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ACSG 500 - Presentation 2 ACSG 500 - Presentation 2 From Lifecasting to live broadcasting Is this the Next BIG thing?? Sarin Thapa Slide 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction What is ?? History in brief Company Profile Milestones Features Broadcasting in one click A Traffic report The other BIG players The Incident The Good and the Bad Is this the next BIG thing ? Conclusion References Slide 3 [1] Introduction Introduction LifeCasting A continual broadcast of events in a person's life through digital media Typically, using wearable technology Transmission Medium: Internet Live Broadcasting A continuous streaming of events from around the world through the users cam and computer in real-time connections Slide 4 History in brief History in brief Steve Mann -The first person to do Lifecasting in 1994 Jennifer Ringleys (Jennicam) - 1996 Justin Kan ( - 2006 .. and many others Slide 5 Justin Kan : Founder and President (2006) Largest interactive online community to broadcast, watch and interact around live video 40 million unique visitors per month and 500,000 channels broadcasting live Headquartered in San Francisco Funded by Y Combinator, Alsop Louie Partners and Draper associates More than 177 Gbps of video at peak usage the equivalent of 16,946 standard DVDs per hour. Slide 6 http://justin.tv6 Milestones Milestones 5/09 Leader and 2009 Webware 100 award winner 4/09 - exceeds 5 million registered users 3/09 - becomes a top 5 online video site based on global network traffic, according to Quantcast 7/08 - reaches 1M users 03/06 - Launch Slide 7 Features Features Live broadcast, chat (using Lingr) Access and embed to other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Twitter, using Meebo Get your own customized URL Broadcast your channel on the network or third-party website such as MySpace or Facebook Archives DVR functionality. Start watching later from where you exactly left HD streaming using H.264 encoding Slide 8 Features Contd Features Contd Dedicated Gaming sub-site ( Open API to let you customize to work the way you want to Completely free. Pro account - $7.00 per month. But, this is purely optional. Network capacity - 100 million hours of video viewing per month. Equivalent to roughly 2.5% of media giant Comcasts capacity, but at a fraction of the cost. Slide 9 Broadcast in a click Go to the URL http://www.justin.tv Sign up Login id Password Date of birth ( has to be at least 13 yrs old) Email id Hit the broadcast button on the right hand corner You are broadcasting Live! Slide 10 Traffic analysis By quantcast, compete Traffic analysis By quantcast, compete Slide 11 Traffic analysis Google Trends, comScore Traffic analysis Google Trends, comScore Slide 12 The BIG Players The BIG Players Slide 13 The Incident The Incident Abraham Biggs, a 19 yr old from Florida committed live suicide on According to a report, 1500 viewers Taunting and encouragement, nobody believed it For prosecutors to prove their case, they would have to prove that that those watching knew what the (victim) was going to do CNET podcast Slide 14 The Good and the Bad The Good and the Bad The GOOD This is just a tiny example in addition to the many Educational uses Host class online Promote research interest through interactive feedback and sharing Students post questions, share URLs. Archiving lectures and student presentations for reflection Creates a rich dialogue with multiple perspectives Impact on distance education Slide 15 The Good and the Bad The Good and the Bad The BAD Issues Copyright infringement issues Ustream sued by boxing promotion company Square Ring Ustream confident that they abide by the DMCA Signs Deal With Fox, Gets Serious About Copyright Problems EPL blamed broadband providers for allowing fans to stream games live online On the other hand, They claim they're legal because they don't actually host illegal files, they just point to them. Slide 16 The Next BIG Thing?? The Next BIG Thing?? One of the fastest-growing trends is showcasing live video on websites such as,, LiveStream and via cellphone at Qik and Kyte. Everyone is doing it. From presidential candidate to high school kids. The use of live streaming broadcasts from cell phones as the Next big thing. tie-up with Qik for live mobile streaming (2008) Ustream, Qik, Kyte already doing it Slide 17 Conclusion Conclusion Live broadcasting is an exciting new platform with great possibilities, and is indeed leading the way in promoting it. Their traffic numbers are difficult to ignore, and the platform itself is affordable and highly accessible. Factor in the ability to go mobile with social video and you then have the ability to broadcast anytime, anywhere and to anyone you choose. Isnt that powerful ???? Slide 18 References References [3,4] LifeCasting?? [5] Company profile [6] Milestones - First Happy Birthday [7,8] Features [7] HD streaming using h.264 encoding [7] launches free, open API [8]Making broadcasting fun and easier [9] Broadcasting in one click [10] Traffic Analysis Report (Quantcast,Compete, Googletrends, and Comscore) http://www.quantcast.com http://www.compete.com [12] The live streaming BIG players comparative chart from streaming media magazine http://www.streamingmedia.com [13] The Incident [14,15] The good and the bad [16] The Next BIG Thing?? Slide 19 The End The End Any Q ?? No Thank You Again.