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False Ceiling in Architecture

by : Ahmed Mohammed Esmail - MSc - 2011 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed R. Abdeen ,Dr. Mohammed R. Kamel ( Interior finishing, Ceiling, False ceiling, Dropped ceiling, Suspended ceiling, Plaster on lath, Plaster on metal lath, Acoustic tiles, Acoustic Panels, Metal strips, GRC, GRG, GRP, Fabric, Stretch fabric )

Evaluation of the Acoustic Performance Efficiency in Underground Metro Stations - Design Approach for improving Acoustic Performance in Greater Cairo Underground Metro Stations

by : Soha Helmy Abd El Gawad - Phd - 2010 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Ahmed R. Abdeen ,Dr. Gamal A. Abdel-Hamed, Ain-Shams University ( Underground Stations, Acoustical Performance, Research Aspects, Simulation )

Acoustics in Historic Buildings in Egypt Acoustical Analysis for Chosen Samples from Islamic Architecture

by : Mohamed Hassan Sayed Mostafa - MSc - 2010 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Hesham S. Hussien ,Dr. Gamal A. Abdel-Hameed, Faculty of Fine Arts, El-Menia ( Acoustics, Noise, Sound insulation, Heritage buildings, Islamic Architecture )

Role of Acoustics in the Shaping of Architectural Space in Historical Buildings

by : Romany Nashed Youssef- MSc - 2008 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Afify, M. M.,Dr. Tantawy, S. M. * ,Dr. Hawas, S. Z. ( Acoustics, Historical Buildings, Historical Acoustics )

Acoustics & Noise Control in Library BuildingsAn Analytic Study for Appraisal the Acoustical Environment of Reading Space in Library Buildings

by : Haitham El-Sayd Abdo Mostafa- MSc - 2007 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdeen, A. R.,Dr. Abdel-Hamed, G. A. * ,Dr. Fikri, A. A. ( Acoustics, Architecture, Environmental Design, Noise Control )

Architectural Acoustics Requirements in Buildings Case Study Acoustical Requirements of Lecture Halls

by : Marwa Mohamed Mohamed - MSc - 2005 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Afify, M. M.,Dr. El-Aidy, M. U. * ( Acoustical requirements of lecture halls )

A Methodology of Acoustics Appraisal for Educational Buildings:Study for Basic Schools Situated on Traffic Arteries with Special Reference to Greater Cairo

by : Gamal Ahmed Abd El Hamied Saad - Phd - 2003 Supervisor(s) : Dr. El-Messiery, M. A.* ,Dr. Abdeen, A. R. ( Acoustics, Noise, Educational buildings )

An Approach to Environmentally Sound Architectural Design for Airports in Egypt

by : Bernadette Boutros Guirguis - MSc - 2002 Supervisor(s) : Dr. Abdeen, A. R. ( Airport terminal, Environmental standards of airports )