ask fact based questions.I recommend you skip the first passage and start on passage #2!Where to start?There are many ways to approach the Reading Test. For 99% of you I would recommend this approach.Read the question stems firstDo not read the answers to the questions yetReal world example: Mr. Jewitt assigns section reviews. You read the questions first. Then read the section so you know what your looking for.Reading TipsA question stem tells you to look for an answer on lines 45-47. Go to the passage and label with brackets. [If you are stuck on a question, skip it!But answer all questions for each section before moving on to another passage.Questions about theme can be tough. You may want to answer these questions last.And the most important question- What letter should I guess if I dont have a clue??It doesnt matter, but stick with the same one!!Miscellaneous TipsRead the question stems.Now you should have an idea of what the passage is about.

ACT Prep Book Pages 40-41Bracket off questions 33, 36, and 37.Answer these three questions first.Also, notice that two of the questions ask specifically about the Sargasso Sea.It would be a good idea to underline this whenever you see it in the passage!!

ACT Prep Book Pages 40-41Answer isD. River stage of the eel life cycle.Keywords: Estuaries, mouths of rivers, upstream, Miss river system, rivers of Iowa,

Other answers make sense, but D is the main purpose of that paragraph.#33Popular= G. commonly known#36Read= observePlug that word into the sentence and see what makes the most sense.#37Actively reading the passageUnderline key words (Sargasso Sea) and phrasesJot notes in the column if you come across the authors opinion or get a sense for the main purpose or theme of the passage.Use the rest of our timeAnswers on Page 60